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Comment Re:More power to her. (Score 1) 398

If someone is stupid enough to be on my property and looking through my windows in the first place, they deserve everything nasty that they might get. Lets call it "natural selection in action".

Other than risking a 9mm bullet between the eyes, one of the other (probably worse) fates they might suffer is being mentally scarred for life by seeing me jumping around my lounge/"roomscale area" dressed only in my underpants and my VR helmet, because even with the AC on, its HOT here in Phoenix in the summer..

Comment Re:Really (Score 1) 560

You're right they're all bad, however bad is relative.
I would contend that Hilary is obviously worse than Trump because she is blatantly corrupt (primary mechanism being the Clinton foundation), habitually lies on a level bordering psychopathy, and is not even eligible to get security clearance necessary to be president.
  At least one source has evidence that in fact she never had actually passed security clearance.

She has already also clearly sold out the US many times to enrich herself/the Clinton foundation. Do some research for yourself into exactly why middle eastern countries like Saudi are donating millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Trump is a clueless pompous asshat but at least he isn't blatantly corrupt career criminal, and also I beleive he's clearly more of a patriot that Clinton, in that he would be far more likely to put the interests of the US first than she ever would, given she's already provably sold it out for her own benefit many times.

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