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Comment Re:Dystopian future is predictable... (Score 1) 293

When the EULA screen pops up, I just put a post-it note over the text they provide, which says "By clicking ACCEPT, I can do any damn thing I want with the computer I just bought. Microsoft can go to hell." Then I click ACCEPT. Onerous contracts of adhesion work the same both ways.

That's why I come to slashdot - to get solid, but free, legal advice from obvious experts in their field.

Comment Re:That's, for better or worse, for a court to dec (Score 1) 202

You're forgetting that on slashdot, everyone downloads everything they want, then if it meets their exacting standards they will send the original author a personal cheque in the post thereby avoiding all the evil publishers, agents et al who exist only to cream off money for cocaine and underage hookers.

Comment Re:If you like your job you should work for free (Score 1) 202

As an author, I think your message "we should take away copyright, because authors would keep on writing even if they got no money and no credit for it" to be, basically, utterly and completely despicable.

Standard slashdot response: you could always make money by doing live shows or selling action figures, but in the meantime I am entitled to free access to your work. Unless it's code.

Comment Re:Before copyright, no credit and no money (Score 1) 202

And yet, they were still written. Which is the entire purpose of copyright - to promote the creation of art. Not to enrich the artists or have their name preserved in history - that's just the carrot that's dangled to further promote their production.

Take away copyright entirely, and art will still be created. There would no doubt be a decrease in expensive, commercial-oriented art like blockbuster movies, but also an increase in "derivative" art, that would be free to incorporate previous works without fear of infrigement lawsuits.

When you get right down to it, most artists create for the joy of the craft, getting paid for it is a bonus that lets them create more rather than working a "real" job. And that only if they can fetch a decent price for their art within their lifetime.

In the past, artists were either independently wealthy aristocrats, or else they had to find a patron to support them.

Contrary to the general slashdot view, art is not something you can just do as a part time hobby activity.

Comment Re:More examples (Score 1) 613

Also of note, Scott Adams got shadowbanned [] from twitter, for no apparent reason, and has seen invitations for speaking go from several per month (for decades) to none. He estimates that blogging about the election has cost him $1 million in speaking fees alone.

Sorry, could you just remind me again why the world owes Scott Adams a living giving lucrative speeches? Or are you claiming that there is literally nowhere in the US/world that isn't run by some imaginary liberal mafia? I suppose everyone who's ever worn a Trump badge has been fired from work, banned from their local pub and forced to sell their home and live in a cardboard box?

Comment Re:virtue signaling (Score 1) 613

I don't care of someone votes for Trump, or for Hillary either. However given them $1.25 is a terrible waste of money. The smart investor would say "screw it, I'm spending my money on a ballot initiative instead of either of those bozos".

If I were a Trump supporter I'd be concerned that a donation of $1.25 was considered noteworthy.

Comment Re:virtue signaling (Score 1) 613

All this is is more virtue signaling; heaven forbid the other silicon valley lefties do not publicly show their disapproval. It's this public displays that lefties live for, after all.

Funny enough it's the same people who watch movies like Trumbo and are outraged by the actions of the HUAC and McCarthy. Bunch of hypocrites.

There is a pretty big difference between a group of like-minded individual citizens expressing disapproval, and a government-led witchhunt.

Comment Re:Ellen Pao (Score 4, Insightful) 613

I realize that Trump cannot be pinned on any of the issues and does not really deliver on promises much,

Wait... What? What promises are you talking about? Unlike Clinton, Trump has not ever been a part of politics (directly). There's yet to be any broken promises from him.

That's an interesting way of spinning the fact that Trump has no political experience.

It's like saying that as someone with no medical qualifications whatsoever I'd make a good doctor because I haven't killed any patients yet.

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