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Comment Re:Translation (Score 2) 225

By all means, if you work better in a shirt and tie, wear them. Someone who works better in shorts and T shirt should be able to wear that if he chooses (again barring safety concerns). You are making the typical mistake of projecting your mental state onto your others. Just because you need to dress the part and play-act it doesn't mean they need it too. Clothing shouldn't define the employee or the job, the skills possessed and the skills required should, respectively.

Beyond specific safety concerns (eg a plastic suit for a clean room, or steel toed boots in a factory), clothing choice is entirely irrelevant and should be left to the employee's level of comfort. The fewer distractions at work the better.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 3, Insightful) 225

It is a cultural problem. A problem you've illustrated quite well. Why does a tie imply professionalism? Why not focus on how efficient your employees are and the accomplishments of your company instead of associating it with arbitrary fashion? This applies to your customers as well. I realize you're bowing to pragmatic reality, but fashion obsession is anything but professional (unless of course you work in the fashion biz).

Comment Re:She/hers (Score 1) 300

..or how about each of us use the (correct) pronoun we want to use? 'They' is already taken. I think they knew that coming up with a whole new word is too much too soon. They'll wait a few more years and then start pushing for those new pronouns in the 'stylebook.' (they're welcome to as long as the stylebook is moved to the fiction section)

Maintaining integrity between the ideas of self and other(s) from different perspectives is a key component of language. This should not be messed with for the sake of feelings or arbitrary ideologies.

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