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Comment Re:No sex between rulemakers. (Score 1) 127

Illegal activity by a contractor is solely the responsibility of the contractor, since the contractor sets the rules for fulfilling the contract. Illegal activity by an employee, on the other hand, attaches to both the employee and the employer.

Same rules as workman's compensation, minimum wage requirements, social security and unemployment plan payments, etc.

That's one of the reasons why Uber doesn't want to be classified as an employer, even though the people driving for them do not meet the requirements to be classified as independent contractors.

Comment Re: Politics vs. Reality (Score 1) 83

If you have a printer connected to your laptop, better make that 4. And even if you're not using wireless to access the net, your switch is yet another device, so 5. And unless your roku isn't connected to anything else, your TV makes it 6 (yes, they can destroy a TV by feeding it signals that turn it off and on in rapid succession, or overdriven video, or they can feed it a signal for hard-core porn when your kids are watching).

Read John Varley's "Press Enter" if you want instructions on how to be almost 100% risk-free.

Comment Re:No mention of the internet architecture of cour (Score 1) 83

How to secure Iot: 1-have experts make a chip that securely does Iot stuff. 2-make it cheap. 3-Secure!


1 buy big hammer.
2. apply said hammer with sufficient force to ensure that there are no surviving bugs in the device.
3. Now it's secure.

This, or ensuring the device is never powered up, are the only 2 ways that are guaranteed to work, and you can never be sure some idiot won't plug it in or insert a battery, so it's back to HAMMER TIME.

Comment Since this wasn't a line item in the budget ... (Score 2) 128

This wasn't a line item in their budget (or it would have been hard to keep it secret), this raises a few questions.

1. Where did the payments come from?
2. Were the recipients "protected" from tax audits so as to keep the source of the money secret?

If these weren't being paid under the table, the employer would know because of income tax withholding adjustments based on total income. "Gee, we now have to withhold 90% of this guys' pay and increase his contributions to social security because of his increased income from employment ... sounds suspicious to me."

Comment Re:'"We are looking into the matter" (Score 1) 138

But it certainly makes the US a hypocrite. Again.

It's like when Clinton was saying "those emails were illegally obtained". So what - that didn't make them untrue, and whistle-blowing is the right thing to do. She wouldn't have bitched if the Russians (or anyone else) illegally leaked Trump's tax returns.

Comment Re:'"We are looking into the matter" (Score 1) 138

Iran was a secular democracy, with women dressing the same as elsewhere in the world, going to universities, etc. So no, it's not a gross over-simplification. The US, in conjunction with Britain, f*cked up the middle east and created the conditions for muslim extremism to flourish by overthrowing a democratically elected government.

Comment Re:How on earth is this policy enforced? (Score 1) 127

Well what would you do if some passengers in the backseat of your car started to get bizzayy while you drove them to their destinations? Me? I would tell them to knock it off or get out of the car. It's the driver's car and not Uber's after all.

I'm surprised Uber isn't asking them to install video cameras and stream the action so they can sell it to some porn hub.

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