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Comment Re:Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 1) 387

Yeah, so I was looking at this and apparently, my thoughts/experiences (likely because I've had jobs on the west coast my whole life) apparently are not accurate across the nation.

Which I think is entirely crazy. I cannot imagine anyone in their sane mind siding with the company in a lawsuit like that, but... :P

Comment Re:Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 1) 387

Most employment agreements are such that the company owns it even if it is outside of normal hours. So inventions you come up with on your own time are not yours.

Ummm, [citation needed] here, I think.

I can't imagine how this is possibly legal, even if it was in there. Yeah, if you use *company provided assets* to develop your invention, sure. You're using their stuff to do it, so they could reasonably argue they should own it (or at least part of it). But if I use my own time, my own assets, my own learning, and it's not even related to my work (e.g., they can't claim that I'm using knowledge learned on the job or something, I could see them trying to argue that), how could they possibly claim it is theirs?

It'd be interested in seeing examples of this, as well as any related court cases where it was upheld. I seriously cannot see how it's possible. I don't know anyone in that boat, nor have I heard of anyone in that boat, nor have I ever seen a contract that tried to say that. And I've seen legal stuff that prevented some related issues, but where the company had a bit more of an argument (non-compete sort of stuff). Not saying I agree with the non-compete stuff, just that it seems like a slightly more rational argument than "anything you invent, regardless of how, where, or when, is ours")

Comment Re:Abolish NASA, and deregulate aerospace. (Score 1) 158

not quite the average toddler's level of understanding.

Project much?

Spoken like one with no clue at all of NASA's decades of hostility to private enterprise in space. Google for "OTRAG" for one example of a potential competitor that they pulled out all the stops to kill off.


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Journal Journal: Gone Again!

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She was gone again, shortly before my elderly cat died. I refer to my muse, of course.
I looked everywhere I could think of, to no avail. Stolen again? I went for a walk, on the lookout for that aged black aged Lincoln with that blonde and that brun

Comment Re:Money stores value (Score 1) 149

The American Revolution is proof that you are wrong, as they won the war using only paper money.

Might want to brush up on your history a bit. They won despite the paper money, which was a major hindrance. Google for the phrase "not worth a continental". When the constitution was written, the memory of America's first hyperinflation was very fresh in their minds, which is why the gold and silver clause in the constitution forbids fiat currency.


Comment So fucking what? (Score 5, Insightful) 478

As I said on the previous post about this situation, who cares? His code still works, and there are no allegations that he's trying to fuck the other contributors or for that matter, practicing his kinks with anyone who's not consenting to how he gets his rocks off.

However repugnant "goreanism" might be, I'm rather more repulsed by someone like you demanding that hackers pass some kind of political purity test. Go fuck yourself.


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