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Comment Re:"Tacit approval"? My nose! (Score 1) 177

Considering the stuff that's come out from leaked emails including stuff like Hillary knowingly ordering the destruction of data even after demands for the data under law? You can take the link as you want, it does have backlinks to all of the previous leaked emails, previous statements and so on. That means she/they was lying, ignored official requirements, or simply believe they're so big they can avoid prosecution. So that leaves us with: Either the FBI is incompetent, turned a blind eye, or someone was holding a sword over their head in recommending prosecution.

This isn't even touching the pay-for-play stuff including the 12m payment to the clinton foundation while she was still sec. of state for her to come speak to the king of morocco. Or the enlistment of journalists/columnists to attack political candidates using her talking points.

Submission + - Armed police outside London Ecuadorian embassy (

Okian Warrior writes: Okay, it's 3:17 PM Eastern and Twitter and a bunch of other sites are down, so I can't vet this info at all, but...

Apparently there's some sort of armed police incident outside the Ecuadorian embassy in Londond. This was posted on the Wikileaks twitter feed (with photo), but I can't see it or verify what it says.

Anyone in London 3 hours ago happen to see anything and can tell us what's going on?

Comment Well done (Score 4, Insightful) 492

I'm glad he made a point of saying Windows PCs rather than just PCs, as the world in general tends to do.
I've always hated Windows and found it far more awkward, unfriendly and non-intuitive to use than literally any other OS I've ever tried (which after 35 years of software development is a LOT). Windows started out as a messy compromise (anyone else remember yield()? )and has only gotten worse over time. It truly boggles my mind how most corporates and their IT departments still continue to push its use over other OS's.

Comment Re:Is our society ever going to stop being so prud (Score 2) 98

> It's so absurd that anything sexual is considered "harmful" somehow.... yet here we are, still overreacting about such things.

Yep moving to the US from Europe, I couldn't believe how puritanical and apparently stuck in the 1800's the US really is when it comes to sex (which is after all a natural thing), but completely fine with sensationalizing graphic hardcore gun violence (which isn't).

In the US, blowing someones guts out all over the camera is fine, but you better not inadvertently show their nipple at the same time.

Comment Re:Does anybody ... (Score 1) 474

Rational thought went out the window long ago. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want a rational voting population. And of course, everyone went for the bait - shoot the (purported) messenger instead of looking at the message. Who cares where they came from? Clinton and Podesta can release their copies (Clinton certainly has her speeches - she allowed only 1 copy to be made, and it was exclusively for herself).

Her defense is the same as what Trump would say if his tax returns were leaked - to divert attention to the source, even though he could just release them and clear up any questions.

Does anyone expect either of these two to respect the rule of law?

Comment Re:Extradition? (Score 4, Informative) 78

And if it's not a crime in the country where the person being sought is staying, it's generally not extraditable. Canada is one such country where the treat with the US allows Canada to refuse to extradite such a person. Another reason in the same treaty is if the extradition is of a political nature:

Article 4, section 1, subsection iii

(iii) When the offense in respect of which extradition is requested is of a political character, or the person whose extradition is requested proves that the extradition request has been made for the purpose of trying or punishing him for an offense of the above-mentioned character. If any question arises as to whether a case comes within the provisions of this subparagraph, the authorities of the Government on which the requisition is made shall decide.

Additionally, Canada can refuse to extradite in cases where the death penalty is in play unless the US agrees beforehand not to seek it, of if such judgment is made, not to follow through with it. And in the case of minor children, extradition can be refused if it is determined that such extradition


If a request for extradition is made under this Treaty for a person who at the time of such request, or at the time of the commission of the offense for which extradition is sought, is under the age of eighteen years and is considered by the requested State to be one of its residents, the requested State, upon a determination that extradition would disrupt the social readjustment and rehabilitation of that person, may recommend to the requesting State that the request for extradition be withdrawn, specifying the reasons therefor.


When the offense for which extradition is requested is punishable by death under the laws of the requesting State and the laws of the requested State do not permit such punishment for that offense, extradition may be refused unless the requesting State provides such assurances as the requested State considers sufficient that the death penalty shall not be imposed, or, if imposed, shall not be executed.

It can be argued pretty easily that Snowden, Manning, and Assange all have a defense under Article 2.1(iii) to have safe haven in Canada, since the whole mess has taken on a HUGE political angle, overshadowing everything else. Unfortunately, Obama's kill list has no geographical limit - it's fine to kill Americans anywhere in the world, even in the USA, in violation of their constitutionally protected right to due process. Looks like Obama is taking a page from Bush's "the constitution is just a damn piece of paper" playbook and ran with it.

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