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Comment Summary is Wrong: It's Not Applicable to Mars. (Score 0, Redundant) 137

Summary is Wrong: It's Not Applicable to Mars.

Their sample group only includes people who went to deep space, and then came back to Earth.

It excludes people who went to deep space and stayed there, and people who went to deep space and landed on Mars, rather than coming back to Earth.

For completeness sake, we'd also need: Earth -> deep space -> Mars -> deep space, and: Earth -> deep space -> Mars -> deep space -> Earth.

The rest of you monkeys can be the control group.

Comment Re:How many people have that controller? (Score 1) 157

No, they really aren't. They look like something from ten years ago. The game itself is dull, uninspired and lifeless.

Yes, the game is lacking a director in production. It's not exactly uninspired, but it is a but dull and lifeless at times. There are definitely better games out there for sure.

As for the graphics, mainly it's a hardware limitation in that you can't throw textures and high geometry like you can a dedicated gaming console these days. But that's ok, because it was purposefully designed to be a swashbuckling Wind Waker clone. It's truly an art form to match the evocative retro effect with the hardware you have. A perfect example is Horizon Chase on iOS. The It's flat-shaded polygons with arcade style synth music. If that looks and sounds like a hybrid modern/retro Sega Outrun clone, you would be correct :). So, depending on the game and designer, you can leverage HW limitation as a form of artistic expression. In some cases, emulate it for the retro effect.

Submission + - US Government to Pay $2 Million for Automatic Hacking System (

An anonymous reader writes: At this year's DEF CON security conference, DARPA has organized a CTF match of AI systems that will attempt to hack opposing systems and automatically patch and protect their own network. The competition follows classic infosec CTF (Capture The Flag) game rules, but because we're talking about AI, it requires half the time and ten times more security vulnerabilities to fix/protect.

Three DARPA-funded teams qualified for the final round, and four self-funded teams. Each team that reached the final will receive $750,000, and the winner will receive $2 million. DEF CON organizers have invited the winning team to participate in the official DEF CON CTF the following day, marking the first ever CTF match that pits human hackers against AI systems.

Comment Re:How many people have that controller? (Score 1) 157


The problem isn't hardware availability, it's content. The best title I have so far for the Apple TV is OceanHorn. It's basically a Zelda Wind Waker clone. The graphics are really superb, and the music is composed by the some of the best console musicians out there - Kalle Ylitalo, Nobu Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Kenji Ito (Secret of Mana). It's a pale imitation and leaves lots to be desired. But the point is, the Apple TV with a 3rd party controller would explode in sales if Shigeru Minamoto coded games for it. So the platform is there. Nintendo just needs to develop for iOS and stop chasing waterfalls with new proprietary console hardware. It's a complete waste of their time IMHO.

Comment Re:How many people have that controller? (Score 1) 157

How many other people own that controller or others like it? I haven't seen one third-party controller maker release sales figures, and without them, it becomes hard for a for-profit company to justify developing a game targeted at a particular third-party controller. It's also bulky to carry in a pocket.

I'm glad you asked. When the latest AppleTV got released, one of the first items to purchase with it was a game controller. At the time there was just the Nimbus, which is the one I got. Shortly thereafter, the Steel Series Status came out. Now there are a total of six different controllers in all available. The pricing ranges from what you normally expect, so nothing shocking here.

FYI - will continue on next post as lameness filter is fucked

Comment Next request... (Score 1) 251

Next request...

DA: "We have the decryption keys; but that's not enough."
Person: "Why not?"
DA: "It's an asymmetric cypher."
Person: "So? You can decrypt it, and read what's there; what more do you want?"
DA: "We also need the encryption keys."
Person: "Why?"
DA: "With the decryption keys, we can only find what's there; we can't find what's not there... yet."

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 251

The council couldn't take them even when they were taking plastic in.

There's your problem: If you have "the council", then you live in the UK, where they lack both Euros and technology. The rest of us have no problems recycling plastic. We could teach you how, all it requires is some electricity... er... does the UK have electricity?

Yes, Google assures me that 31% of their electrical grid is powered by coal, and another 31% is powered by gas. The UK has electricity. They are in theory capable of recycling plastic.

But if you insist on having reusable shopping bags, I have some made from recycled material I would be willing to sell you.

Er... the recycled material is the kevlar racing sails from America's cup boats. Those fuckers aren't going to decompose for a good 5,000-10,000 years, unless you have lasers, or are willing to use extensive chemical processes. General Urko will probably make his battle armor out of them, after the apes take over the planet.

I make a point of mentioning that fact, any time someone says "Hey, cool bag! Where did you get it?". I especially like talking about it in front of the city officials who voted to ban plastic bags, as if I don't recognize them a couple people back in line. They get to just put up with me showing the idiocy of their policies to the interested person.

