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Comment Re:An allegation has been made. (Score 1) 659

I'm expecting that whoever does this investigation is going to act in the shareholders' best interest, which among other things means not exposing the company to massive liabilities in court. If the investigation supports the allegations, then those responsible are going to get canned.


Comment Re:Something I'm Quite Familiar With (Score 1) 2

Yes, Virtualbox. I don't bother with the clipboard, though I have the drive shared.

I'm "stuck" on Windows right now because if/when my eyes go again, I'm going to need a decent screen reader, and I tried NVDA - it works (free, but Windows-only).

The ophthalmologist who's been doing the laser photocoagulation that's stopped the bleeders on my retina did the last possible spaces a week ago. The idea behind pan-retinal laser photocoagulation is to reduce the permeability of the retina to oxygen, resulting in a lower level of oxygen in the eyeball, reducing the rate of growth of neovascularization (new fragile blood vessels) on the surface of the retina, where blood vessels don't belong. It will slow down, but not stop, future growth, bleeders, etc. Plus there's now blood vessels growing in the angle between the lens and the iris ... not like they can laser that.

Even after cataract surgery, the left retina will still be distorted (both are at this point). So, gotta be ready for the whole "legally blind" thing again down the road. Not that I'm that much worried - been there, done that, just never got the t-shirt.

Comment No, something more advanced (Score 1) 82

I would say what they are looking for is not cost per impression, but rather cost per ENGAGED impression. That is, making CPI actually mean something by noting how likely it was someone paid attention to your ad - like as they mentioned, scroll speed slowing to view the space an ad is in, or perhaps a mouse moving closer to an ad and lingering (a good sign they are paying attention).

Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 213

If we go with your plan, NASA will have to launch multiple rockets to build the Mars vehicle and many more rockets to fuel the vehicle. Have you ever thought why no NASA missions to outer space has been refueld? The ISS station gets refueled all the time but not probes. Why is that?

Because they're... probes? Most of them weigh so little and go by so energy efficient orbits that there's no point. Your typical probe is maybe a ton, the Curiosity mission was a real heavyweight at almost four tons total - of which the rover itself was around one, but still something a regular Falcon 9, Atlas V or Delta IV could deliver to Mars. There's still room for bigger missions on a Delta IV Heavy, even before the Falcon Heavy flies. We don't do it because there's no point in adding that complexity and the extra expense doesn't give any payback in science. It's better science to send two small probes than one big one.

Comment Re:Snapchat is super focused. (Score 1) 54

Every time I hear this "discoverable" thing I wonder, "Why the fuck should I have to 'discover' what the app does...shouldn't there be like, oh, I dunno, menus and shit that tell me?

There is a menu but it's rightfully way hidden because you don't need one 99.9999999999999999991% of the time. The rest you are either:
* Taking a photo/video
* Looking at photos/videos
* Chatting
* Adding new Snapchat friends.

Which are all simple and easy to use without any menus, while as I said maintaining full screen content.

I had zero hunting required to use Snapchat, Once you figure you you swipe to go somewhere (which the optional buttons teach you the first time you sue them) the whole app is dead simple.

People these days place WAY to much emphasis on fear a gesture is not discoverable even if it's easily learnable and brings a massive improvement to UX speed.

I still expect apps and programs to have crazy shit like "menus" and labels" and "buttons"

Snapchat has all those things still. It's not like it doesn't have buttons, there are buttons that correspond to any of the gestures (to help you learn to use them as I said). It does indeed have a giant menu, where most modern apps place it which is under an account screen.

Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 213

"That book"?

Why Venus? Venus has the most Earthlike environment in the solar system outside Earth. High latitudes in the middle cloud layer have Earthlike temperatures, pressures, gravity, sufficient radiation shielding, ample light, and diverse resources already gas phase and only needing to be run through a scrubber to give you feedstocks (even iron, in the form of iron chlorides - estimated at about 1% of the mass of the sulfuric acid - which, by the way, thermally decomposes in the presence of a catalyst to release water and oxygen). Concerning orbital mechanics, Venus ascent stages are of course harder than Mars, but apart from that, it's in a much more favorable spot concerning orbital mechanics, with a much greater Oberth effect and much more frequent launch windows; it can be easier to get payloads to Mars from Venus than from Earth (and can even get gravity assists from Earth). Beyond the abundant solar power, there's also abundant wind power. Normal Earth air is a lifting gas. Unlike a Mars habitat which is a cramped pressure vessel, a Venus habitat is an expansive, open, bright area, full of plants and life. If you don't like someone, go hang your room elsewhere in the envelope, potentially even hundreds of meters away. Bored? Jump into the safety netting; the scale indoors is so big you can basically do indoor skydiving.

