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Comment Re:No Steve Jobs (Score 1) 133

Yeah. Apple software NEVER had bugs when Steve Jobs was alive. iOS never had point releases before Tim took over.....They have teams for that. Just because a team isn't perfect, that doesn't mean they're worthless...

I think the original poster was talking about a culture that Steve Jobs fostered while he was at Apple. No body expects the CEO to be running quality, but he does set the priorities and has a very large influence on the culture (imho more often for the worse than better).

Comment Re:He gave a simple solution to a showstopper (Score 1) 59

...Sutter's solution was to permanently twist the wing from root to wingtip....

That's called a geometric twist and is used in swept-wing aircraft to prevent stalling at the wing tip before the root. The other solution is called aerodynamic twist; using different airfoils between the root and tip, where the tip airfoil has a higher stalling AOA. But to use it to counteract flutter is probably new and Sutter deserves credit for his insight.

Comment anyone on fly the 747? (Score 1) 59

Just curious, did anyone here fly the 747 and could share some stories?

One of my first childhood memories was seeing the cockpit on a 747 in the mid 70's. I was too young to know it was a 747, but I remember going up a spiral staircase, and only the 747 had one. Seeing the cockpit at that early age motivated me to pursue a career in engineering and aviation. Too bad cockpit tours are mostly banned nowadays.

Comment Re:Free the rights? (Score 2) 162

Why? just create a "star-trek-like" open source universe. We'll call it "Cosmos Odyssey", featuring the Starship U.S.S. Constitution. The Captain "Richard Fabius Nelson" and his science officer "Spork" from the planet "Titan" lead a multi-species crew on a six year mission to explore strange new planets, seek out new civilizations, and to bravely go where no species has gone before.

Comment Re:Since discredited (Score 1) 237

This is /., we never editorialize our summaries.

A lot of manned-space advocates don't seem to understand that it's far better to send an expendable unmanned probe or robot now than it is to wait around decades or even centuries until we can send a manned mission. If we solely relied on manned space flight, we would never have had a close up look at the outer planets, at least within our life times.

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