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Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 5, Insightful) 597

It seems like what you are saying is "some jobs aren't meant to pay for someone's subsistence"

My question is "what jobs are those?"

Are they "unskilled" jobs? If so, are you suggesting that there needs to remain a majority of people without proper education in order to have an "unskilled" work force so that you can go to the grocery store on Sunday or out to eat in the evening?

What happens if everybody has an education and is competing on the same level for "skilled" jobs and nobody wants to do the "unskilled" jobs? What happens if we don't have anyone to man the register or pick your food from a field? Wouldn't you say those jobs are necessary?

Is this a reason why we shouldn't make education easily accessible to all?

It seems to me that "unskilled" workers are necessary in order to provide a quality of life for the workers in "skilled" jobs. So why don't those "unskilled" workers, people who wake up every day and GO TO WORK in a job that they probably HATE, not deserve to be able to live a reasonably comfortable life?

I certainly appreciate the ability to order food that arrives at my doorstep or a cab/uber that can take me to where I want to go.

I am guessing that you appreciate those things too.... but you somehow don't feel that the people doing those jobs deserve a wage that will allow them to live at or above the poverty line....

Comment Re:Not so fast. (Score 1) 204

Self guidance software isn't the same as brakes.

I would think that a guidance failure can result in as much damage as a brake failure but probably wouldn't.

Brake failure: Plow into a group of people crossing the street

Guidance failure: Head toward a group of people crossing the street or on the sidewalk or in the oncoming traffic lane (etc), but at least you have brakes to stop the vehicle and avoid a collision.

Comment Re:Opera (Score 1) 171

Only problem I have with Opera is the fact that it is supper aggressive about "guessing" what you mean.

When I type something in the address bar, I want it to be literal, if there is a mistake or the domain doesn't exist, then I want to know that. Don't just guess or assume that I meant something else.

I know that all browsers do this to some extent these days, but Opera seems to be especially bad. Especially about local domain names or IP address entries.

Comment Re:Been happening for weeks now (Score 1) 171

You know, I do get pestered with Google ads all the time in my new Android phone. Really creepy stuff like "Hey, we saw you visited this store, answer our questions..."

Can't say I ever saw those types of things on my MS phone that I used for years.

So, yeah, they all are using their bully pulpits to try to get us to do stuff.

Comment Been happening for weeks now (Score 5, Informative) 171

I have all major browsers installed on my Windows 10 desktop at home. I use them for different purposes.

Whenever I launch Firefox or Chrome, I get a tooltip style pop-up above the Edge icon on the task bar which states that Edge is some % more secure than whatever browser I am launching.

It would do it every time too... not just on the first launch. Because of this, I unpinned Edge from the task bar... I think you could also turn off a setting but unpinning worked... so I didn't look further.

Pretty annoying. I also am pestered by ads in Bing search results to use Edge. It's like I am being punished for living in the MS ecosystem....

The thing is Google is no better. Every time I go to one of their properties in a non-Chrome browser, I get pestered to use Chrome....

It's just a new level of crap I have to ignore.

Comment Amazing (Score 1, Insightful) 22

I kind of feel like we are not far away from a point where the default is to buy stuff from Amazon and you have to click a button or do some action to avoid it.

There really isn't anything easier than clicking a button.... or wait a minute.... What if, by making eye contact with a particular device an Amazon order is triggered... sort of like the weird guy on the bus when you accidentally make eye contact and he takes that as an invitation to come talk to you... Or the childish game where if you are tricked into looking at something you get punched in the arm. It's on *you* because you made eye contact... silly person...

Comment Re:Android? (Score 2) 206

iPhone is for poor people who want to feel like they matter, it's a status symbol among the blue collar crowd... like prada, louis vuitton, dolce & gabbana, armani.... things that higher class people get paid to hawk in public but in private would never actually use

So what kind of phone do the higher class people use in private? It's Windows Mobile isn't it?

Comment Re:Offer, Not Bring (Score 1) 94

What you are missing here is that those words were chosen because they convey my sentiment that I agree with the person I was replying to. I didn't want to make it seem like I was dismissing their comment. Basically, I was trying for creative tact (instead of just saying something boring like "I agree with you, but...").

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