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Comment Mitigations (Score 1) 76

I am thinking that there may be nothing I can do to prevent the "smart" television's tuner from accepting a broadcast signal, but what about these ideas for mitigation:

1. Uninstall web browser app if possible
2. Whitelist Netflix or whatever streaming services and block all other web traffic to television
3. Keep television unplugged from ethernet, don't configure wifi and just use an external streaming device

Comment If they are anything like CSC.... (Score 1) 116

I used to work for a large organization who outsourced all network operations to Computer Science Corporation.

One of the great company past times that pretty much everyone engaged in was bashing CSC. And for good reason too.

Among the fun things we would run into fairly regularly:

- Mishandling of VMs (everything from spinning up the wrong server type to completely overwriting existing, production, VMs)
- Server backups not happening
- False positive alerts
- Terrible SLAs
- Huge amount of "finger pointing"
- Increased bureaucracy for every interaction which led to people on both sides taking shortcuts or "hoarding" resources
- Little/no/missing/incomplete documentation on network structure and DR situations

That's all I can think of off the top of my head but our grievances were broad and deep when it came to CSC...

If SSC is anything like CSC, I can completely sympathize with the peons... But.... I am sure it makes some kind of economic sense (at least on the surface... which is all that matters... right? /s)

Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 1) 334

I would say that I am an average intelligence and I don't really understand tipping.

I know that it is considered nice to do it and I know how to calculate a percentage but what I have a hard time with is how to rate the worth of the service and how it was delivered to me in financial terms.

Basically, I feel like tipping is 5% math and 95% feeling. Which seems like a terrible way to determine a financial transaction (see impulse buying, for example).

Then, add to that the institutions that base their employee pay with an expectation of tipping. How do I know if that is the case? If it is the case, I don't know what their individual calculus is.... what is the offset? Do I need to meet that offset? Can I come in under that? Is the person delivering the service going to think I am an asshole for anything less than a certain amount?

I also use, as my primary method of payment, a pre-paid credit card so that I cannot go over budget... However, the card has some quirks in some systems (I cannot use it at all for an Uber for example) where the operator of the service cannot make asynchronous updates to the amount, therefor if I write in a tip, I will sometimes never see that tip applied on my CC statement... so, in effect, I just stole money from the operator of the business because they likely paid the tip to their employee right away out of the till.

Comment Re:Yeah and then... (Score 1) 238

Sorry, but if your app is trying to write to program files then your app is broken or written for a version of Windows that hasn't been supported for a very long time.

The last big app that I can recall doing this was QuickBooks. They were late to change and caused all kinds of hassle for terminal server admins for years.

We are actually using Avecto for privilege control and escalation and it works pretty well for that. We are currently in the testing phase for adding application whitelisting to the Avecto workload as well. The idea being that we allow executable content to run from areas of the file system that the user doesn't have write access to (Program Files and Windows directories) and block exe's from all other locations with exceptions based on cryptographic signature meta data (like program publisher) or file hash.

The only problem I have with Avecto is the purchase options. They are a European company and don't take credit cards or POs.

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