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Comment History will repeat (Score 0) 26

Facebook and Google already did that, trying to censor Republican concerns and promoting Hillary and the Progressive movement. I have zero faith that they will change their behavior, and believe they are part of the same leftist agenda as most media in the US.

I'll also add that today most young people are not taught about the US Constitution or History in general that does not favor progressivism. They are not trained in rhetoric, and not trained in the Socratic method. (You may be, but the generalization is correct that a large percentage is not). This means that they fall prey to propaganda much easier than someone older who has some ability to recognize and ignore the propaganda. The least educated among us are not necessarily the best people to vote. Those type of person vote one way, and it is never Conservative/Republican.

Comment Re:Does it account for greedy homeowners? (Score 3, Informative) 34

Sounds like someone is pissy he cant fly through a residential area at 50mph instead of the 25mph he is supposed to go. Speed bumps around here are no problem at all if you take them at or below the posted speed limit. The only people that hate them are the self righteous greedy assholes that speed through a residential area.

Comment Re: suure (Score 1) 331

I'm over 40 too. I don't know anyone who plays computer games period, though I suspect some of the young single guys at work might. I never asked them. The only time I play any games at all is if I (rarely) get the urge to play a NES or DOS game from when I was a teenager, and those work great in emulators under Linux. All the other 30+ adults I know, and know well enough to know about what they do on their PCs, don't play games, and aren't in tech either. The only things they do with their PCs are web surfing, playing DVDs, light document editing, that's about it.

Comment So fucking what? (Literally). (Score 3, Insightful) 284

So the guy's a pervert: does that mean his code quit working? Is he trying to fuck other contributors? Has he done anything to anyone without their consent?

I've worked with plenty of people in my time who are into things that I don't approve of, from voting for socialists to trying to be Heinlein characters, but if they don't bring it to the office, it's none of my business. That goes double for an open-source project where they're donating their work.

Enough with the goddamned neo-puritans. There's work to be done, for fuck's sake.


Comment Re:I'm not sure this is progress. (Score 1) 167

Brain development is not solely about DNA. If it were, you wouldn't have these problems. The real problem is that at current state of medical development, we can't change the mind easier than the body; no matter how limited our options of changing the body are, the mind alterations seem even more elusive. Whether a medical intervention is better than living like that is anyone's guess. I suspect this is a "there's no good options" kind of situation. Some people are just screwed. Well, nothing new under the sun!

Comment Re:"While this is a victory for common sense" (Score 1) 167

That's not politics, that's linguistics. The languages are related in structure, and the gender structure is largely compatible, hence it makes perfect sense for learners to stick with it so as to avoid confusion. Exceptions may be present in case of languages that collapsed the masculine-feminine axis instead of the animate-inanimate axis in the unstable late-PIE tri-gender system (some languages such as Czech instead extending it into four effective genders with retaining indeterminate/generic masculines). I believe that's some Scandinavian languages, which, however, have many fewer speakers than either of Spanish, French, German, or Russian and other Slavic languages which are definitely compatible with the IE gender structure.

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