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Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 133

I guess you weren't one of those people that unrecoverably lost their entire music collection when they switched music stores (twice now), or got screwed when they forced Windows 10 updates on people, or have never realized your personal data is being collected/sold, or found out that your windows 7 phone will no longer update, or that you're being spied on by your Kinect then. The sad thing is that I could go on and on with examples, yet you will no doubt find justifications to ignore/dismiss them all.

Comment He's right that Trump will win. (Score 1) 43

The rest of what he has to say is just vile spite and cluelessness like he normally is.
The real reason that Trump will win is not that he's actually good, but that that Hilary is such a outright corrupt criminal that even the media can't hide it, so most of the American public won't be stupid enough to vote for her.

Submission + - It's November, 2016 - for whom do you vote?

DavidHumus writes: There appears to be a distinct political slant on /. but what is it, exactly? We should have a poll, preferably near the day of the US presidential election, where slashdotters vote for their candidate of choice. Since we're not all Americans or non-felons, the poll should allow us to indicate whether we actually can vote in this election and if we will (or did, depending on when the poll runs) vote.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score 1) 134

> Nobody has the money to afford one of these things

Speak for yourself. I'll be getting one for sure.

> You don't need one, either. It serves no purpose.

Completely not true. You need something as powerful as this or even more to play AAA games like Elite: Dangerous with maximum image quality (i;e. including say 2x supersampling) in high definition VR at 90 frames sec X2 (eyes) without dropping frames (i.e. making you feel nauseous)

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