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Submission + - Google staff protest casual sexism by adding "Lady" to their job titles

AmiMoJo writes: More than 800 members of Google's staff are standing together in a showing against sexism today by appending a single word to their job titles: "Lady." This is happening in response to a ludicrous comment made during Alphabet's shareholder meeting last week, when someone referred to company CFO Ruth Porat as the organization's "lady CFO." The idea sprouted in an email group for alums of a Google leadership-development program for women. One employee suggested that they should all change their titles to "Lady ___" in acknowledgement and lighthearted protest of the incident. As in "Lady Systems Engineer," or "Lady People Analytics Manager." As of now, more than 800 Googlers — women and men — have changed their job titles in the company-wide directory or in their email signatures.

Submission + - Abandoned City of Heroes Fans Kickstart Successor ( 1

KingSkippus writes: Last December 1, NCsoft shut down the long-running City of Heroes superhero MMORPG. Undaunted, a group of fans formed Missing Worlds Media, a new studio to develop City of Titans. The new game is a spiritual successor with original art, stories, and code. A Kickstarter project to raise funds for software and hardware for the mostly volunteer team of developers and artists reached its funding level less than six days later, and the total is currently approaching stretch goals. Missing Worlds Media is currently targeting a November 2015 release date for City of Titans.

Submission + - Community seeks to stop closure of City of Heroes ( 1

Chas writes: "On Friday, NCSoft announced the shuttering of Paragon Studios and the imminent closure of the City of Heroes MMO. After a brief period of shock, the budding heroes in the community sprang back into action. This time, facing a much different foe.

Multiple, coordinated actions are now under way, ranging from petitions to NCSoft against closure of the game, letter writing campaigns, attempts to find a potential buyer and new publisher for the game, as well as attempts possibly acquire the game via a crowd-sourced action."

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - New $100 fights counterfeiters with microlenses (

KingSkippus writes: The $100 bill is the most widely counterfeited denomination outside the U.S., and high-end equipment available to counterfeiters has made it easier than ever to do so. To buck this trend, the new $100 bill will be getting some high-end copy protection added, including 650,000 microlenses on each bill that cause an image to appear to move counter to the bill's rotation. The new presses will also be capable of printing currency in varying sizes, possibly in response to the ruling that indistinguishable denominations violates federal law, though there are no plans to do so yet.

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