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Comment Re:"glass of wine has heathful benefits" (Score 1) 117

Growing up, my grandparents had a couple of acres of zinfandel.

Each year, a winery would pay to pick & keep them, and my grandmother would go pick the late ripeners about two weeks later.

She juiced them, and canned them in mason jars.

The stuff was wonderful, heavy, and pulpy. It did, however, etch the jars . . .

Today, my father tries to see it to me every year or two, but I live a few hundred miles away. (anyone want to buy a couple of acres of northern californian zinfandel? :)


Comment Re:truth and lies (Score 1) 374

You don't understand the argument you are using by yourself.

"I don't believe it" is a blanket statement, and the belief of the author is the only statement made.

"I don't believe it, because ..." is a phrase giving a reason to an argument. The "I don't believe" could be cut out with no loss of content.

In this case: The job market being good is the argument, not my belief in company behaviour. As I said, if you are in IS, are willing to relocate to Germany, especially if you're a woman, contact me because I can prove you wrong right away, I have jobs to fill.

Comment Re:Prior Art (Score 1) 97

Tivo is still around.

Well, sort of.

I switched from Directv to the hated cable company to get back to a tivo (a romio). Turns out that the interface just isn't, well, what we liked tivo for.

Rather than clicking on record in the listings, it's something like three. And for a season pass, rather than clicking record twice, it's several. Because, gosh, they've got to make buying it to watch the default first choice, don't they?

Can't screen for series premiere any more either.

Now, it's just a slightly better DVR :(


Comment truth and lies (Score 1) 374

Truth and lies are often neighbours.

True, there are less women working in Information Security.

False, it has anything to do with discrimination. In fact, the job market right now is so good that I cannot for the life of me believe any company would turn down a woman or risk making her not take the offer by paying her less. Right now I know of several customers who are dying to hire qualified IS people (if you're anywhere in central Europe and/or willing to relocate, contact me).

Neighbourhood: Several studies about the alleged "gender pay gap" already revealed that the actual causes of the gap is that, statistically speaking, women have less years of experience at the same age, more gaps in their careers and CVs, and negotiate worse. Some of that may be gender-related, but it's not the same as crying "discrimination".

Whenever I am leading a team, I personally am happy to have a good mix of men and women, it tends to give the broadest perspective and the best results. But if you have an imbalance, you should look for the underlying reasons, not just paint a buzzword over it.

Comment Re:Go ahead MPAA...convey your "damage" (Score 1) 244

Unfortunately, it is the big stars that pull the crowds, so if the movie industry hurts, they will be the last to feel the pressure. The paychecks of regular workers will be cut first, as always.

If people would stop to ideolize people whose job is basically to stand in a place and deliver a few words of pre-written dialog, and instead focus on the guys who write the script, setup up the beautiful locations, create the props and costumes, etc. etc.

But of course that's as crazy as expecting that we'd actually admire the designers and engineers instead of the CEO...

Comment oh yes! (Score 1) 1001

So true, so true.

I once failed a phone interview because I couldn't use Google to look up some helpful side info, not the answers directly, just clarifying information. I immediately thought "what a bullshit. Unless you're studying for a test, you don't have this detail in your head, you pull it up as you need it."

I look up functions and parameters all the time. Half of the time I kind of remember them, but look them up to make sure - it's faster to spend 30 seconds checking than finding a fixing a mistake later on.

I would flat out refuse to do riddles and bullshit tests today. I would ask them if they want someone who is good at memorising trivia or someone who can actually solve real-world problems and if it involved a few Google searches, what exactly is their problem with that?

When I studied, we were allowed a full formulary during math tests. The professor once said, and I agree for 100%, that unless you understand the math, the formula won't do you any good. The skill is not in memorising the formulas, it's in applying them, and knowing which one to use in which situation.

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