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Journal Journal: What I Hate About Slashdot

As you can probably tell by my semi-frequest comments in posts and such, I really like reading Slashdot. But I continually see a bunch of comments knocking Slashdot for various reasons, so I thought I would join the rest of the cattle and post a list of what I hate about Slashdot. Here goes, have fun!

  • Trolls. Why some people exist seemingly only to make other people's lives miserable is beyond me. I'll never forget the first time I saw an anonymous coward left-field post about Nazis and niggers and such. I was flabbergasted that some sorry-ass pathetic moron has so little time that they think it's cool to pee on everyone else's parade. Pardon the language, but these fuckers should be taken out back and beaten within a half inch of their lives. The term "Anonymous Coward" is sort of facetious and funny, but not in these posts; it's right on the mark. These people are true cowards, and I dare them to let me know who they are.
  • First post "look at me!" idiots. So you happened to log on and see an article before anyone else. Who the hell cares? Do you think that we're all impressed by your keen timing skill? Get a life.
  • "Dupe"-ers. Another worthless post. If an article is a dupe, why is simply ignoring it so out of the question? I'd rather see a handful of duplicate articles than a billion "this is a dupe!" posts.
  • "This is old"-ers. See above.
  • "Moderators suck"-ers. You know what? I see posts in which I disagree with the moderation as well. Hell, I GET moderated a lot of times in a fashion in which I disagree. But overall, it works pretty well. If you don't like it, then metamoderate and stick it to the mods you hate so much. If it's simply intolerable, then stick to your AOL portal for news.
  • "Editors suck"-ers. I find that only around 50% of the articles I see on Slashdot are personally interesting to me. But you know what? That's about 49% more than articles and segments I see in other news outlets. As a general rule, the editors do a pretty good job, I think. Again, if you don't like anything the editors put up there, then stop bitching about it and start getting your news somewhere else.
  • "+5 funny" moderations. I actually have a -1 modifier to funny posts, because most of them just plain aren't. Jerry Seinfeld is funny. Jerry Zucker is funny. Steven Wright is funny. "In Russia the (whatever) (does whatever to) you!" is NOT funny. If you feel the need to incessantly spout clichés, please go to Fark instead, they've got plenty of them there. Please note that this complaint is posted in my journal, not in a zillion comments.
  • "Mod parent UP/DOWN"-ers. If I'm a moderator, I will make the decision whether or not to mod a comment up or down and your plea will make no difference whatsoever to me. If you've posted this comment as yourself and not an anonymous coward (which if you do, you are), you are likely to be modded -1 offtopic by me for posting such a stupid and irrelevant comment. If you actually have something to say, do it, but don't tell me what to do.

Well, that's it for now. There are other things that irritate me, such as journal entries that go on too long. I wish that people who do that would just shu--

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Journal Journal: Rant fans...

Hey all, I just wanted to jot a short note for those of you who saw my recent rant in a story about feds shutting down a torrent site.

It was kind of odd seeing the mod on that post bouncing up and down like it did. I could tell some folks read it, thought, "Hell, yeah," and modded it up, then more would read it, think "Hell, no," and modded it back down. It ended up at +5 Insightful, so I guess it really did resonate with some folks.

I have to emphasize that I do try to avoid posting anything too politically provocative on Slashdot, as I don't think that "News for Nerds" is an appropriate forum for that kind of thing. The parent to my post really did just happen to catch me at a bad moment, which prompted the post.

After looking at some of the replies, I actually would have to say that my post probably was overrated a bit. I think that krysith's post in reply was a lot more insightful, and a good example of what I was talking about. Just because some stupid people make some stupid decisions and suffer doesn't mean that everyone who suffers does so because they're stupid or have made stupid decisions. Personally, I think that these days, more and more people are in bad circumstances through external forces beyond their control. That's what I meant in my rant when I said, "You think you've earned everything you have, and if someone else is poor, they're not unfortunate, they're just lazy because they didn't work as hard as you did." Maybe they were lazy and didn't work hard, but assuming that is a popular conservative idea that makes it really easy to morally justify not having compassion for people less fortuante than they are. (Disclaimer: Not all conservatives are like this, just like not all liberals are PeTA radicals...)

So if you're tagged me a friend because I'm a left-wing liberal, thanks, and I do what I can to change things for the better. Don't expect many all-out rant posts like that, though.

If you want to know more about what goes through my head, I invite you to visit my blog, in which I try to be a little more light-hearted and clever. In the near- to medium-term future, I also plan on creating another blog where I post longer discussions about my political beliefs. When I get a few more posts in it (I hate starting out a blank blog), I'll post more information here and at the blog listed above.

In the meantime, thanks for those who tagged me as a friend and modded me up. Since I live in an ultra-conservative red state (Georgia), it is refreshing every once in a while when some of the things I think and believe are validated as not being totally crazy.

Take care,

User Journal

Journal Journal: Who keeps a journal on Slashdot?

I keep my journal at Google's BlogSpot. If you want the random thoughts of a tired mind, check mine out there. (My thoughts, not my mind--I keep my mind in my head, and that's just the zany kind of crap you'll read on that site.)

Oh well, I guess if I have something specifically Slashdot-related to say, I'll post it here. Otherwise, you should probably really be checking out someone's journal who is a lot more interesting than me, like I dunno, Wil Wheaton's, for example

Crap, you're still here? (sigh) I've got to go now, no kidding.

Okay, one little tidbit, and that's all. I learned tonight that to say hello in Tagalog (the Filipino language), it is "Kumusta". Now, that is all, for anything else you've got to go to my BlogSpot journal. Seriously. Get going now!

King Skippus

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