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Comment Re:What is the use case for smartwatch? (Score 3, Interesting) 38

I can think of two use cases that would be useful to me, if I had a smartwatch, which I don't. :)

  1. 1. Alarm for waking up in the morning without having something that also wakes up my wife and/or baby. But I'm not sure about wearing it on wrist and sending evil scary waves through my head all night (in the event I put my hand under my head while sleeping).
  2. 2. Phone notifications without having to get out my phone... e-mail, calls, sms, whatever. For example, I drive a tractor on our family farm (not my day job, or I'd be broke ;) ). I had to get a mount so I could put my phone up on the dashboard, otherwise there's just no way I hear it or feel it even in my pocket while driving the tractor. Other uses would be similar ... walking/running, etc. Just convenience, though.

... slashdot doesn't support "ordered lists" ? :(

Comment Re:You realize that homeopathic treatments are wat (Score 1) 297

The problem is ... things advertised as homeopathic are not always "just water." Sometimes, it's not diluted *that* much. And some "homeopathic" remedies include *non-diluted* ingredients that I've seen (e.g., herbs).

It gets confusing, because the real "homeopathy" with the whole "the less there is, the more powerful" thing is weird. But when "homeopathic" remedies include actual active ingredients that DO do things... that lends credibility to "homeopathy" if someone doesn't actually know any better.

It would be like marketing a "homeopathic" remedy for certain GI issues that "also includes" peppermint oil. Peppermint has an effect. The single molecule (if that) of Random Substance A? not so much. But look, a "homeopathy" worked!

Comment Send new password to manufacturer? (Score 1) 64

If they have access to the internet, couldn't manufacturers setup an API endpoint that accepts a serial number and a password... so that the password could be changed and the manufacturer could be sent the new one?

The owner, when locked out, can call the manufacturer, they can look up the password, etc.

Not totally sure how one might secure said API so it doesn't just get spammed as well, but... :P

Comment Re:Who would buy a smart TV? (Score 1) 59

The "Smart" part is just an integrated way to potentially display what you want to throw at it (youtube, amazon video, whatever). At least on my integrated-roku tv, I can still plugin other stuff. I have a cheap Matricom Android thing for stuff the integrated roku doesn't do. But it's nice having the TV remote also be the Roku remote (although it's not as nice as the separate Roku remote, sadly... e.g., no headphone jack :) )

Comment Re:Who would buy a smart TV? (Score 2) 59

Why would someone by a Roku? For internet? Doesn't almost everybody have a PC or tablet nowadays anyway?

Without the snark ... :) ... I actually bought a "smart TV" (where the "smart" is just a builtin Roku). I still have a little android box plugged in for Skype and stuff... but I'm pretty sure the reason I got the "smart" one is the same reason someone else might - one less box to mess with cables, figure out where audio goes vs. where video goes, Yet Another Remote, etc.

I don't think the point is that you can't do the same thing with a dumb TV + some sort of computer (roku, whatever). But sometimes, having it integrated is nice.

Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 1) 235

This is a very ... complicated matter. Hopefully I speak somewhat clearly. Errr... type.

Not one will pass away "until all is accomplished." And to be honest, I'm not sure what exactly Jesus is referring to there, but it "accomplish" sounds rather similar to "fulfill." Perhaps Jesus is talking about what He came to accomplish? But at this point, He is still giving the Jews a chance to *not* reject Him. He's talking as if He is not going to die, as if He actually will be accepted as the Jewish Messiah by the Jews.

Also, it is important to see who He is talking to. In Luke, He's talking to the pharisees. Justifying their own faults (REAL faults, according to the actual law) while simultaneously trying to make sure everyone else kept not just the Law, but the traditions.

This is why the rest of the NT is important, understanding why Jesus came (super short version, He came to Israel as their Messiah under/in the Old Covenant; but He was rejected, and a New Covenant was made that was not specific to Israel... hence the rest of the NT). Under the old covenant with Israel, what Jesus said totally makes sense. You can't say you don't have to follow parts of the Law. Furthermore, you can't wiggle around it like the pharisees (hey, I didn't sin! I mean I was angry enough to WANT to kill my brother, but I didn't, so I'm innocent of the law!).

But, yes, that changed. Jesus was rejected. Jesus still fulfilled the law. Paul, in Romans, goes through great lengths to discuss this, going back to what the law was even there for to begin with. The author of Hebrews does, as well. Paul even mentions that the Jews rejected Jesus so that salvation would be extended to the gentiles. In other words, since the Jews rejected Jesus as Messiah, a new covenant was made that was NOT with Israel specifically, and thus all can come, and without going through the Old Covenant (hence the lack of circumcision being necessary, as Paul makes pretty clear in ... now I forget which epistle).

For a Jew living in the Old Covenant, to say that one of God's covenant laws was not necessary? Blasphemy, pretty much.

"Unchanging" does not refer to God's methods or actions, it refers to His character. Unchanging, faithful, true, those would all be very related words. It doesn't mean that how God acts or deals with men doesn't change. Clearly, that has changed, since Israel was not around since the beginning of time.

Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 1) 235

"Scare quotes" were because simply saying what they said (the words) and leaving it at that doesn't necessarily indicate what they meant by those words.

Paul said "that stinks." Paul "said" it, but Paul actually meant "that is an unfortunate turn of events," not "that is unpleasant to my olfactory nerves" (or whatever it is that transfers smells in the nose, I'm not actually sure if their nerves now that I think about it, heh).

Comment Re:They HAD this service? (Score 1) 50

Ha, yeah. I realize my usage is not at all similar to people who take a lot of photos. I don't have tons of [high res] pictures or ripped movies or anything like that... and the movies that I have, I have the DVDs for, so I just do local backups for those.

Most of my ... I don't recall how much, 150gb or so ... *is* photos (since we got a decent camera) and music, and it's growing, but we're not going to hit 1TB anytime soon. I have more stuff like games, the aforementioned ripped DVDs, ISOs, VMs, etc., but I don't have any reason to back that up other than locally, since it is all recoverable.

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