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Comment Re:Good for everyone. (Score 1) 162

Not quite sure why you're so smug. You can't give a graduated license to a self driving car so it doesn't even make sense. Plus I know of no self driving care that can even pass a standard driving test yet, like a 16 year old can.

I was being a little smug, but actually what I was going for was withering sarcasm.... missed it by that much...

Seriously though, if the solution for a human is a graduated license, I am not sure why the same wouldn't work for a computer. Nevermind the pedantic "you can't give a license to a computer"... that is obviously not the point. Nor is passing any kind of test.

The point of a graduated license system is to restrict when, where and how a person that is still learning can drive.

Aaaaaaand, I am sure that these principles will be employed during testing of self-driving cars anyway. I really don't think you will see (even in Michigan) self-driving cars all alone on the freeway any time soon.

Comment Re:Verizon - the next class-action victim (Score 3, Interesting) 187

Actually, I am thinking that the individual will be at fault because these devices are specifically proscribed from planes that the TSA has authority over.

I am thinking that, for example, if a grenade somehow got through TSA and went off in the cargo hold causing the plane to crash, it wouldn't be the grenade manufacturer that got the blame.

Comment Re:Good for everyone. (Score 1) 162

But you feel perfectly safe having the 16 yo human learning to drive on the same roads?

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that any of us do on a daily basis. It is not anywhere near safe. People die every day from car crashes. The only reason you may have not been affected is simply statistics working in your favor. Adding some overly cautious computers to the road doesn't sound like it increases the danger factor by any appreciable amount.

I could be wrong of course but we are heading in this direction. These things need to be tested in the real world and the people of Michigan, by proxy, seem to agree.

If people knew at the onset of the automobile how dangerous they would be, they probably still would have gone ahead with it despite large outcries from the horse-riding public because it is easy to see the long term benefits of the technology.

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