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Comment Re:Sixty Years Ago... (Score 1) 8

we launched capsules into space with brute force, and crashed them back into the ocean to get them back. Now... we do the same thing. Fantastic.

This is so much more important because instead of the usual military contractors building the capsule, an internet sensation military contractor is building the capsule, and it only took him 60 years to catch up.

Comment Re:Tool (Score 1) 133

Put him under the rubble there and then let's have a frank discussion about it. Provided he finds a way to communicate, that is.

I am a security expert. Yes, opening your wifi carries a risk. But people are fucking DYING there, open up that damn wifi, whatever "risk" you might face when opening your wifi access point is insignificant when compared to even the most minimal chance to save a life!

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