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Comment Re:Uh, can I apply now? (Score 1) 282

Here I thought I was supposed to work hard and let my results get me places.

Nah. Now you can just game the system. The left pushed "diversity hires" really hard, so now all you have to do is claim to be "gender fluid" or state you're Trans. Maybe be male today, female tomorrow and it's all good. Just like that guy in Australia. Maybe toss in some "trans-racial" claims like you're native and see? It's so easy to do it. And if they refuse to hire you, just start screaming they're racist/sexist/bigoted or whichever and state you're being discriminated against. At this point? I fully support fucking with the entire thing and crashing it.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 16

Don't worry. When everyone except the richest elite who are jet setting, telling you that you're ignorant and need to do what they tell you and you're fundamentally broke paying for carbon taxes. It'll all work out right? Just like it is in Canada. The entire mood around "carbon taxes" is getting interesting here and I wouldn't be surprised to see mass protests in the near future. We've already hit the "people making choices between heating their homes when it's -40C, or keeping a roof over their head." And said taxes in many places have only been in place for a couple of years.

Comment Re:Social gender values (Score 1) 124

Late treatment is futile in most cases, and they know that when they get older, it's just not worth it. Canada's former prime minister Pierre Trudeau decided to refuse all treatment and live a full life until it killed him, rather than put up with the side effects of treatment that is ultimately futile.

Comment Re:Social gender values (Score 1) 124

Nobody said survival rates were high. You obviously didn't read the full article. It's that men don't want the side effects of treatment - that's what makes their lives miserable, the incontinence, the impotency, etc. They are choosing quality of life over years lived. And who can blame them - they are saying the same thing women have been saying - it's my body and my decision.

Comment Re:Gender change as collateral damage? (Score 1) 364

Bullshit. Manning was the one who revealed she was trans to her sergeant, and there's a history of gender problems to back it up. Being trans is not something that can be forced on someone, any more than being gay, lesbian, straight, white, or black. You are what you are. Only the religious right thinks that they can get someone to change their gender identity "back to normal", or what you are implying, "to the opposite sex". Crackpots every one.

Comment Re:Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 364

Valerie Plame wasn't a whistle blower. She was a CIA agent. Never said she was a whistle blower, so quit lying. It was the Bush administration who leaked her identity. As for the reporters, there has not been a single report of a leak from the reporters going over the material. You should read the precautions they took. If you or the government had ANY proof that anyone was harmed by leaked information, you can be damn sure they would be screaming from the rooftops. You're the one living in a dreamland.

The government is ridiculous when it comes to leaks. They leak like a sieve because everyone has a political agenda.

Comment Re:Social gender values (Score 1) 124

And yet prostate cancer kills more men than the amount of people, both males and females, killed by breast cancer. Where are our support ribbons?

You don't get a support ribbon for lying. 27,681 men died from prostate cancer. 40,860 women and 464 men died from breast cancer. And you failed to note that half of all men decide not to treat their prostate cancer.

Comment Re:Social gender values (Score 1) 124

>> Men are the ones who are deciding NOT to treat prostate cancer.
Thats not what the article says at all. Did you even read it?
It actually says "More Men With Early Prostate Cancer Are Choosing to Avoid Treatment".

>> So no, I'm not furthering any stereotype, you jerk.

Yes you absolutely are. Jerk yourself.

Comment Re:Riiight... (Score 2) 115

+1. This guy is not important, not objective and is saying yet another "our technology will revolutionize the world". Come on.

Wait for people describing their next technology as "The fifth industrial revolution". Because you know, the fourth is so much 2010.

It's Turkey. They're too busy dealing with non-industrial revolutions nowadays.

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