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Comment Re: Umm, Curry (Score 1) 72

This brings up all sorts of questions... Indian or Thai curry? Massaman or Masala? Chicken or Beef? How spicy? Does coconut kurma count as a curry? Does this show a bias towards the Brits who will only be part of the EU for a short time? What about Chinese Or Japanese curry? Will they be fairly represented? Inquiring minds want to know....

Comment Re:Seems reasonable. Coming soon to USPS I hope? (Score 1) 183

Personally, I would be quite happy with Snail Mail delivery every other day. The US Population could be devided up into two groups. One gets their mail every M, W, F and the other would get their mail T, Th, Sat. Given that, you only need 1/2 the mail carriers. Priority mail would still get delivered as normal. Thus if it has to be there on a certain day then it will be if it was sent via Priority Mail. However, for bills, coupons, promotional offers and the occasional birthday/Christmas/Easter card, an extra days wait is no big deal.

Comment Re: The new McCarthyism (Score 1) 114

It isn't anything like the Iranian system. Virtually anybody can run for President with only a few restrictions. The parties can nominate who they want and the parties can fund who they want. Third party candidates do pop up Ross Perot being a good example and even potentially Trump if he gets all pissy if he doesn't get the nomination. (Better for him to go lick his wounds and play the martyr however.).

Comment Re:we're all scientists (Score 5, Insightful) 634

A scientist is someone who seeks to find the truth via the scientific process. Bill Nye is not this. He is an actor. He has the potential to be a scientist as we all do and he has some degrees that could allow him to have a leg up in being a scientist compared to some others. Even so, he has chosen to be an actor and an activist. At this stage, he is at most a science enthusiast. Once he starts a serious research project about something we don't already know the answer to and develops his various hypotheses and then proceeds to develop and run a methodology to test them, then I'll call him a scientist.

Comment Just to be clear .... (Score 2) 629

The summary says: "Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in his sleep while on a hunting trip near Marfa, Texas." I'm not one for conspiracy theories but, a more accurate description (as reported by the owner of the ranch) would be: "Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in his sleep with a pillow over his head while on a hunting trip near Marfa, Texas."

I'm sure that he regularly slept with a pillow over his head and it was all simply a misunderstanding. This can happen -- just like the guy who slept with a horse head on his bed in The Godfather.

Comment Why not overseas .... (Score 4, Insightful) 156

We have pushed many of our industries overseas again and again with heavy government regulations. While OSHA, workers comp, EPA, etc. minimum wage, etc. laws and regulations may have some sense, we have to realize that these same laws also reduce employment and push industries overseas and make many of our overseas competitors more competitive. If we could create a 100% safe society through passing safety and employment laws we may have to satisfy ourselves with 100% unemployment as well.

Comment Re:Oh you mean you want unintuitive code (Score 2) 237

I think that what they are trying to say is that if we all are presented with problems that we solve in assembler then we will develop a very good understanding of how to solve a large number of problems computationally as we will have a very good understanding of the underlying computer architecture. (How's that for a long sentence?)

I've known a lot of brilliant assembler programmers and I have to admit, I've always admired them for their skills. Even so, I can get a whole lot more done than they can using C/C++. I'm sure for a lot of projects someone else can get a lot more done than I can using Python but they will probably not have the same level of understanding as the assembler guy.

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