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Comment Re:Anyone remember when cents/GB was used? (Score 1) 16

Stacking dies with many layers might help bring cost down by letting you burn out fuses on defective dies and then do part binning based on the number of functioning dies. I'm not sure if the defect rates on flash would yield a significant benefit from doing so or not, though.

Comment Re: I got a probe for ya.... (Score 1) 507

Perhaps you should read more about the issues with Hillary's private email server. It wasn't the phone people had issues with. Her server was found by the FBI to contain 1000 classified emails (at the time they were sent), she used a private email server to get around the official records act that would have put her communications under the FOIA, which was a law the Democrats enacted to be able to prevent, or at least detect, corruption. So, Hillary intentionally dodged the laws around FOIA, as a way to act corrupt and not get caught. How is this in any way comparable to the president (possibly!) using a private Android phone on Twitter?

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