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Comment Reactive PR: Amazon caught selling counterfeits (Score 2) 41

Looks like they're trying to head off a negative news cycle from this tweet from the owner of No Starch Press

"Images of counterfeit copies of Python for Kids being sold on Amazon. Legit copies are thicker, color, layflat binding, nicer paper. @amazon"

Also see discussion on HN:

Comment Re:MN kid (Score 1) 225

Does Morris still do summer courses for high school kids? I did that twice in 1986/87 which led to my U enrollment (and eventually a spot on the Gopher team).

The computer course was taught on their PDP-11. My first exposure to Unix and C. I made a little curses-based skiing game.

Also had a SciFi/Fantasy course. We spent most of it playing D&D.

The Almighty Buck

UK Video Game Tax Cuts Sabotaged? 123

ninjacheeseburger writes "Develop recently published an article claiming that the UK government was put under pressure by one of the biggest game companies in the world to cancel planned tax breaks for video game developers. This company had apparently viewed game tax relief as a measure that would have given the UK an unfair advantage over other nations."

Comment Re:The Ultimate Lesson in Open Source and Standard (Score 1) 200

Yes, the whole licensing thing was a total fiasco. The interesting thing is that some people actually did pay for it. For example Schlumberger licensed gopher which they installed on oil drills in the amazon connected with VSATs. And of course without licensing we would never had been able to coerce Adam Curry wearing a Gopher T on MTV:

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