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Comment Re:I can't be the only one who hates OLED (Score 1) 67

I disagree. I think it looks amazing. Every smartphone I've owned at this point has been an OLED screen and I can't go back to LCD. I definitely notice the blacks, and the more-vibrant colors (LCD looks very subdued and washed-out). A Pixar movie on OLED is something to behold.

Nice to see Apple catching up to 2010.

Comment Well duh (Score 3, Insightful) 48

Of course there are. Chrome is the new above-board "virus" being shoved on everyone as unwanted bundle-ware along with anything they download, then making itself the default browser (worked so great for IE, right?). Then once it's on there, it arrogantly thinks that "OH I HEAR YOU WANT TO RUN CHROME, OK I'M GOING TO TAKE OVER YOUR COMPUTER ALL TO MYSELF", spawns a dozen processes or so and proceeds to suck up all available RAM and CPU. This is not platform specific (we're seeing it on Macs and Windows) and as a result people are switching back to Firefox because they're tired of the horrible performance and Chrome taking over the whole computer (hey Google, computers are meant to multitask).

I personally have never had a good taste about Chrome but I'm seeing tons of previous Chrome fanboys coming to the Firefox side now. *shrug*

Comment Re:An utterly pointless filter. (Score 1) 319

This reminds me of Guy Pearce in Prometheus. Ridley Scott got a 44 year old to play a 90 year old dude, required over 5 hours of makeup, and he doesn't even appear as his younger self in the final film release. Why didn't he just get a 90 year old to play that part?


Ridley Scott initially wanted Max von Sydow for the role of Peter Weyland. However, Scott and Damon Lindelof conceived of a scene in which David the android (Michael Fassbender) would interface with Weyland while in hypersleep, and that Weyland's dream would reflect his looks as a younger man since he is obsessed with immortality. Though the scene was cut from the script and never filmed, Guy Pearce had already been cast in the role and thus underwent extensive make-up to appear elderly. Fortunately, Pearce was also allowed to appear as the younger Peter Weyland giving a TED Talk in one of the promotional clips of the movie. A longer version of this clip is available as a bonus feature on the home theater edition.

Comment Cable - DSL (Score 1) 141

I was an unhappy cable customer who switched to DSL. Best thing I ever did for my internet connection. Sure, cable can be faster... when it works. But after many weeks of it going down several times a week, usually at least once a day, and many service calls, I had had enough. DSL that works 24/7 is far better than spotty cable even if it's a bit slower.

On the plus side, I also get to work with a local company with legendary amazing(ly good) customer service, who are proud of their company and act it, and I now have 50 Mbit/s down, 25Mbit/s up DSL that is more than fast enough for our needs and is cheaper than cable. And if I need faster, 100Mbit/s DSL is an option.

I'm extremely rural, but amazingly both cable and blazingly-fast DSL are an option for me because our local telco is five stars. To such a degree, limiting ourselves to their service area was one of the top priorities when shopping for this house... no lie.

Comment Re:I can haz? (Score -1, Troll) 237

Windows? People still use that malware delivery system?

This entire house is Microsoft-free. There are a couple MacBooks, my Linux workstation, another Linux laptop, 3 Rokus, 4 Android (Linux) smartphones, 2 Android tablets, and the primary media box is a Raspberry Pi 2 running Rasplex (Linux).

The world has moved on. The last Windows holdouts are businesses that haven't entered into the 21st century yet.

Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 1) 168

One thing really bugs me about the LG monitor though - it has about five USB ports on it, but it's basically the equivalent of an unpowered USB 3 hub! Seems like it wouldn't have taken much effort to supply decent power through the output ports, an iPad connected cannot even charge while in use.

There's a big difference between making an unpowered USB hub, and making a special USB port that supports Apple's bastardized, non-standard USB wiring for charging. A lot of times even hubs have to have standard USB ports that power everything but Apple, then 1 or 2 specially-marked non-standard USB ports just for iPods and iPads.

Plug an iPad into a standard USB port, and you get 500mA. Plug anything else into it, and you can get 1-2A.

Blame Apple, not LG. There are standards for USB, just as there are for SSD drives. Apple just refuses to follow them because they can screw over users and extort more money that way.

Comment Re:No Details (Score 1) 67

Doubt it, most NAS can't either. There is no way they have a processor powerful enough to last 10 hours on a battery

Well, to be specific: most off the shelf commercial NAS appliances can't. However, "NAS" is like "server", and is based upon what something does, not how you got there. You can build a "NAS" that is every bit (and more) a "NAS" as something off the shelf, but also has sufficient CPU power to transcode many simultaneous 1080p streams. And also has more drive bays and a better web GUI.

That's what I did, because I knew I'd be tucking the Plex box in the living room so I wanted a unified box instead of building and supporting two separate devices. 2 years in and it's still running great while the user list grows.

Comment Data caps versus the cloud-storage craze (Score 3, Informative) 218

And this is why the fanatical push towards "cloud" storage of everything is insane nonsense. First it was cell phone data plans, now it's home internet as well.

The industry wants to have it both ways but it's not realistic. These two schools of thoughts are financially incompatible with each other.

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