But that's better than plastic bags, which degrade quickly to useful materials when exposed to U.V., right?

Comment The Fight to Piracy? (Score 1) 326

Here is how you take the fight to piracy -- take some risks, make some NEW movies (get off the remake train), make some GOOD movies, with a plot and character development and, you know, things that make it interesting and make people want to discuss your movie in a general way -- not just "That sucked! I wasted $25 to see that piece of shit? I should have downloaded it instead..." Also, stop gouging theaters so that tickets are $8 to $15 a head and climbing rapidly. I know theaters gouge us, the movie goer, with popcorn, Coke, and candy but we can opt out of that. We can't opt out of the ticket if we want to see the movie. Unless, you know, we pirate it *yarrrr!*

So, that's how you fight piracy James. Not make the movie theater experience "unique" -- fucking make the movies unique so we'll want to go see them. See the Marvel Cinematic Universe for an example of this. Even the bad ones. Stop changing movies because YOU know better -- when the fans want to see The Killing Joke, make The Killing Joke and don't change the story around. When we want to see God Loves, Man Kills (X-Men storyline), don't change the story around -- just make the movie. If you need to pad it out a bit, that's fine, just don't change the fundamental story. When we want to see Ender's War, put in the scene where Ender kicks that asshat in the balls until he dies -- don't change it to soften it up. I mean, fuck, it isn't rocket science. If the money people in Hollywood don't want to fund you, the internet exists -- crowdfund that fan-wanted movie. Go rogue, do something unique, take a risk and stop kissing Hollywood's ass for permission to make a movie.

Comment The groupthink is strong (Score 1) 409

Glad to know I'm not the only who noticed that, hey, Steam-on-Win10 actually still runs just fine. If you read TFA, you'll see it looks about as credible as somebody in ragged clothes standing on a street corner and shouting that the Martians have mind-controlled the government. There's no evidence claimed, much less presented, whatsoever. The only actual concrete claim made (about how some new features are UWP-specific) has nothing to do win Steam; Steam has never cared what features Windows Store apps do or don't have, any more than it has cared what features Java ME does or doesn't have. Nothing that Steam actually uses has been impacted, so far as I can tell or so far as TFA claims.

Comment Sue for what? (Score 3, Interesting) 409

So... did anybody actually RTFA? (Yeah, yeah, not new here, whatever.) You need some kind of grounds to sue. I checked TFA; it contains exactly one more concrete claim, and exactly as much evidence to support the allegations, as TFS.

Concrete claim:

Microsoft has launched new PC Windows features exclusively in UWP

Leaving aside the fact that you can (fully supported) sideload UWP apps, I don't even see what this has to do with Steam. Adding new features to a platform that Steam doesn't use will not impact Steam at all! The author doesn't ever even imply, much less actually claim, that Microsoft is specifically removing or modifying anything that will impact Steam.

Evidence to support the allegation: Nothing at all. I mean, maybe the author has some (in which case it would presumably come out at trial), but TFA doesn't even claim to have evidence, much less present any. Not one single point. This entire article is no more credible than idle speculation!

As far as I can tell, Steam runs about as well as it ever has (which is to say, much better than it used to in the Win7 days) on Win10, Look at that: I just made a more-concrete claim about Steam on Win10 than anything in the entire article.

Submission + - SPAM: CEOs whining about having to pay employees more money

smooth wombat writes: For the longest time we have heard companies complain no one is qualified for their available jobs. Now it seems that mantra is coming back to bite them as they can't find people to fill their available jobs. As a result, they are having to raise wages to attract people to these jobs. This in turn has lead to their latest whinings: we have to pay people more!

Why are they complaining about having to pay more money to attract and retain people? Because investors and Wall Street firms see higher wages as a drag on profit and growth rather than a raising up of people's living standards.

There used to be multiple people applying for every job. Not any longer. Now, there's barely more than one job seeker for every job opening. Keeping good employees around is harder, and businesses from Silicon Valley tech hubs down to coffee shops are increasing pay to attract and retain workers.

As a side note, as Marissa Mayer prepares to depart Yahoo! after four years of marching in place, she stands to reap a $219 million golden parachute yet no one on Wall Street is complaining about that drag on profits.

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Comment Re:Side project... (Score 1) 346

I've never met a software developer, musician, or artist who didn't have a side project of some sort in addition to their "day job".


You're putting software developer in the same category as musician or artist?!?

Which one of these things doesn't belong?

Writing software is considered a creative act.

I was one of the participants in the Department Of Labor study that decided that,

Jobs that are more than 50% creative are exempt from overtime pay requirements. Software engineering, unless you are job-shopping it as a contractor is considered more than 50% creative. Which means that if you are salaried, you don't get overtime pay.

Personally, when I write software, it's being processed in the part of my brain that processes music. Meaning I literally can't write software if there's music playing at the same time.

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