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Comment Re:This will work with music games as well. (Score 1) 69

It can be any game actually, even GTA. It works because with the vast majority of the population can tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. A guy I worked with back in 2000 was one of the truck drivers who was involved in that massive 90 car pileup on the 401 between London and Tilburry. His psychiatrist recommended games of any type, and specifically "comical" games of driving where the impossible was possible. He was back to driving trucks within a couple of years of that, before that he was terrified of hitting even small banks of fog. Because what initially happened was a complete whiteout from fog hit, and the pileup happened. Some people didn't get out, some burned alive in their cars. And not even EMS could find their way to the scene fast enough.

That area of the 401 is still really bad. It's basically a dead area, with no distractions, nothing to look at, it's just miles of flat road(uncommon in southern ontario), with either fields or trees on either sides of the highway. People falling asleep(highway hypnosis), or sudden banks of fog are still very common. The kicker was people, truck drivers, fire and police had been complaining since the 1960's(that area was built in 1956) that the highway section there was very dangerous. It took 30+ years, a 100 car pileup, 7 people dead, 45 injured before they put in improvements.

Comment Re:It's just too expensive (Score 2) 154

The problem is that it took Westinghouse over 25 years to construct a handful of reactors because of various lawsuits and regulatory changes. When you have to halt a lawsuit every time a NIMBY organization is resurrected, you're not going to get very far.

Bingo. Here in Canada our nuclear reactors don't run into this same level of opposition, but there have been multiple cases where something similar has happened. The new medical reactor to replace the aging chalk lake medical reactor is a good example. CL is nearly 70 years old, and supplies the world with half of the specialized medical isotopes. The replacement reactor was supposed to be online a decade ago, NIMBY's and out-of-country environmental groups are the exact cause of that. While sites like Pickering and Bruce(2nd largest nuclear generating station in the world), have operated well with little to no issues. The cost of nuclear on the grid is under 0.04kWh at sale. The referb cost which is added in bumps it to just under 0.07kWh, and the "referb cost" is added during the last 10 years of the reactors operation cycle to pay for refueling and the maintenance period.

Green energy here is insanely priced because of the FiT programs. Those prices paid are between 0.20kWh to 1.5kWh, yeah that's $1.50kWh.

Comment Re:Scotland just announced a post-Brexit independe (Score 1) 578

>> Without Scotland, there is no UK.

Of course there is. England, Northern Ireland and Wales won't suddenly cease to exist. The UK just wouldn't by definition include Scotland any more. The reality is that England is the UK's financial engine, and England has been financially supporting Scotland since at least 1707.
The idea of Scotland gaining independence is like saying a person with no other income has just decided to be voluntarily independent from welfare.

If Scotland got independence they would financially become a 3rd world country overnight as their economy is based on only a few significant export industries. Oil is the biggest but independence means they'd lose its revenue since an independent Scotland wouldn't own or control North Sea oil or gas, or even still be able to use the Pound or Euro. All that has already been decided.

After independence, their main export would be food/drink(whisky) (£4.25 billion/year) then legal, accounting, management, architecture, engineering, technical testing and analysis activities (collectively, £2.3 billion), their total exports (includes other stuff like textiles and farming) would be an estimated £48.5 billion which isn;t sufficient for what they as a country need to survive independently.

Comment Re:I was in the UK in December (Score 1) 578

Its wrong to say it was all about immigration, although thats how the remainers gratuitously painted it, in order to make the leavers appear to be racists.
The reality is that back in the 1970's the UK signed an open borders trade deal with Europe (then called the EEC), which made perfect sense to everyone.
What happened since then is that a series of politicians attempted to turn that agreement into a backdoor mechanism to becoming a federalist superstate with all government power devolved to a vast,corrupt bureaucratic nightmare based in Brussels, all without any recourse to the people.
Thanks to Cameron, the people finally got a say in their own country's destiny just before it was too late. Mots Brexiters votes actually had very little to do with immigration.

Comment Re:Massive presumption (Score 1) 310

I'm sure Netflix/Amazon etc have got their own political clout too. The only thing that gives Hollywood any power is their money. As soon as Hollywood becomes less profitable they also start loosing their political clout.

Just a thought but perhaps the government are tired of being manipulated by Hollywood, so are using Netflix et al as a proxy to knock Hollywood down a few pegs, and also undermine Hollywood's control over them. I mean Hollywood (or perhaps more accurately, Hollywood celebs) were pretty much the most vocal and rabid anti-Trump group out there.

Comment Re:Well, perhaps you *should* be worried (Score 1) 373

>> I can take a machine learning library, stroke it a bit, and hand back a system that can solve problems for which I couldn't even begin to imagine a worthy algorithmic solution.

So what you've basically done is become familiar with the interfaces of a few libraries/packages, and you just glue those together instead of making anything yourself? Congrats you now look just like 99% of new graduates with minimal skills that claim to be software developers but are actually no more than package integrators. I can see you're actually miles ahead of them because you must have an actual clue about stuff from your asm/C days which many people working as developers never went through, however it sounds like your chosen approach means you probably don't look any different to them except in age and salary requirements) to technically illiterate HR people (i.e. just about all HR people).

>> It's probably best to be awake now, before your job goes away.

Actually I think if anything people with your approach are the ones that should be worried, since just doing package integration is very easily outsourced or automatable. It sounds like you haven't used any actual software development/engineering skills in a long time, so if any of the packages you rely on for your professional credibility go away, change in a bad direction or even just become not-cool, your whole career could suddenly be in the shit.

Comment Re: Once again slurs against certain groups OK. (Score 1) 543

Actually, I do believe that anonymous speech is the last resort of cowards. Say what you mean, and stand behind it, and damn the consequences. You have freedom of speech, but neither freedom from the consequences of that speech nor the right to be anonymous. Check your constitution - you'll see that neither anonymity nor lack of consequences are rights. Or are you going to claim that the people who wrote the constitution were nazis as well?

Your lack of knowledge of your own laws is typically American.

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