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Comment Re:34 years (Score 1) 171

That's like arguing that the health-conscious are wrong because they're not opening healthy drive-through restaurants to compete with McDonalds.

Stallman isn't in the business of creating software to compete with *every* proprietary piece of software out there. He's in the business of changing minds. When you change minds, the market will accommodate the needs of the consumer. Just like how McDonalds has healthy options now (or so I hear, haven't been to one in years).

Comment Re: If he gets busted... (Score 1) 88

They might buy a second to replace the first, but will they buy a third? IOT manufacturers might see short-term profits, but they won't last when users finally get wary of buying IOT devices, or at least take security into consideration before they do.

It'll take time, but it'll happen.

Comment Expensive and proprietary (Score 1) 124

It seems like all the proprietary stuff is expensive. I bought little wifi power adapter switches (The Orvibo S20) for $20 each and an infrared blaster to control my TVs and HVAC for $30. I couldn't be happier. I did it for cheap and my stuff never goes out to the internet. I have full control and I can program them however I want! The Orvibo has a nice simple Python library that somebody wrote.

Comment Re:Maybe Better Music Would Help? (Score 1) 203

Wait are there actually music videos on MTV? Every now and then to prove some kind of point, I go to their website and look at their schedule to prove to someone that there is 0 music on that network. Where and when are music videos shown on MTV? Genuinely curious, I don't have cable TV any more.

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