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Submission + - This is the arcade you've been waiting to build

MikeDataLink writes: The Geek Pub's most recent project might be the one you've been waiting to build. It's bartop version of the arcade cabinet built last summer. This version is small and portable, which should mean you can find room for it anywhere in your home and move it out of the way when not needed. It's based on RetroPie, so all you need is a $35 Raspberry Pi 3 to run it.

Submission + - Use Siri to control anything!

MikeDataLink writes: The Geek Pub has a new video up showing off the open-source application HomeBridge which basically allows Siri to control any device by being a "bridge" between HomeKit and those devices. Control Nest, MyQ, HomeSeer, or just about anything else!

Submission + - Site that exposed scam is being attacked

MikeDataLink writes: The Geek Pub posted an article about the woodprix scam, a scam where the scammers have stolen plans from numerous woodworking websites and magazines and are selling them on their site.

Now the scammers are attacking The Geek Pub site with spambots, and posting disinformation all over the web attempting to extort the site owner to delete the information about the scam (in exchange for deleting the derogatory posts on other sites).

Have you ever been attacked by scammers for exposing them? How did you fight back?

Comment Verizon just did the same thing! (Score 4, Interesting) 268

Verizon just recently discontinued their XBOX and Smart TV apps, giving us exactly two weeks notice. I was using this service to avoid renting cable boxes at $10/mo each. When I called to complain they said "Rent some cable boxes." Instead I used the opportunity to cut the cord. Bye Bye Verizon!

Submission + - Is your datacenter protected from Drones? (thegeekpub.com)

MikeDataLink writes: Drones are all in the news lately. But one topic not considered is the threat that drones bring to data centers. The Geek Pub brings this into perspective with a list of action items that data centers should consider after a drone flyover of Facebook's own Fort Worth Data Center which is currently under construction.

Comment My wonderful wife bought me a Phantom 3 for Xmas (Score 1) 115

And it's been raining ever since. So I've only flown it once. I'm pretty freaking excited to fly it though. And yes. I did register it with the FAA. Here's a little review I wrote comparing it to the Phantom 2 I bought and returned after only 30 days a year ago.


Comment Re:I run a site that uses ads, let me tell you TRU (Score 1) 523

LOL. What the hell are you ranting about? I don't demand anything. If you want to visit my site, great, if not great. That's your choice, not mine. I can't make you do anything, and even if I could I don't want. to.

Some answers:
1. Malware... I only use google adsense. Google's network is not full of malware. Yes some people use shady ad nets, I don't.
2. Yes, I do believe people like you want everything for free. I bet you also pirate movies, and make up some excuse about how sucky all the platforms are, so you'd just rather steal them.

Comment Re:I run a site that uses ads, let me tell you TRU (Score 1) 523

You might be right, but my experience tells a different story. I sell LOTS of plan files, every day to lots of very nice people. I also provide some limited technical support to the people who buy them. What you might not be aware of is the number of school children who watch my videos and do my projects as part of a classroom exercise. I get emails from teachers regularly who thank me for what I am doing to help them teach children. Not everyone who does my projects are skilled like me and you.

Comment Re:Er... What's wrong with this exactly? (Score 3, Informative) 300

Would you be OK with having your name and home address publicly searchable from your license plate?

So that anyone who sees your car can find out your name and where you live?

It already is. All DMV records are public data. Publicdata.com has all of them for $2 a month.

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