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Comment Re:Sad to see Trump... (Score 1) 356

Given Trump's buisiness acumen, no, I don't believe we CAN work out a deal now with better terms. Given his choices in cabinet positions, I can't see his negotiators being effective at anything other than giving Trump money and saying whatever nonsense he tells them to say. Given his statements on free trade, I don't see free trade being an issue. Given his insistence that America comes first in all things, and failure to identify the real causes of job losses among the flyover states, I don't see his priorities being at all aligned with what America should want. Given the fact that he tore up the hard work of the diplomats on both sides, I can't imagine any countries being interested in wasting much time negotiating with him.

Finally, absolutely nothing the man has said makes me think that any of the issues that concern intelligent people about the TPP will be addressed.

So, you're right, I guess we can feasibly work out another better trade deal, it's possible he'll grow an inoperable brain tumor that will suddenly turn him into a rational human being, but realistically, no, Obama's TPP was better than anything we're going to get in the next four years.

By the time a sane president is elected, I expect it will be too late to get control over the Pacific. China doesn't suffer from uninformed white trash idiots weighing in on foreign policy with countries they can't locate on a labeled globe, so they aren't going to suffer a similar setback. They will set up deals that will cement China as the major power of the area for the rest of our lives. Which, given the idiocy of voters here, might be a good thing.

Comment Re:Sad to see Trump... (Score 2) 356

False dichotomy. There's plenty of ground between "Yay TPP" and "Boo TPP." The secrecy was bad, the ability to ignore local environmental laws and copyright issues were also terrible. But the basic idea of free trade with Asia on our terms was a good one even if a lot of the specifics were awful. Cheeto tearing it up completely and letting China dominate the Asian market is an idiotic deal for the US long term.

Comment Re:Of course... (Score 1) 80

I'm no mechanical engineer, but the S5 was both waterproof (IP67) and had an easily-swapped battery.

S7 feels about the same in-hand, though a bit heavier, has a glass back and a non-serviceable battery, but is rated IP68.

I have both of them in front of me. They're both great. But I'd prefer the S5's tradeoffs with regards to battery and water ingress.

Comment Re:Let's talk about Trump now! (Score 1) 208

Seems to me like that's only true for a very small number of issues and to a very limited degree. If I dislike climate change, I can't just move to california and it's all okay.

And it seems like states rights only work for silly republican ideas. Like "Hey, no sales taxes" or "We don't like the gays." California, Illinois, DC, or New York decide to limit guns and screams of "Tyrrany!" and legal challenges abound.

Comment Re:Let's talk about Trump now! (Score 1) 208

Great, I wasn't suggesting democrats are now and have always been saints. I was making a joke about the state of the republican party today and now. I know people think the clintons are an omnipotent evil force, but you're not suggesting Bill will somehow override the state legislatures here, are you?

I'm constantly astonished at the lengths people will go to to pretend that both sides are always equally bad in every example.

Comment Re:"Us" versus "them" (Score 1) 208

"ALL" of it is a bit of pointless oversimplification. I don't see many democrats attempting to gut the EPA. I don't see democrats leading the charge to irresponsibly cut taxes to the wealthy, or continuing to argue for reganomics.

There are times when any rational, honest person can conclude there's a right side and a wrong side. You're right that the DMCA is bipartisan shit, but it's not ALWAYS both sides, and there are times when one side is a bad actor.

Comment Re:IDK, but... (Score 4, Interesting) 208

I mean, I'm aware the DMCA is awful. They should just do something about that.

It'd be nice if it were that easy, but the controversal parts of the DMCA are implementations of two treaties to which the U.S. is a signatory. The U.S. would have to revoke the treaty in order to remove the offending parts of the DMCA. To those that say it's the Republicans' fault that we have this law, please note that the DMCA was signed by a Democratic president and passed in the Senate unanimously - all 45 Democratic senators wanted this.

Comment IDK, but... (Score 4, Insightful) 208

Thankfully, voters are stepping up to protect American jobs

Can't help but feel like my anus is being forcibly greased up whenever "protect american jobs" is being waved around.

"Right to X" in the title of a new law is also a red flag.

I mean, I'm aware the DMCA is awful. They should just do something about that. Maybe say, we're going to repeal and replace it? Introduce the All-new Copyright Act, or ACA for short?

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