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First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Jack Thompson sues for Omaha shooter videogames (ketv.com)

KlomDark writes: "Omaha's KETV reports that our "good buddy" Jack Thompson is suing Omaha's police chief in connection with the Von Maur shootings. Attorney Jack Thompson said he wants to find out whether Robert Hawkins, 19, played any violent video games. Hawkins shot eight people to death, then killed himself at Von Maur on Dec. 5.

Well, he definitely played the ultimate first person shooter."


Submission + - Windows 2000 Windows Update Corrupts Data

KlomDark writes: "Quite a few places are reporting massive data corruption due to a bug in KB920958 recently released via Windows Update. If you have a Windows 2000 machine (Server or Pro) with KB920958 installed and write a file to a compressed folder, the last 4096 bytes will get overwritten with 0xDF (The Beta symbol) after a while. Still unknown whether it's a lazy cache or the lazy compression process, but after a few minutes/hours you'll find your file corrupted. The issue has been reported to Microsoft for couple weeks with no word from them about it yet.

The fix: If you have KB920958 installed, either remove it immediately or (if you have room) uncompress any Compressed Folders.

The company I work for just got bit by it this week. Good thing for working backups!"

Submission + - Sony Laptop Bursts into Flame - TWICE!!

KlomDark writes: Looks like the Dell laptops with Sony batteries in them are not the only dangerous ones. Seems Sony has been putting dangerous batteries in their own VAIO laptops. This time, after putting out the fire, the laptop caught on fire a second time (!!!), prompting the lady to throw the thing out in the driveway while waiting for the fire department.

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