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Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 443

For example, if you get a speeding ticket in New Orleans, it is ALWAYS advantageous to show up to set a court date, and not pay automatically even IF you are guilty as hell.

As you say, your mileage may vary. In some jurisdictions, you're on the hook for court costs if you get to court, even if you're found in the clear. A $50 parking ticket in Chicago can also run you another $75-$100 in court costs - win-or-lose - if you decide to fight it.

Comment Re:Privacy depends on anonymity (Score 1) 157

At least I can take comfort in the fact that I have been diligent about not having my picture appear on the Web - identifying me using a FindFace-like service would probably be quite difficult.

Similar to web cookies, the aggregation of multiple sightings of you in public will construct an "identity" of you far more detailed than currently exists in the public record today. The sum total of where you live, where you shop, where you work, where (and who!!!) you visit will result in a profile fingerprint that's just as useful, simply lacking your name. It's enough.

Comment Re:"user permissions" != "full control" (Score 3, Funny) 109

Al least in any sane system, and Windows has started, a few decades late, to use sound OS design practices. So no, not "full control".

I haven't had "full control" of my Windows computer in a while. Maybe I can use this 7zip vulnerability to get something back from this beast of Windows 10.

Comment Re:Unconstitutional (Score 4, Informative) 545

Please show me where in the Constitution the federal government is given the power to address such things such as education or children walking to school. I seem to remember that if it isn't listed there, those powers ARE RESERVED BY THE STATES.

A closer reading of the Act (see pages 857-858) says that the parents can't be held criminally or civilly liable if they let their kids - with permission - get to school in an "age appropriate manner." It also says that the Act itself doesn't supersede any local laws.

So: if a state or locality has decided or later decides to specifically make a law specifically against "unattended kids going to school," that law would take precedence over this act. "States rights" are still in effect here.

Comment Re:Is there a downside to upgrading to 10? (Score 1) 665

I found my upgrade to break the existing VMWare Player 6.x.x Bridged Networking. It would just turn off the connection entirely as it couldn't find a valid NIC. NAT networking was unaffected.

A repair installation of Player fixed it, but shouldn't have been necessary. I'm not sure how other VMWare products are affected.

Comment Re:Get used to it, this is the future (Score 1) 279

It hasn't suddenly become a thing. People have been leasing cars forever.

Until this year, Illinois had the distinction of being a state which charged FULL sales tax on the purchase price of a leased car. If you dumped the car after the term, you'd get none of the difference. If you decided to KEEP the car, you'd pay sales tax (again) on the residual. Leasing was only popular with people bad at math and not willing to gamble with reselling a car later.

I remember my first cell phone and contract in the early 90's. Salesman: "the phone is free, and then service is $40/month."

Me: "What if I decide to just buy a phone?"

Salesman: "Then the service is $30/month."

Me: "So, I'm basically financing the phone into the monthly service, but like... forever?"

(awkward pause).

Me: "I think I'll buy the phone."

It was several years later that they all decided to screw the consumer twice: by charging the same monthly charge whether you bought the phone or not.

Comment Re:Another technology to be avoided - Casio F-91W (Score 2) 145

Funny enough, I bought an F-91W because of this press. I was starting to realize that most of the time I was taking my phone out of my pocket, it was to check the time. Every time I did that, I was taking myself away from what I was doing for way too long, and it was one more chance to drop an expensive phone.

So: I went looking for a cheap watch. I first hunted down the F-91W because of the terrorist association press, and the Amazon reviews are awesome. It's also a common watch sold at US military PXs, so I'm surprised that it would also be a watch that could get you picked up in Afghanistan. While looking at that one, I noticed that Casio actually makes a bunch of fairly decent looking analog watches for under $15 (MQ24-1E and MQ-24-1BLK are nice). They last about two years before the battery goes out, at which point you can replace the battery or the watch, and I had bought one of each over the past several years, before settling with the F-91W.

It's a tank. I wear it during martial arts, swimming, showering... nothing seems to phase it.

Comment BT Sync (Score 1) 107

BT Sync - Aka "Bittorrent Sync" aka "Sync" is pretty close. In that setup, your own computers act as the cloud. Android and Linux clients, etc. I primarily use it to keep photos backed up from my phone to home, but also keep folders and movies on my home computer which sync with my phone as well.

It's not a "cloud solution" in the normal sense - you can't keep files on the cloud and dynamically choose which ones to push around later, but it's CLOSE and may suit your needs.

Comment Re:Brand owners should be prohibited.. (Score 1) 108

Brand owners should be prohibited... from registering their name in the ,sucks domain

It should only be available to their critics

Otherwise..why bother?

Who would want to go to to see a pro-McDonalds ad?

Maybe vacuum cleaner manufacturers can work with this... or prostitutes.

Comment ADNA - another dumb, new acronym (Score 1) 88

Would it have been too hard to have explained "IoT" in TFS? I spent a long time trying to parse it until I hit on "Internet of Things". Really? What we used to call a bridge or router, is now a "IoT" hub or gateway (maybe both? TFS is vague). IoT is NOT widespread enough to be dropped like this.

Come on, guys. At least make TFS standalone.

Comment Re:Please assume... (Score 1) 253

Could also be the wife doesnt want any unsightly computers in the main area and the crawlspace is directly under it and drilling a hole is easy.

A friend of mine bought a replica antique AM radio off of Craigslist and gutted it, then attached a motherboard to the bottom of it and some vent holes in the back. Looks beautiful.

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