As for learning, Venus has vastly more unknown than Mars. Venus is our twin, and the question as to why it ended up the way it did and Earth didn't is one of the great questions in planetary geology. Venus used to have oceans like Earth. Yet today its surface has become this alien place, a veritable natural refinery that bakes and erodes minerals out of the surface and precipitates them out in the clouds. The whole planetary surface, or nearly so, resurfaced itself about 500 million years ago. We have no idea why. Can Earthlike planets just up and do this? If so that's a very disturbing concept. it has the longest river in the solar system - we have no clue what carved it. The best theories are really weird, like natrocarbonatites - super-rare low-temperature lavas that look like oil, flow like water, and glow crimson at night. It has lightning, but we can't seem to find it. It seems to be the second most volcanically active place in the solar system (after Io) but we've never positively confirmed an eruption. There's a huge amount that our planetary models just can't explain. Why doesn't it have an intrinsic magnetic field? Even with its slow rotation speed, dynamo theory says it should; it doesn't. Where's its mercury? Chemical models say that there should be 3 1/2 orders of more in the clouds than the upper detection limits of the probes thusfar constrained it to. What are the strange radar reflective frosts / snows in the highlands? Pyrite? Galena? Tellurium? There seems to be more than one type, too. I could go on for pages and pages here. And there's vastly more reason to have humans present for exploration on Venus, because given the surface conditions, latency for controlling robotic probes is very important - unlike Mars, where communications "downtime" for rovers just gives them more time to charge in the weak sun. And you don't have to worry about degeneration due to low gravity like you do on Mars.

The surface, while hostile, is absolutely accessible. The Soviets had a lot better success probing the surface of Venus than they had Mars. The basic design is very simple: metal shell. insulation, and a material that absorbs heat through a phase change; it can easily buy you a couple hours. Tech developed by the Soviets in the 1960s. It's been determined that you could actually shoot a hollow titanium sphere at Venus, without any kind of heat shield or parachute, and it'd reach the surface intact; that nice "fluffy" atmosphere goes a long way. On Mars you have to have controlled propulsive landings onto rough terrain with little to slow you down - something that continues to randomly kill landers. The surface air on Venus is dense enough to allow you to dredge minerals off the surface.. You can get off the surface, too, with phase change or bellows balloons. The surface is even accessible for humans, and not just in "submersible"-style vehicles - through atmospheric diving suits like are used for deep sea human diving. NASA was developing such "hard suits" for the Apollo program and a bit after - the AX series. They went with soft suits because they're lighter, but hard suits have better mobility. And more to the point, on Venus with such a suit and a bellows balloon, a person could literally fly - floating up, and gliding down with little wings in controlled flight at up to a couple dozen meters per second.

Comment What I find most sad (Score 1) 659

That to argue for rational dialogue and facts for consideration, people need to state things like "Please understand that I am not in any way saying that harassment in the workplace is OK." In an intellectual space the disclaimers should go without being said. Sadly, intellectuals are not the only ones in this space. I understand why you did, just pointing out something obvious for mass consideration.

Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 659

Haha! You are funny! Romney and McCain are not a Conservatives, they are RINOs. Using Politifact, an extremely left wing organization, to debunk my claim is just sad. Funny though, that the Mitch McConnell link yields mostly trues. I'd honestly have to fact check your fact checker, because as mentioned they are grossly biased and remove context to make political claims. Nope, you are not paying me to be your researcher so won't happen. If you want to talk cash, leave contact information.

I don't know anyone on the Right who assumes someone is honest, even on their own team. We have to debate each other as much as we do the left. Gowdy and Chavez question Republicans just like they do the Dems. Meanwhile, the "Left" is still claiming women make 70c on the dollar. I won't get into their other lies, the list is way too long and not relevant to the conversation.

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