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Comment Re:Theory too (Score 1) 439

What changes? Change for change's sake is rarely beneficial. Which political actions? Who requires them? Who really benefits? Education that makes people learn and 'internalize' ideas? Which ideas would that be? Internalize is the key word there, isn't it? Sounds more like propaganda to me. Propagandizing is not education of any kind.

I really hope your post is just a really good trolling.

Comment Re: I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 892

It indicates no such thing. Basically, use of institutional bias to fight institutional bias is blatantly hypocritical and it reenforces boundaries instead of melting them. Conveniently, this obvious criticism is labeled politically incorrect so that it is socially unacceptable to state it publicly. It's really not hard to understand why people chafe under this 'affirmative action' bullshit.

And that indicates the person is likely white and male, because white males are still dominant in society.

This is exactly the same kind of gross generalization that you would not tolerate if the target wasn't white and/or straight and/or male. It is no different than "There is more crime in detroit because blacks and criminality correlate." which I am sure you would consider racist. Since caucasian is a race and you are using race as the delineator, you are a racist.

I have to say I do find it amusing how quickly some white people will complain of racism, like they have any idea what actual racism is like to live with. The defensiveness is telling.

mmhmm.. So we should feel sorry for the nazis because those jews just couldn't understand what they were doing to german society? I suggest you reevaluate your position and your politics.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 2) 914

Worse how? Saying more mean things on the internet? Oh no, not that.

The issue's not about the line. It's about the misrepresentation that made it look like he crossed it. Google should grow a pair. I just wish it was for a better quality user.

I rather suspect they are afraid. Here's an opportunity to redirect attention away from their own lack of integrity.

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