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Comment Re:interesting experiment (Score 1) 468

Another scenario which I am curious about:

- People that upgrade today within the promotion period but then don't full update. Windows 10 will not activate unless it is 100% up-to-date on the latest build so, tomorrow will the activation cost money even though they installed today?

Comment interesting experiment (Score 1) 468

I am really interested to see how all the activations shake out over the next couple of weeks or months.

Some things I am looking forward to seeing

- Those that grabbed their "entitlement" to Windows 10 then reverted to Windows 7. Will it work out ok when they do upgrade?
- Retail box copies that are not tied to hardware but were used to gain Windows 10 for free. Will Windows 10 move without issue to new hardware over the coming years?
- Those running insider preview builds for the last year. Will they be able to clean install the stable branch version without issue after today even if they never activated it with a Win 7 or 8 key?

Comment Re:Fail is another 4 letter word (Score 1) 60

Well, yeah.

"Secure" is a relative term. Obviously, when communicating there is no such thing as 100% security.

Anyway, given the lengths to which WhatsApp has gone to implement the Signal protocol, it is not hard to imagine that this small loophole will be closed soon enough.

Still, whether the hole is closed or not, loss of physical access to a communication device should always be considered a breach of your security. You have to assume if someone has physical access to your device that the information contained within it is compromised.

Comment This is a trend (Score 1) 528

They do the same with Office 2013 & 2016.

Anything less than the "Enterprise" branch of Office will not honor GP registry values... we learned this one the hard way. It is not well documented.

It would appear that MS is moving toward making GP only apply to products with "Enterprise" in the title.

Granted, GP is an enterprise feature for the most part, but the lack of any notice about these changes is kind of shitty...

Comment Re:365 = You pay for it 365 days of the year (Score 1) 98

The nice thing about MS products and Windows itself is that there are keyboard shortcuts for nearly every function.

I don't often use my mouse when in Office apps. Even in Windows, I use the keyboard as much as possible.

I guess it just depends on how much you are willing to learn. The mouse is for beginners.

Comment Re:I'd be excited too, if Comcast lost my address (Score 1) 68

CenturyLink does the same for me. I have said no to their face several times yet every week, there it is in my mailbox. I am sure they have wasted an entire tree and who knows how much ink on me...

Oh... as long as we are talking about junk mail... what is with charities sending me huge packets of paper? I already gave you money! I sought you out! You don't need to market to me anymore!

Won't someone think of the trees?!

And... to stay on topic... How many subscribers did they take on during the same period and how does that compare to last year? That seems to be the more meaningful number... I would think anyway...

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 602

I think the point is that the people speeding are the ones creating the dangerous situation if they are somehow caught by surprise that people are going the posted speed limit.

Not everybody speeds. When I drive, I go the posted speed limit. It is better for gas mileage and doesn't present an opportunity for getting a ticket.

Comment Re:Morons got government jobs!!! (Score 1) 254

Companies have only one job: To satisfy their customers... and if they can't do that, nobody will buy the stuffs, period!!!

What kind of fairy land do you live in?

Companies exist to make money.

If Apple decided to go back to non-encrypted devices I can pretty much guarantee that the masses wouldn't care one bit and iPhone sales would continue on as though nothing had happened. All most people care about is "can it run my pokemon game?"

Not saying they should do that. I just think your viewpoint is a bit idealistic.

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