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Comment Re:No Objective Measurements (Score 1) 181

No objective measurements of pain, that is the problem. I've seen people with a simple toothache report their pain a 12 on scale of 10, while those who have tombstone ST segments and in the process of dying from a myocardial infarction say their pain is a zero. It's as if pain is a subjective thing or something. How is a physician to determine just how much a patient is hurting?

You hit them with a big hammer on another part of their anatomy and see if they notice. If they react, it means they weren't in that much pain originally.


Comment Re: Just stop (Score 1) 181

Burroughs mentioned something about the injuries that result from thrashing around on a concrete floor... incarceration in small rooms with concrete floors being a corollary of addiction.

If you suddenly withdraw alcohol from an alcoholic, they can die sitting on a sofa, so I suppose it's the sofa that killed them?


Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 518

I see you have never been to Jail or Prison, Ive been to both. I would rather do a year in prison than 6 months in jail.

Could you explain to us non-Americans the distinction? Here in the UK we use the two words more or less interchangeably for any place where you're incarcerated.

Comment Re:Low priority (Score 1) 151

As much as I'm a fan of law and order, clamping down on sex trafficking is way down on my priority list.

By and large - not all cases, certainly, but mostly - it's adults making consensual decisions about their own bodies.

No, "trafficking" by definition means it's not consensual.

The idea is that people are duped into coming to another country, then basically imprisoned and forced to work as prostitutes.

Someone travelling abroad and charging for sex wouldn't be said to be "trafficked" just because they were in a different country and working as a prostitute.

Comment Re: Bullshit. (Score 1) 151

It's the GPS coordinates that will help the cops.

Indeed. And mostly by letting them know where you were.

And...so what?

If you were an international terrorist or drug smuggler, I imagine you wouldn't have registered in your own name and used your own credit card to pay the bill anyway. For the rest of us, if the police investigating a crime want to find out who was staying in Room X on Date Y, it's there in the fucking hotel register (or whatever electronic equivalent they have).

Comment Re:I am curious if people think this is good or ba (Score 5, Informative) 164

you don't just go into a market and act like the rules don't apply to you

You do if making money is your over-riding concern.

The whole point of the crop of "disruptive" businesses like Uber and Airbnb is that they've realised that any market where there is regulation can be under-cut by not following those regulations and having to incur the relevant costs.

If you are a psychopath, I imagine that disrupting the pesky regulations over food or drug safety is going to be a popular idea, for instance.

Comment Re:I am curious if people think this is good or ba (Score 1) 164

Localized government should have the power to make decisions about what they want to allow.

I'm not from the US, but here in the UK there is a very clear definition of who's responsible for what, depending on what level of government you're talking about. For instance, only the national government gets to decide to go to war. Similarly, the local town council will approve normal planning requests and not have to refer every decision to the Ministry of Sheds.

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