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Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 1) 126

Jesus Christ, "voter intimidation" now? Does the hyperbole ever end?

Face it, your candidate played the buffoon. More than likely he was playing you, but if you want to keep blaming the victor for the loser's real or self-contrived inadequacies, that is your problem. Voters have more than once in the history of democracy been faced with the choice between a flawed candidate and a dangerous one, and in most cases they will pick the flawed one. On the few occasions that a dangerous one has been chosen, it hasn't gone so well.

As to Wikileaks, even you can only make it interesting by exaggeration, which should tell you why it isn't making much impact. But go on, blame the voters, blame the press, blame some evil secret cabal, but under no circumstances ever blame Republican voters for picking probably one of the worst big ticket candidates in US history.

Comment Seems like violating the 4th amendment, not the 5t (Score 5, Insightful) 127

We have very little information to go on. I'd like to read the actual warant and know the cirumstances, but based on the article it seems like a violation of the FOURTH amendment. The cops are supposed to have a warrant, based on probable cause, describing what particular things they are searching for and where, and why they think those things are in that place.

I can't imagine a probable cause to believe that everyone in the building has some specific evidence on their phone. Thus the search itself is unconstitutional under the fourth, with or without a fingerprint.

The fifth says you don't have to testify against yourself. It doesn't say you can't be fingerprinted. Thus I see no *fifth* amendment violation, though it seems like a rather onerous *fourth* amendment violation.

Comment No right/wrong, no good or bad? (Score 1) 225

> Why is it that left-leaning groups do not seem as able to get right-leaning operatives on tape, admitting pretty bad things? ...

> If we assume that folks on both sides are up to just the same sort of things, to what should we attribute the reason?

Certainly some conservatives have done, and admitted some bad things. Former Democrat turned reality show clown Donald Trump certainly has. But you may have a point. The worst thing Mitt Romney said was that 47% of voters had already decided to vote for Obama, 47% had decided to vote Romney, and he was now focused on the 6% undecided. They had to try really to make that bad.

Perhaps a difference is that a significant portion of liberals believe that there is no such thing as right and wrong, no good and bad. Many others don't go quite that far, but halfway at least. It's not wrong for them to do anything if they decide it's okay this time (aka if they feel like it). On the other hand, the majority of conservatives can point to the same list of 10 right and wrong ways to act, and most agree on which of those is most important. It's probably easy to do "pretty bad things" when you've decided it's not bad, if you decide so. If there is no right and wrong, only preference, anybody can justify to themselves all sorts of "pretty bad things". In general, conservatives have a steady, objective standard they *try* to live up to. There's little wiggle room in "thou shalt not bear false witness." You can't justify why it's subjectively okay this time.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 126

I'm sure it can serve two purposes. Putin has greatly benefited by stocking the flames of discord in the West, whether that's Brexit or other issues between EU members, or throwing spanners in the US election. It allows him to punch well over his weight. But he certainly would more likely benefit from a Trump presidency than from a Clinton one, if for no other reason than it is likely there would be four years of chaos in Washington.

But yes, this definitely gives him some propaganda to spread at home as well.

Comment Re:Fuck Off McAfee! (Score 1) 126

Except there isn't going to be a world war. Putin isn't suicidal, and isn't going to start lobbing nukes at the US or its allies.

For fucks sake, we went through this for forty years during the Cold war, and there were a few moments then where tensions did get dangerously hot, and nothing happening now even comes close. Yes, Russia is saber rattling, and NATO is back, just like the old days, but just like then, it's as much for domestic consumption as anything else, and the Russia of 2016 is a pale shadow of the Soviet Union.

Among all the anti-Clinton talking points, including that she's some sort of Mafia don who takes out hits on people, this one is probably the most moronic and hyperbolic.

Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 1) 126

Do you have some evidence Kerry is trying to shut Assange up? If Kerry had that much sway over Ecuador, then Assange would be in the custody of the US, Britain or Sweden by now.

You see, this is the problem, you can't just get away with one layer of conspiracy, you just have to keep layering one conspiracy on top of the other.

Comment Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 5, Insightful) 225

Agreed. The article tries to cast this is "for gossip". No. Kim Kardashian's emails would be gossip. An inside look at the actions of the US Secretary of State, who is running for President, is far more important than mere gossip. As is bringing to public scrutiny the process used to select the candidates. The purpose of the DNC is to put people in charge of running a superpower nation, and to strongly influence the policies of the United States. How that's done, by whom, for what reasons and what the back room deals are is all information of importance to The People.

Comment One trusted model per hundred years. Model 1911 (Score 4, Insightful) 256

> You have NO IDEA how effective

That's a problem when your life, and the lives of your family and buddies depends on 100% reliability.

By far the most popular handgun ten years ago was the model 1911. So named because it was first made in that year, 1911. 20 years later, it had been proven extremely reliable so that's what professionals and careful civilians caried for almost a hundred years. Besides handguns, almost all trusted guns, from shotguns to ship cannons, were designs from John Browning or Samuel Colt. If you aren't Browning or Colt, we're not trusting our lives to your "clever", more complicated design.

  After about 75 years of different people trying, Gaston Glock came up with a design which might rival the 1911, so after it was proven in military and police testing and proven in the field for 25 years, a lot of people switched from the 1911 to Glock. That's the switch, from a model that stood the test of time since 1911 to somethinf better only 90 years later.

Take your "you have no idea if it'll work" and do the USMC testing to it - bury it in wet sand, pull it out, and see if it fires reliably, every time. Keep that up for 25 years and maybe we'll trust our kids' lives to it. Until then, save your "maybe it'll work, maybe it won't" for video games.

Comment Re:It's time for an Android alternative (Score 1) 139

Cyanogen is all but dead friend. I know I'll get shit but you want a tablet YOU control? Get one of those Windows 10 tablets, nice thing about those is since its a desktop OS you can run something like ShutUp10 and run a nice light third party firewall to make sure nothing gets out that YOU don't approve of. You can also replace all the default apps with any programs you normally use on a desktop, replace the browser with Pale Moon or Comodo Dragon, replace the trial of office 365 with LibreOffice, etc.They have them starting at $47 on Amazon for the 7 inch models but personally I'd spend a little more and get one of the 2GB models because you can never have too much RAM.

I'm just glad I hung onto my little netbook, I can run any OS from BSD to XP on it, was easily upgraded to 8GB of RAM, thanks to the AMD APU I can use it as a 1080P HTPC and even after 5 years I still get nearly 3 and a half hours on a battery. Now I just need to get off my behind and upgrade the HDD with an SSD, its a bit of a PITA to do with one of those EEEs but I've seen vids of the performance gains you get on one when you do it so its worth the hassle.

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