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Comment Quite clever - doesn't cover their competition (Score 3, Interesting) 134

This is quite clever of the established ruling elite. Their data is exempt and will not be collected or retained. But people new to politics running against them are not covered by this until they win.

So anyone feeling challenged by a new player will now have an additional valuable tool in keeping their job.

Comment Re:Rich vs richer (Score 1) 212

> And if their profitability falls below what investors demand as a return, then those companies move to China

How ? This whole discussion is about Apple products being sold in countries across the EU, and those countries getting no tax benefit.

Do you really think that Apple would stop selling in the whole of the EU ?

Comment Not an insult, but (Score 1) 523

My least favourite word in the English language is just. "Just do ...", or "It's simple, just..."

You hired me for my expertise and the quality work I deliver. I have a track record with this firm spanning several years of high-quality delivery and being right about nearly every technical and process call I've made. But feel free to walk in and denigrate all of that value by telling me to just ...

Comment Re:alternate email address (Score 1) 108

You can use + notation. Then you can deal with all the companies that accepted your address using that at one point, then changed a load of their code and no longer accept it. Or some companies where one part of their organisation will accept a + in your address, but another part of the same org won't - Microsoft was an example of this until recently.

I've found it to be more trouble than it's worth in the long run.

Comment Re:Happy, happy, joy, joy... (Score 1) 381

Remind me - how many times did Labour attempt similar controls ? Oh, yes, loads.

How long did Labour want to hold people without charge or trial ? 90 days I seem to remember...

It's just politicians - Labour, Conservatives it doesn't matter. They all want one thing - control (which leads to more power). I've never seen a politician here roll back an abhorent policy that they fought massively against when they were in opposition. Because when they're not in opposition anymore, it's too useful to them to get rid of.

Comment Re:Also take aim at... (Score 1) 779

I think it's a little worse here in the UK than I've ever seen it before. Right now, teachers are being suspended if someone they live with has anything show up on their vetting.

Live with a guy who got a DUI 5 years ago ? Get suspended. Live with a guy who had an assault charge (note - charge, not necessarily conviction) brought against him? Suspended.

The government say that they've told the schools to use their discretion, but the schools have learned through issues like the Baby P fiasco not to trust that and will simply enforce the very letter of the new guidelines.

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