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Comment Re:People hate each other more (Score 1) 220

And how is that consistent with it expiring after 90 days? And only including a small minority of Muslims? And changing to allow travel from previously-banned Iraq? Did Iraq stop being a Muslim country during those 2 weeks?

Probably it's the president's stated desire to ban Muslim immigrants that makes people think it's hateful bigotry.

Or maybe we shouldn't take him at his word?

Perhaps you'd like to furnish a direct, in context quotation of those words to support this?

Trump says lots of dumb stuff. Trump opponents also exaggerate.

Comment Re:People hate each other more (Score 2) 220

I have no problem with hating racists.

Lots of haters have no problem hating whoever, because [reasons]. They should all stop being haters. Including you.

There's no point in singing kumbaya when half the country cheers ethnic "cleansing", meaning mass deportation and police-state harassment regular people.

If you're talking about the US, there's no "ethnic cleansing " in the US. Perhaps some of this hatred is because people like you make up or repeat false stories like this? There's also no "mass deportation" of "regular people".

Unfortunately, there is government harassment -- which is one reason why I support a smaller government with less power over people.

Comment People hate each other more (Score 4, Insightful) 220

Because large segments of society -- including "thought leaders" -- that used to be nominally against hate are now cheerleading for it.

The election was a good example, with one candidate bad-mouthing Mexicans and Muslims (in a way described by some as hateful) and the other directly calling Americans in the other party "enemies" and identifying a broad class of Americans as "irredeemable" and/or "deplorable".

If we don't want more hate, let's stop encouraging it.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 2, Interesting) 244

The kid does have the wrong genes. They wanted their kid, they got somebody else's kid. It fucking matters!

More-or-less everyone understands this. And more-or-less everyone throughout history would understand this.

The people claiming this is "weird" or "fucked up" are either strange themselves, or they're pretending. Either way, they're pushing a moral or ethical idea that contradicts nature. They're going to need a better sales pitch.

Comment Let's play a game called "balanced viewpoint" (Score 1, Interesting) 256

I had never heard of the website liked, but you could be pretty sure it would be one of those left leaning Fake News sites - the "Trump's XXXXXX" title gave that away.

So I went and found a balanced article (the link that should have been provided by the rabid Trump-Hater to begin with).

From the article:

Supporters of Pai's plan discount concerns that prices will rise, saying there's already significant competition in the BDS market. Critics who see a lack of competition "subdivide this market and make all these distinctions" to reach their own conclusions,..In 2016, the FCC found that competing networks within a half mile of a location served by a single provider "had a competitive effect" on pricing, Banks noted.

One again Trump Haters ignore reality and will end up wondering why things didn't turn out like they thought. If only reality ACTUALLY had a liberal bias as claimed!

Comment There is a part that is forever - bureaucracy (Score 4, Insightful) 262

Politicians come and go and ideas are forever.

The problem is that while politicians may go, the bureaucracy they create does not. That essentially lasts forever, and has a great impact on what ideas are possible, if for no other reason than it drains funds form making some other idea possible.

Rather than term limits we need the concept of department limits, where each arm of a large bureaucracy must be voted to continue every ten years or so after justifying what it has done.

Comment More Propagandists Claiming to Be Non-Partisan (Score 3, Insightful) 262

Those links expose TED as censor-happy authoritarians, who (despite their "Ideas Worth Spreading" slogan) abuse the DMCA to prevent fair use of their content for criticism. The claims in the summary of TED being a "non-partisan organization" and wanting to "steer the conversation away from government and politics" are laughable, given TED's repeated attempts to suppress dissent.

They do not want to start a "civil" conversation or "reasoned discourse" or a "bridge between opposing views" or any of the sounds-good buzzword BS rattled off in the summary; they want start a monologue of approved ideas while everyone else (especially wrongthinkers) has to shut up and unquestionably accept what they're hearing.

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