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Submission + - Diablo 3 Servers Hacked 1

Hyppy writes: Hundreds (thousands) of users have reportedly been hacked simultaneously this weekend, less than a week after Diablo 3 was released. Dozens of threads on the official Diablo 3 forums created over the past 48 hours have been censored by Blizzard customer service officials. Interestingly enough, many players have Blizzard's SecurID-styled Authenticator on their accounts, bringing into question both Blizzard's security and that of the Authenticators.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Social Networking Trojan Affecting OSX ( 1

Hyppy writes: Ars Technica is reporting that "A new trojan horse has cropped up that affects Mac OS X (and Windows as well), primarily disguised as a video flitting around social networking sites. When users click an infected link, a Java applet is launched that downloads multiple files, including an installer that runs automatically without users' knowledge. The Trojan, dubbed trojan.osx.boonana.a by security firm SecureMac, appears as a message on social networking sites such as Facebook [...] and install[s] a program that can bypass the usual password verification OS X requires for installation."
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Submission + - Apple Asks Microsoft to Stop New Ad Campaign (

Hyppy writes: Microsoft COO Kevin Turner has received multiple correspondences from Apple requesting that Microsoft cease their new ad campaign. From the article: "Turner said Apple's legal eagles tried to depict the ads as inaccurate. 'Hey, you need to stop running those ads, we lowered our prices,' Turner quoted Apple's attorneys as saying. 'They took like $100 off or something,' said Turner. 'It was the single greatest phone call in history that I've ever taken in business.'"

Submission + - Man Dies From Taser Shock By Police (

Hyppy writes: "A Louisiana man died after a police officer hit him with a Taser 9 times. Baron Pikes was Tasered six times in three minutes by a law enforcement officer. He was then shocked three more times with the 50,000-volt device. The coroner reported that it's possible Pikes was already dead when he was shocked the final two times. Now, a prosecutor must decide whether the police officer, since fired, will face charges."
The Courts

Submission + - Facebook Photos Land DUI Defendant in Jail (

Hyppy writes: "CNN is reporting that a prosecutor in Rhode Island has used a 20-year-old student's FaceBook photos to land him in jail after a DUI charge. The photos, which showed the student living it up at a party in a fake prisoner jumpsuit, were used to characterize the defendant as an "unrepentant partier who lived it up while his victim recovered in the hospital.""

Submission + - UCF Studying Health Benefits of Video Games (

Hyppy writes: "The University of Central Florida College of Medicine announced Friday that it received a $200,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to explore how interactive digital games could be designed to improve player's health behaviors and outcomes. One study to be conducted seeks to learn if role-playing games can help keep sober alcoholics from relapsing."

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