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Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 1) 171

I did this accidentally once when applying for a new DL.

I didn't get my address quite right and carried that ID around for years with the wrong address. The address was good enough for the mailperson to silently correct but I always wondered what kind of havoc, if any, this caused behind the scenes.... probably none... but I can imagine it...

Comment I would like (Score 1) 48

I would like to have a "self driving" wagon that would follow me (or a BT beacon in my pocket) that I could use to walk or bike to the store and get groceries with.

My back is not what it used to be and carrying a large amount of groceries (especially kitty litter) is hell for my lower back if it is more than a few miles. Also, all the personal shopping carts I have used are clearly designed for someone a foot shorter than me as I have to hunch over just to pull or push the thing.

Comment Re: Aetna is still a thing?! (Score 1) 139

It is offensive because of lock in.

Aetna will likely not give you any discounts if the data is provided by any other source.

So now I have to enter Apple's walled garden? Buy and Apple watch... oh, which, by the way, doesn't really work all that great without an iPhone or iPad backing it up so, better buy one of those too, etc, etc, etc... further down the rabbit hole until I am owned by Aetna AND Apple.... thanks...

Comment Re:Sales Rep doing the dance (Score 1) 139

Not really a fair comparison.

I think you should concatenate all Android Wear watches, regardless of manufacturer, in order to get the actual number vs Apple.

Also, in this particular arena (fitness/wellness tracker) you should include FitBit, Nike, Garmin, etc. vs Apple watch.

Just because they are moving a large amount of product relative to other individual manufacturers doesn't really mean anything.

Comment Re:Yay! Sharepoint! (Score 1) 44

That just sounds like poor administration.... which is understandable... SharePoint is not the easiest thing to administer.

My favorite story about SP is when I worked for a very large company. We had all over our team documentation on SP. This was the proscribed practice for all the teams in our department.

Among these documents were our DR procedures.

HOWEVER.... SP was not considered an integral (tier 1) service.... and hence would not be "failed over" as part of a DR shift to a backup data center. So.... there goes all the DR procedures....

The solution? To all team members: Make sure you keep local copies of all SP team documents.

Love it

Comment Re:Microsoft is killing... what? (Score 1) 44

Sure, it is like a lot of other products out there. But it has the added advantage of being a part of the O365 bundle... so you get it with no extra cost. Unlike a 3rd party solution.

It also does what it purports to do. So really, what more do you want?

As for SharePoint.... I am not the biggest fan of it either, but mostly from an administrative point of view (it is not the easiest thing to incorporate, administer or migrate...). However, from a user point of view, I can see the appeal and I use it all the time. It is a central repository of information. We use it for company calendars, announcements, staff headshots and indexed library of policies, howtos and other documentation. It works well for those things.

Comment Re:Microsoft is killing... what? (Score 4, Informative) 44

It is a good solution for companies who don't want to rely on a public social networking site.

I have worked for a few large companies who have run a Yammer site. It is basically just an internal company Facebook.

It can be used for good purposes. Stuff that doesn't necessarily fall into "official" company communiques or which might fall outside company org structure.

For example, charitable events that company employees participate in might have a Yammer group... stuff like that.

The fact that it incorporates into AD and as well as other MS Office tools and products makes it attractive for organizations already in the MS ecosystem.

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