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Comment Re:Bye, MagSafe (Score 1) 172

If you ask me, good riddance of this annoyance that gets disconnected every time I twitch the machine on my lap. BUT I have no less than eight magsafe 90 W power supplies installed: 5 in different rooms of my house, 1 in office and 2 in the lab at work. The moment I upgrade to the new Mac all that goes to trash, and in case of the lab will have to be duplicated (as several of my students use older Macs).

Now, it has 2 TB SDD which I want, but no word if the SDD is sold separately and is backwards-compatible with the previous models.

I kind of getting the point of my colleagues that Macs are inflexible and overpriced. I am beginning to doubt my next notebook will be Mac.

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