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Comment People only do what they are programmed to do (Score 1) 101

Programmed by natural selection. There is no magic. But at a certain point, intelligence seems like magic.

In the next 20 years, the AIs are merely dangerous because it gives more power to a small number of people that control them.

But in the longer term, 50 to 100 years, the AIs will start to really think. And then why would they want us around? Natural Selection will work on them just like it has worked on us, but much, much faster.

Comment Re: It's a start! (Score 1) 103

4) Hope the job doesn't move to another country.

I believe that's a bluff and I'm prepared to call it. If they were going to do that, it'd already have been done.

What are you talking about? Offshoring of IT work already does happen, and will continue to happen. If they haven't done it already, it is because of the cost of doing it (cost in either money, effort, and/or quality). The American workforce may still benefit from limiting H1B visas, but it will almost certainly have an effect of increasing the amount of offshoring. The hope is we offshore less jobs than we save, but it's far from a guarantee.

Considering it's nearly impossible to find good software developers these days, I find it hard to believe things would be better with even less software developers in our local economy.

Comment Re:Right... (Score 1) 1209

I dunno, ask Trump, he's the one that likes to say he won by a landslide and that he has a popular mandate. If you bring up California then those were all fraudulent votes, naturally. If it's not important, why does he insist it is? Oh right, because popularity is a presidents main power for getting shit done. Congress has a harder problem ignoring a popular president.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1209

There was a Republican senator in power until 2011, a Mr. Schwarzenegger, and California had a weak economy with a broke government that mostly floated on large companies, and he made it like that.

Is there ANY state with a Republican Governor and Republican majority legislature that isn't failing spectacularly?

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1209

...people forget just much dread there was at the prospect of Hillary Clinton.

The "dread" you speak of was only by people who watch FOX exclusively and believe Youtube videos are real. The GOP spent decades demonizing Hillary, going so far as to put her on trial for Benghazi SEVEN TIMES. They still never found anything they could indict her for. Hell, they raked her over the coals for supposedly abusing her charity while pretending it didn't matter when Trump was accused of the same.. the GOP, defining the term "double standards" since at least the 80's.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1209

Well, Obama was at war for all eight years of his presidency. Beating all other presidents. Hard to argue that he was better than Bush with that record.

How is this insightful? Obama was cleaning up the mess of Bush's wars and Obama somehow has a worse record on warmongering than the guy who started them?

Put another way, 4222 US soldiers died in Iraq under Bush's watch, and 292 died under Obama's watch (that figure includes people who died in January 2009 before Obama took office). Claiming Obama had a worst war record than Bush is asinine.

Comment Re:Intelligent design (Score 1) 158

Actually natural selection *can* explain how the 6502 had two different indirect access modes.

The PDP-11 (one of the great ancestor computers) had two different indirect access modes (6n and 7n). The computer eco system flourished and spawned many different types of computer chips, one of those which was the 6800 which shared the instruction set traits from that line. However, later, the computer eco system got more price competitive from descendants from other computer chip lines. This put evolutionary pressure on then existent microprocessors to reduce their cost. Features needed to be jettisoned from to reduce the cost, and other competitive processors only had one indirect access mode where the 6500 processor line kept two different indirect modes in the instruction set, but jettsoned the "B" accumulator. Natural selection somehow allowed this instruction set selection trait to survive in it's successor the 6502...

Not making any value judgement about the value of the *un-RISCi-ness* of retaining two different indirect access modes, but natural selection somehow allowed them to both survive the evolutionary pressure, so who am I to argue that it was some Intelligent Design process...

Of course the researchers are probably trying to apply the wrong methods (as many do).

It is not necessary to appeal to a higher power to reason by the 6502 was able to retain two different indirect addressing modes, it was simply the unexpected result of evolutionary pressure and natural selection. Now as to why the PDP-11 had two different indirect addressing modes, that is another question as it was certainly a mutation of the PDP-5 ;^)

Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score 1) 1209

Obama's presidency had the fewest scandals since Eisenhower.

In contrast, Trump and his people has had more scandals just in the period he was President-elect, not even in office yet.

At this rate he will easily surpass Reagan and Nixon's records to the extent that they actually begin to look like the saints their worshippers make them out to be.


Donald Trump Is Sworn In As the 45th US President ( 1209

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, succeeding Barack Obama and taking control of a divided country in a transition of power that he has declared will lead to "America First" policies at home and abroad. Reuters reports: As scattered protests erupted elsewhere in Washington, Trump raised his right hand and put his left on a Bible used by Abraham Lincoln and repeated a 35-word oath of office from the U.S. Constitution, with U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts presiding.

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