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Comment Re:Wifi everywhere yet? (Score 4, Insightful) 152

Yes they do. Very rarely will they get even close to the theoretical max rate of whatever standard is in use in your area, never mind the advertised rate. This is true for any wireless standard because use of radio is subject to congestion and interference. Sorry, but there will always be wiring closets and hardwired connections for the applications and people that need/want performance and consistency.

Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 152

and when a component breaks, I (or the local IT dept) can service it...oh wait, no, it's gotta disappear for two weeks while the display is replaced whereas a new workstation display can be delivered overnight.

noisy fans is right.. that's in addition to the components being underclocked for cooling/portability issues.. Typically, laptops are slow compared to equivalently priced desktops. If I don't need the portability, I'll take the desktop every time.

Comment Re:Games and OSes (Score 1) 120

Yes, it's great that we're seeing more games going native multiplatform with linux. That said, linux still doesn't have the title availability that windows has.. So, if you're a pc gamer, you'll need a windows install at some point. With windows serving well enough for other tasks they may want to do, most just say 'fuck it' and run windows 24/7.

DRM sucks. Steam uses it too. I don't know why people exempt steam from criticism in this area. Anyway, this is tangential to the original point.

Comment Re:Looking bad for Hillary now. (Score 1) 199

Ever watch 'Amerika' (the 1987 abc miniseries)? The backstory is a russian 'bloodless' takeover in an alternate 1997 because americans turned inward rather than stand up for their country's values. Meanwhile, the soviets established dominance in the rest of the world. This takeover was prefixed by a massive manipulation of the last presidential election. It had three candidates, two of which were russian patsies meant to divide the country over petty concerns. When the time came, they both were used to discredit the third, someone who might've been able to stop it.

There are issues with the series (pacing, direction) and obviously the political stage is completely different, but I think this main theme (of americans turning inward, allowing themselves to be factionalized into petty, misinformed castes) rings true today. The russians fooling with american politics is a dangerous proposition.

Comment What a shock (Score 4, Insightful) 50

This is why SaaS should never be used for anything but the largest of systems, and only if a private datacenter is out of the question. No one else should use it for anything important. Price models, functionality, interfaces, and APIs can and will change at a moment's notice, and the EULA will back that play every time. The business model trumps user needs. While this can happen with traditional software, at least the user has final say on if, when, and where that happens because the old version doesn't stop working (or can be cracked to do so if desperate).

Comment Re: Cannot be turned off? (Score 5, Interesting) 476

Why are you siding with Microsoft and/or the vendors for this? Sure, they have a right to sell it however they like, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be criticized for it. The one thing that the PC has over other platforms is its open endedness.. These products deserve criticism for even getting the ball rolling to change that. The last thing I'd want is for the PC market to be more like cellphones.

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