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Comment The fault lies.... (Score 2) 201

Completely at the feet of the banks. They needed to get off their asses and spend a tiny bit of their immense profits to fucking switch over. The banks could send every retailler a new chip reader for every register for free and STILL make record profits every quarter.

So blame the Banks and the Greedy assholes that run those banks.

I'm for bringing back all the heavy handed bank regulation from before 1980. Fuck the bankers.

Comment DNC are the media domination superpower (Score 1, Insightful) 36

Yet another story that mentions the DNC hack and carefully avoids mentioning the extremely damaging contents of the emails. The Democrats are really, really good at this game. You push news you don't want out of the news cycle by flooding it with other, irrelevant news. They are putting on a master class in how to get everyone to stop paying attention to the man behind the curtain. Their power extends even here to Slashdot, where there has been a constant barrage of stories mentioning Russia and Trump but little about what was actually in the emails.

This was no ordinary hack, the freaking chairwoman of the DNC has already resigned over it and more resignations will be coming in the days to come. The Democratic Party is not what everyone thought it was.

They ridiculed an African-American woman named LaQueenia Gibson. Yes, the Democrats did this. They wanted to use use Bernie Sanders' religious beliefs against him in the Democratic primary. They blocked off roads to an event the opposition was hosting. Does any of this sound like Third World banana republic bullshit to you? That's because it is. And it really happened, here, in America.

And let's not forget their greatest crime: subverting the democratic process and the people's will in favor of a crooked, rotten career politician. Disgusting. It's like watching a friend you've known for years suddenly start kicking the crap out of a stray dog. The mutt is howling and crying but he just doesn't stop. No wonder they want to change the subject to Russia. Articles like this help and are part of the whole rotten problem.

Comment May as well reactivate the remaining 3 reactors (Score 0) 96

nearly 1,600 square miles of land around Chernobyl has radiation levels too high for human health

The irreparable damage is already done, but the other three reactors at the station are in perfectly fine order. In fact, they continued to operate for 14 years — and were shut down for reasons political rather than technical.

Instead of sending thousands of people to install solar panels in the vast dangerously polluted lands, it would be far more sensible — and cheaper too — to reactivate the reactors already there.

Comment Free speech? (Score 1) 167

I'm here to announce that if I get a robo call from a political candidate, I will under no circumstance vote for that person.
I encourage everyone else to do the same.

If your opponent starts making fake robo calls to trick me into not voting for you, I guess you should have tried harder to ban their use.

Later suckers!

Comment Re:Yes, deleted files are (sometimes) recoverable (Score 2) 59

writing once is enough. It's an urban myth that you have to do it more than once to obliterate the data. Manybe with old 10megabyte RLL and MFM drives you could easily recover information as the head was miles wide and the slop from the track move was insane enough that you cna easily see it. bot for the past 10 years a single wipe of zeros will make it impossible for the worlds best hackers to read the data on a modern hard drive.

Comment Re:Not a SQLite problem (Score 1) 59

did not know that SQLite did not fully delete.

One way or the other, it is most unlikely the reason is some deliberate action by WhatsApp or evidence of its collaboration with police.

Interestingly, DBase and Clipper weren't deleting records in DBF-files either — only marking them as deleted... But, hey, every new generation of programmers thinks, those before them were mostly morons and never encountered the "unique" problems they are facing.

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