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Comment Re:A-list? What? (Score 1) 471

Think larger than that. The new stadium for the Cowboys seats something close to 80,000 not including standing areas, and I'm sure other similarly obscene stadiums will soon follow in other big football cities such as Washington DC, Philadelphia, etc. And the Dallas Cowboys had no problem filling that venue. They also didn't have any trouble selling the luxury suites either. There's a reason the NFL is a multi-billion dollar business. It's a shame the owners and players may start fucking with that with a possible lockout next season (due to the lack of a new collective bargaining agreement that has resulted in no salary cap for the 2010 season). Not that I'm going to cry because millionaire players and billionaire owners are all butt hurt over percentage points of shit-tons of money. I'm just disappointed that my favorite sport may take a hiatus if they don't come to an agreement.

Comment Multiple images... (Score 1) 976

The tickets do have multiple images. Usually at least two showing the vehicle was before the line after the light turned red, and another showing the vehicle in the intersection afterward. Sometimes there are three. Also, they will have a closeup of the license plate, and sometimes a closeup of the driver's face (depending on how the system was setup for that intersection).

Here is a sample from Texas:

Comment Re:Two important revelations ... (Score 2, Interesting) 217

Except that no one is saying they are funny because they are genetically Saudis. (Would that even have any basis in reality? Are Saudis their own "race?") Cultures have many differences between each other, and that is a beautiful thing -- and that is what is being discussed.

On the other hand, I don't know why I take the time to reply to obvious, anonymous trolls :)
The Internet

Your Online Profile Actually Tells a Lot About You 272

An anonymous reader writes "Despite all the media reports that your Facebook profile is giving the wrong impression, a psychological study shows people really can understand your personality from your online profile. Turns out you're not giving the wrong impression with your profile; you're giving the right impression to the wrong people. You can actually learn more about someone's Agreeableness from their online profile than from a first date."

Dead At 92, Business Computing Pioneer David Caminer 142

Brooklyn Bob points out this fascinating obituary of David Caminer, the first systems analyst. "The tea company he worked for developed their own hardware and software — in 1951! Quoting New Scientist: 'In today's terms it would be like hearing that Pizza Hut had developed a new generation of microprocessor, or McDonald's had invented the Internet.'"
The Almighty Buck

GoDaddy VP Caught Bidding Against Customers 222

An anonymous reader writes "A GoDaddy Vice President has been caught bidding against customers in their own domain name auctions. The employee Adam Dicker isn't just any GoDaddy employee; he's head of the GoDaddy subsidiary that controls the auctions. Dicker won some of the domains he bid for, and pushed up the bid price on auctions he didn't win. The conflict of interest is unethical, but could this practice also be illegal? Said a representative for a competitor, 'Even if controlled, that practice has bad news written all over it.' This comes hot on the heels of news that despite earlier promises to ICANN to end their 60-Day ban on transfers, GoDaddy quietly circumvented it by forcing customers to agree to the ban anyway. ICANN doesn't appear to be investigating or asking follow-up questions about this. What can be done to force ICANN to police the registrars for which it is responsible?"

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