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Comment Re:Precisely (Score 1) 531

Forget the mainstream media, what about the government itself? Remember when we were assured that our communications weren't being tracked? There are punishments set up for people that break these laws, but they're not enforced. The government flat-out lying and the mainstream media's bias turned people away from traditional news sources. They have nobody to blame for this current situation but themselves.

Comment Re:The ultimate in postmortem narcissism (Score 1) 386

That's not true. We do have the ability to freeze the body without fatally damaging the cells. It would have been smarter to suspend her life (or kill her if you view it that way) via the cryogenic process rather than let her body get further ravaged by cancer to the point that it can't function on its own anymore.


From the source:

So to avoid that catastrophic liquid-to-solid state change, cryonics technicians do something cool—they perform surgery through the chest and hook the major arteries up to tubes which pump all the blood out of the body, replacing it with a “cryoprotectant solution,” otherwise known as medical grade anti-freeze. This does two important things: it replaces 60% of the water in the body’s cells, and it lowers the freezing point of what liquid is left. The result, when done perfectly, is that no freezing happens in the body. Instead, as they chill your body down and down over the next three hours, it hits -124C, a key point called the “glass transition temperature” when the body’s liquid stays amorphous but rises so high in viscosity that no molecule can budge. You’re officially an amorphous solid, like glass—i.e. you’re vitrified.

With no molecule movement, all chemical activity in your body comes to a halt. Biological time is stopped. You’re on pause.

Comment Re:Blah blah blah (Score 2, Insightful) 667

Not just Hillary, but democrats in general. I was a big Bernie fan and the DNC unfairly shutting him out left more than just a bad taste in my mouth. I mean not only did that show their corruption, but also idiocy. The morons could have won with Bernie had they just followed their own rules!

They'll be lucky if I ever vote anyone with a D next to their name for the rest of my life.

Comment Re:Once more, Samsung misses the point (Score 1) 67

The reason someone would use Samsung's assistant is because of vendor lock-in. People who buy Samsung phones will have this set as the default instead of Google Now. It was already like this on my company's Samsung phones we bought years ago. You'd hold the home button and it would ask if I wanted to complete the task with Google Now or S-Voice, which is a dumber voice-controlled assistant.

Comment Re:Not a good idea... (Score 1) 248

Exactly. Why can't they just take selfies at the booth or at the polling station? Hell, they can even say "Look at me! I made a difference by voting for the lesser of 2 evils!" The whole point is to not show your marked ballot so that it remains a secret. These people can still make the exact same statement without showing a marked ballot.

They won't figure it out until someone doxes them now that they're in the court system and harasses them over their votes. Now that would be ironic end to this.

Submission + - Democrat Operatives Caused Violence at Trump Rallies, Framed Sanders Supporters ( 16

Xenographic writes: A new video has come out detailing how Democratic operatives created violence at Trump rallies. You may remember that they then framed Sanders supporters for those protests. This video is notable because one of the operatives, Zulema Rodriguez, can be identified in videos of the Arizona protests at 17:35 in this independent video as well as at 10:30 in the first video link. Furthermore, you look at the FEC records of disbursements to her and see that she was paid by Finally, this again can be corroborated with the Wikileaks dump, specifically this email. For those too lazy to browse all the links, you can see Zulema's appearance in both videos in this image and note that it's the same person down to the tiny mole on her chest.

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