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Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun $1M open source innovation award challenge

LarsWestergren writes: Sun has created an innovation award program with one million dollars divided between six open-source projects — Open Office, OpenJDK, Open Solaris, Open Sparc, Netbeans and Glassfish. Individuals or teams submit proposals to the projects and and can be awarded up to $175000 if the proposal is accepted and they deliver the code.
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - OpenJDK Community Innovators' Challenge (

LarsWestergren writes: Sun has announced the OpenJDK Community Innovators' Challenge. You can submit a proposal of your idea, using up to 3000 words. Examples given are "an idea for a new Java API or tool for the JDK, porting the OpenJDK code base to new hardware or a new operating system, or helping to further the educational use of the code base through curricula and courseware". You should be able to implement your idea yourself or with a team of up to 10 people. Seven proposals will be selected, and the submitters will have until August to implement them, with a chance to win up to $175,000 in awards.

Submission + - Java 6 available on OSX thanks to port of OpenJDK (

LarsWestergren writes: Many Mac users have been upset that Apple has not made Java 6 available on the platform. Landon Fuller posts that there is a developer preview release available of Java JDK6 on Mac OSX, Tiger and Leopard. It is based on the BSD port of Sun's Java 6 and is made available under the Java Research License. Charles Nutter posts about impressive JRuby performance gains using Java 6 on his Mac.

Submission + - State of the OpenJDK project and Java 7 (

LarsWestergren writes: David Flanagan, the author of Java in a Nutshell has a nice writeup (the first in a series) of the state of the open source development of the next version of Java. The article explains the difference between the JDK7 and the OpenJDK projects and how to join them. Furthermore, it has an overview of the release schedule, proposed language changes and projects of interest. A more technical and in-depth tracking of the language changes and proposed new features can be found at Alex Miller's blog .

Submission + - JavaOne 2007 call for papers

LarsWestergren writes: The 2007 JavaOne call for papers closes this friday. According to conference organizer Anetter Vernon, there are currently only a little over 300 submissions so far, but appearently most people do submit at the last minute judging from earlier conferences. New this year is that technical contents doesn't have to be 100% about the Java platform, but can be about for instance scripting, Open Source and community development, consumer technologies, or next generation web. This is one of the world's biggest developer conferences with around 14000 participants last year, so why not hurry up and submit your paper?

Submission + - The Economist technology quarterly


Submission + - Open source source-code management for an open JDK

LarsWestergren writes: As Sun is working towards open sourcing the JDK, they have previously asked the community which bug tracker to use, and now Mark Reinholt (Chief Engineer for the java platform) blogs about which distributed source-code management tool to use. They are currently leaning towards the Python based Mercurial, but Linus Torvald's Git and Bazaar are other solutions being evaluated.

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