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Comment Re:Did someone say bubble!? (Score 1) 146

As a Michigander who moved to the Bay Area, I have to say it's all relative. And the Bay Area has multiple urban centers that I find way more pleasant than the ones I had access to in Michigan. And for living in the country, I would much rather have a small hillside vineyard or a forested mountain cabin here in California than most of the boggy swampland turned into farmland that I grew up with in Michigan.

That said, the fishing and hunting is way better in Michigan than California and I do miss it.

Comment Re:Did someone say bubble!? (Score 1) 146

If there is an offer to purchase the complex, then perhaps they are aiming to empty it out to some threshold (50%?) in order to evict the remaining tenants and renovate or demolish the building. You might be able to make an inquiry to see if anything has passed through planning, you might be looking at yet another mixed use upscale apartment-retail center like Santana Row, Rivermark, Homewood, Meridian at Midtown, etc.
I suspect a lot are condos being snatched up by foreign investors, yet are unoccupied. Which does smell of a bubble. My hope is that it's foreign investors that get soaked this time and not Bay Area locals.

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 146

Half the homes in Santa Clara County are above $1m (and half are below that). If you are a single income household making around $100K, you will find it increasingly difficult to purchase an average home in Silicon Valley. The rents and home values in the rest of the Bay Area tend to follow along with the South Bay's increases.

For me, my below average home in Silicon Valley is preferable to a bigger home elsewhere. Weather is nice, lots of things I like to do nearby, and good job prospects.

Comment Re:Oh noes (Score 0) 211

"but should you pay more simply because you're using an iphone connected to verizon's cellular data network vs someone using windows 7 on a slow-as-snails pacbell dsl line?"

Yes, you should. You're using a boutique phone on an expensive carrier vs a cheap shit phone on a crappy network. If you can afford those things, likely $8 to you is less important than $2 to that other person.

"pay more because third-party database links tell the site you're an affluent white male living in the bay area?"
Oh my god yes, they should get fucked hard.

Comment Re:Electronic gate (Score 1) 105

You only have a gate on your property? How did it get past the gate and the guard at the entrance to the subdivision let alone the gate at the end of the driveway.

Yes gate in my gated community, I dont trust these rich fuckers, and it helps keep the asshole retired guys on the HOA board off my fucking lawn and away from the house.

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