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Comment Re:But it's still Windows 10 (Score 1) 365

It is still very valid. They are in the middle of grafting the old interface onto the 'modernUI'. Why they considered the half assed completion of this as 'release ready' is beyond me. The modernUI replacements (start menu, control panels, utilities) are still inferior to the originals. The modernUI doesn't work as well for desktop (eg: start menu, multi-display management, calculator) and takes ridiculous amounts of screen real estate. The changes from xp to vista/7 were bad enough, but this is worse.

Comment Re:Slashvertisements (Score 1) 365

Name a kernel that isn't buggy. ..and yes that is precisely what Bitlocker, dmcrypt, truecrypt were meant to do. They don't protect data while the volume is mounted. They provide access. The real question is whether bitlocker (and possibly the others) is backdoored, perhaps through broken crypto or clandestine duplication of keys.

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