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Comment Re:So the small claims court then? (Score 3, Interesting) 79

I'd prefer to go to Small Claims Court rather than do it online. If I take some company there then they have to come to my local court, no matter how far away they are. It makes it much easier to win because chances are they will, at most, send a local lawyer who barely understands the case or the issue, if they bother to turn up at all.

Doing it online makes it easier for them to mount a defence.

Comment The safe 1 minute summary (Score 4, Informative) 112

2. Bad actors exist and the internet allows them to hide things so that users select things they normally would not.

3. Bad actors are often inside of what most people consider "reputable" companies.

4. Morality is hard and the bad actors in charge of stuff tend to push for lots number 2 (I had to skip "1" for the irony).

You knew all this stuff already, or should have. We have a justice system which is supposed to handle companies breaching moral code, or what we call law. The problem is obviously how to make things visible to the user, which given the desires of HTML and JavaScript won't happen. setAttribute("type", "hidden"); has valid purposes as well as nefarious. Such is the nature of tools. I guess secondarily the punishment for bad actors may not fit the crime, but again we have a justice system for that.

Comment Opposite is true, AppleTV is great for TV (Score 2) 98

All of the things you mentioned you can play on an AppleTV. Most have AppleTV apps, the few that do not (like Amazon Prime) I can if I wish Airplay from phone to the TV...

It's been especially nice for some things like HBO Go and Starz, because there is a good AppleTV app I could fire up to watch content - but the absolute best aspect by far is that I can sign up for service on those apps through Apple as subscriptions, which means I can *easily* cancel them and just buy in month intervals... HBO bored me by the time Game Of Thrones was over, so I just cut off the subscription until something compelling leads my to subscribe again...

In that way Apple actually has provided the "thin bundles" they wanted, only even thinner - because most channels have individual AppleTV apps now or are building them, so I can truly pay just for content I find interesting, for the period of time that suits me (in monthly increments). I could get an MLB app too if I cared about baseball and get every game instead of the cable bundles which come with restrictions or don't offer all games...

Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 1) 44

Nothing is unhackable.

In theory. In practice humans go for the low hanging fruit. This store was probably hacked because of ridiculous password security or SQL injection, or some other trivial technique. You don't need to build government-level security to convince a bad guy to move on to an easier target.

Also the store is not the victim. The customers who trusted the store are.

Comment Re:A thoroughly ridiculous concept (Score 0) 79

Bull crap. 60% of all family court cases here (divorce, separation, child custody) already have 1 party representing themselves. Small claims courts here allow claims up to between $15k and $25k with no lawyers allowed on either side. A lawyer isn't required in any civil or criminal case except to handle the hearing of appeals at the Supreme Court.

Read the biographies of some of the famous lawyers, they will tell you how totally unprepared law school left them for court. Courts are used to incompetent lawyers because there are so many of them. One guy pretended to be a lawyer for two years, representing clients, arguing cases, etc., before he was caught. When he had served his time, he went right back to it. Couldn't have been much worse than this rogue's gallery.

Comment Re:Nothing of value was lost (Score 2) 38

You're missing the bigger picture -- whether Usenet itself is dead or not, the fact that we're replacing open protocols with closed, proprietary web interfaces controlled by a single entity is a huge regression. Replacing Usenet with 8 million different web forums that I have to register with individually and use a different interface to read is not an improvement.

Well the nice things about web forums is that they can set their own terms for registration, moderation, user behavior and so on and if people don't like it they can move to a different one. Newsgroups kinda worked so long as bandwidth was a scarce resource and you wouldn't just waste it needlessly. You had moderated groups but that was very rudimentary and not very popular, but the rest was just open season for spam and trolls and bots. Without changing signup captchas to keep mass signups at bay most forums would be nothing but trash. Same thing about email, once the spammers got hold of it you'd see an endless number of trash emails.

Unfortunately applying the same rules uniformly more or less means you have to have one entity controlling it all, it's no good if I have a strict policy and you allow every rabble in. Same thing with who gets moderator privileges or moderator points, any form of assignment or formula needs someone controlling it. I suppose you could have a somewhat decentralized organization like IRC networks, where some servers belong to the same network and some don't all while running the same protocol, but still. To be honest, I don't think the market wants more protocols since most everything now runs over HTTP, almost totally regardless of what it is. At best maybe you could make some kind of HTTP "API" so you could use different messaging software but I doubt it. Most sites actually like being in control of layout and such.

Comment Serves them right (Score 4, Insightful) 44

I'm sorry but when you don't take your customers' security seriously, don't complain when someone walks through the front door and steals the stuff you left lying around. The hackers are wrong, but it's the store's own damned fault. They'd rather make more profit than pay for serious security. Shows what they think of their clients.

Comment Re:cost too mcuh (Score -1, Troll) 80

The flagship Samsung smartphones cost pretty much the same if not more.

Yep. Often more. Especially for an unlocked model. And while you can order an unlocked iPhone straight from Apple, Samsung won't sell you one directly. Instead, you have to got to some possibly shady 3rd party reseller to get an unlocked Slamdung phone.

Comment Re:Normal (Score 0) 80

The S7 Edge was enough to catch my firmly-entrenched-in-the-iOS-ecosystem wife's eye. She tried getting me to trade phones with her for a week so she could try it out, but I just can't use an iPhone as my primary device.

Tell her to wait until September, when the iPhone 7 comes out. Apple isn't likely to sit on their laurels with sales numbers down...

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 2) 167

American Revolution was fought over a puny tax, what was it 3 or 4%? The modern tax... theft system is completely out of control compared to those times.

Well, yes, the modern state infrastructure is also out of control compared to those times. Get rid of the highways and the standing military and national intelligence services and the space programme etc. etc. and you can lower the taxes.

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