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Comment Trump's plan to fix H1B's. (Score 1) 491

I think we have a pretty good picture of what it will be like based on his health care proposal.

1) It will somehow involve a multi-hundred billion dollar tax cut for the top 1%.

2) It will somehow remove u.s. workers protection from being replaced by H1B workers.

And no.. I'm not joking or being sarcastic.

Comment I don't know how many tps happen in Venezuela (Score 1) 88

But I bet it's higher than ~3.5, which means this is a niche solution even if they're the only people in the world using Bitcoin. It's also stupid, but hey, a lot of things that people use to make a living are stupid.

And no matter what the ledger says, the person in physical possession of the trading card is the one who owns it, because the government isn't going to recognize Bitcoin as proof of ownership.

So really, we're talking about a barter economy because the Venezuelan bolÃvar is in the shitter, and a portion of people using a particular item as a substitute for currency tracking it (though it's not really currency since it IS the value, not a promissory note) with a blockchain.

Err... OK. Personally, I'd just keep the damn cards somewhere safe. Or, given that you're already hiding economic activity from the government by using something other than the official currency, I'd just use the USD everyone would ultimately exchange the cards for anyway. More reliable value, easier to subdivide, easier to spend if you get out of the country.

Comment Re:Nothing is changing (Score 1) 38

>$5 a month or $.99 an episode is my price. Offer that and I (along with millions of others) will pay. Otherwise i won't

I think signing up with a streaming service for pay-per-view isn't a bad idea. Prepaid or just bill at the end of the month, and anything you rent you get full access for 30 days in case you decide to watch it twice or something. And probably some kind of threshold where if you go over then additional rentals are deeply discounted. ...And multiple tiers. C'mon... Are you going to pay a buck for something for a 30 minute show from the 1940s? Are you going to be willing to pay more for something longer, newer and with a bigger budget? One price for all isn't really a great idea.

And then, for the all the rest of it, a monthly fee would get you unlimited access to the 'random file' (which hey, may as well include all that old back-catalog stuff you wouldn't pay a buck for).

The nice thing about pay-per-view is you're no longer stuck signing up to just one service because they have the most shows you want. Sign up to a few, spread the love around. It's not that expensive for them to set up an account for you!

Comment "We have a plan..." (Score 3, Insightful) 38

Cable: Take what we offer, more or less when we offer it (and we'll do our best to mess with any DVR you try to use), and pay through the nose for it. And then double or triple that to get some decent channels.

Streaming: Take what you want from our entire catalog, whenever you want, for a fraction of a cable subscription. You need an Internet connection, but we don't really care how you connect.

AMC: "Let's start a service that should replace cable television, but require subscribers to maintain their cable television subscription as well! What could possibly be stupid about that?"

Comment Re:Uber issue, not a tech issue (Score 1) 261

I've had more female bosses and supervisors than male. I've always had at least one female co-worker on my team. I think I'm up to ~20 years of IT experience now, and I started out as a contractor visiting a wide variety of sites before I started taking corporate cubical gigs.

The problems have been with socially awkward guys, not with misogyny or institutionalized sexism. And even those problems started waning in the early 2000s as employers had more and more potential employees to choose from and could get pickier.

Comment Re:also in the news ... (Score 1) 470

Good thing it takes longer to work someone to death if you're paying them a little bit. Slavery is for suckers.

The thing is....NONE of these "gig" jobs are there for you to make a living on...that's not their purpose.

They are there to allow you to make some money on the SIDE, when you have free cycles.

Not every single job out there is one meant to make a career and living from, when did this thinking come about?

Perhaps from the fact that everybody needs a job to make a living on? And that people who have a job that they make a living on, have no free cycles?

Comment Re:So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 1) 191

About bloody time. Anybody who "Vacations" in ISIS territory falls into one of three categories:
1. Liberal Christians about to become martyrs.
2. People who have become radicalized Islamic Jihadi going there to train for suicide missions.
3. Aid workers.

Examining their social media accounts will quickly sort them into one of these three groups, and allow us to stop #2 from traveling.

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