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Comment Re: Deep recursion (Score 1) 69

Overall, I agree, but I do disagree with a few of your statements.

1. UIs today are far less productive than they used to be. They mirror the reduced functionality of the software that implements them. The focus is on aesthetics rather than sane layouts. The 'experience' you speak of is fraught with frustration of 'feature-hunt', coupled with a passive aggressive struggle with the developers who pretend they don't understand why you wanted that feature they removed from the latest forced update.

2. Slack is not better than IRC. Slack IS IRC, with the negatives of 'mobile style' UI grafted on top of it. There's nothing about it that's really better than IRC. It's just someone's money grab. Discord is of similar ilk vs IRC/teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble.

Comment Re: Why not? (Score 2) 161

I will say that an nVidia Shield tablet with bluetooth input devices can do pretty well for internet-based game streaming, and it's a shit-ton cheaper than a born-to-die gaming laptop.

Yeah, if you like laggy controls and running into bandwidth caps with all that ugly, overcompressed mpeg video, it's just fine. Then there's the fake 'purchasing' akin to 'buying' movies on cable on-demand movies. If your customer is at work, it's likely he doesn't have the bw to run such a thing, certainly without being noticed. Even when things are optimal, game streaming is a laggy, hitchy experience. Inexpensive laptops with low grade geforce gpus give far better results.

Because of its screens, this machine is interesting if you do dev work remotely as well as game in your off hours. It offers desktop real estate and performance superior to what most employers give local devs, and when it's time to move on to the next burning village, the whole thing packs up neatly into a ~12lb package, perfect for a backpack. If this is your lifestyle, it should fit really well. Clevo-chassis desktop-component 'transportable workstation' options with multiple screens would be interesting as well, but only with beefy gpus and they'd likely be much heavier. Of course, the pricetag is an issue with both.

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