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Comment Re:Why would this concern Trump? (Score 1) 184

An alliance is only needed when 2 powers are compatible. Like there was no way that the allies could have ousted Stalin and installed a puppet regime. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the US - particularly after 9/11 - could have occupied that country and seized their oil. That would have resolved any strategic interests. If Muslims started bitching about Infidels being in the land of the 2 holy cities, the next step could have just been to seize those 2 cities and suspend the haj until they come to their senses.

Team America World Police was supposed to be a satire, not an instruction manual.

Comment Re:Well, that was retarded (Score 1) 404

If he wasn't radicalized before, when he gets out of prison, he surely will be. Mission accomplished, idiots.

Many novice burglars get caught through their own incompetence and sent to prison, where they learn from the pros how to burgle properly.

Therefore, we should never jail someone for burglary.

Comment Re:Stupid move (Score 1) 404

Do you have any idea how much surveillance teams cost?

Furthermore, jailing someone can be very cheap in countries that do not have the US's hangups about slavery. In the bad old days, Bulgaria made its prisoners work, paid them a full salary, then charged them for room, board and guard salaries. The plant in which my father worked had a production hall staffed 90% with low security prisoners. Some were being released with sizable savings... others ended up in higher security prisons - the last of these being "heavy punitive labour" which usually killed inmates within an year or two - raising pigs in a swamp, mining uranium in 18th century conditions, etc...

The US prison system: not as bad as Stalinist Bulgaria.


Comment Re:Stupid move (Score 1) 404

It sounds like his own family wanted some sort of intervention.

As usual, involving law enforcement is the wrong call. If you call the cops on a family member for any reason other than an immediate threat to another person, you're doing them a disservice — in pretty much any country. A person having any other sort of crisis would be better served talking to a professional.

You seem to be assuming that this was some sort of incipient mental breakdown. If they were in fact worried that he was choosing to become a terrorist of his own free mind, then the security services in one form or another are precisely the people to get involved.

Comment Re:Stupid move (Score 1) 404

The McCarthy witch hunts were largely predicated on the notion that to be a member of a particular movement automatically made you a traitor, or at least suspect of treasonous acts.

Here in the UK (and elsewhere in Europe) there are proscribed terrorist organisations, mere membership of which is illegal. The principle is that if you are in the IRA or ETA, you are supporting terrorism, even if you just joined for the cool hat and membership badge.

The US has a list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, but I take it that passive membership of one is not in itself a crime in America?

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 404

You stupid sack of shit, if the demand for child porn is destroyed, there will be no incentive for child porn to be made, and thus no children will be victimized by being used to make child porn.

Yeah, that's why prohibition was such a success! Outlawing alcohol destroyed the demand; nobody ran speakeasies, or hauled carloads full of moonshine around...

People drinking alcohol or taking drugs are primarily hurting themselves. That is not the same thing as consuming child sex abuse material, which is based on harm to other people.

Comment Re:Presidential response... (Score 1) 235

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

- Donald Trump

That's been taken out of context.

The context is that Trump doesn't have any idea of what's going to come out of his mouth before he opens it.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 1) 254

Now I exercise 3 to 5 times a week, almost never eat anything but a home cooked meal, watch my calories, and still struggle to stay under 200lbs and feel hungry and miserable most of the time.

If you're struggling not to put on weight AND you're feeling hungry most of the time, something doesn't make sense.

The most likely explanation is that your idea of "hungry" needs to be revised.

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