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Comment Re:We have K&R on PDF (Score 1) 66

Even if you did, it strikes me that this is an absurd metric. Since a lot of C development goes on within communities; either closed source shops, or open source projects, where it's likely only a portion of the mailing list archives, if any of them at all, are archived. The majority of the BSD and Linux kernels are written in C, along with a significant percentage of the toolsets, so clearly there's one helluva lot of C coding going on. Whether search engines index that activity or not is irrelevant.

A better metric, though not perfect, would be to look at the activity in places like Git, to see how many lines of code roughly are in any given language.

Comment Re:problems, lol (Score 1, Funny) 66

All current programming languages have major problems. They are not direct extrapolation of normal language or maths or physics languages. They use sounds like or it'll do based upon the idiosyncrasies of their programmers and they are all quite logically awful beyond their own idiosyncratic internal logic.

We need a new programming language from scratch, properly extrapolated from English, maths and physics and likely a few new custom programming specific characters which should be added to keyboards (much like English, maths and physics all have specific custom characters, not all of them on keyboards, just a few of the most used, sort of). OH yeah ma QWERTY should die in the fires of hell, rather than lazy stupid adults forcing children in the most counter intuitive fashion imaginable to learn it, why force children to pointlessesly learn their QWEs instead of ABCs or change alphabetical order and be done with it, fucking hell, why, just why.

Comment Re:A effective attack and defense (Score 1) 148

You do not eliminate registration, you allow on site registration on the day of the vote. You are not meant to be so fussed about preventing people from voting more than once, so much as being able to prosecute and penalise them quite severely after the event. So if there is real concern, simply take a photo at the polling station when they check off their name. The whole idea is to get as many eligible people to vote as possible and if not enough do, make it compulsory so they learn at least one of their responsibilities as a citizen of a democratic state, don't vote and you betray your citizenship. Corrupt that democracy and you should be charged with treason and suffer the appropriate penalties.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 380

The most logical safe capture method would be a somewhat heavy foam core with a strong trailing capture line and trailing high tensile net, think of it trailing behind fixed to the foam head. When the head strikes the target, the trailing net accelerate past it flaring out based upon aerodynamic design of the trailing edges of the net. As an automated system it should be possible to pull tight the capture line, just prior to impact to promote optimum net flare. Think of it all as being an umbrella like missile with an over extending skirt. Spend big bucks and it can be terminally guided, pretty much guaranteeing a take down and capture back to the retrieval point (pretty high speed retrieval as you don't want the drone to hit the ground, except at the retrieval point). Benefit, hit a person and they'll get a fairly tough bump but no severe injuries, unless you try to retrieve the missile, that could be quite problematic depending upon which human protuberance it becomes tangle. Compressed air used to fire the thing off, perhaps even a tad more in the central spine for extra range.

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 560

So was the evidence in question destroyed or just hidden. To get this straight, the NSA, the CIA, the Secret Service, the FBI and Homeland Security were all totally and utterly blithely unaware that a key intelligence asset, the Secretary of States communications server, was in an unsecured location, exposed to the public with limited security and hooked into unsecured communication lines and receiving communications from around the world including foreign countries and their intelligence services. I find that stupendously hard to believe, in fact based upon foreign communications monitoring of incoming foreign communications, factually impossible. The US government via the NSA has a complete copy of every email sent and via the current corrupt administration is actively hiding them, because Clinton is their stooge and a guaranteed obedient one. What a bloody mess, they have managed to stick themselves in, trying to force the election of a universally hated figure to sell policies the public hates, whilst main stream which no one believes any more is trying to sell this bullshit.

All the emails will come out, plus many other communications, bit by bit to cause as much damage to the US government as possible, so most of it after the election, so the whole world can see the corruption and failure to prosecute.

Comment Re:Half true. (Score 1) 39

Facebook as with all other social media fads has a real shelf life and the company is basically a well organised inside investor scam. Basically pump up the value of Facebook shares well beyond what the revenue justifies and use those shares to buy in real money making ventures (basically buying in revenue to justify the share price to buy in more revenue, this gives the illusion of increasing revenues, until boom, the insiders sell, the company collapses and all those sources of actual revenue get sold off).

Lets be honest, Facebook has bugger all real influence beyond the easily influenced and they most do it to themselves, under direction of pay to play advertisers, well at least that is what Facebook sells. It is becoming quite 'uncool' to be on Facebook, more like being on sheepbook, rather than a human social media channel.

Comment Re:Not drones (Score 1) 24

Are they really a justifiable target? Let's see 55 pounds at 100 miles per hour add in spinning blades made of undetermined material (razor sharp metal as legal a ducted rounded edge plastic), now what can go wrong with millions of those in the air. I have to say, their assumed safe to operate level is, 'fucking insane'. Well, that a few hundred lethalities and thousands of crippling accidents waiting to happen, per year. Lobbyists hard at work screwing every else over and those jobs are not new, just B$, so kill half a dozen skilled jobs and replace with one drone operator does not equal 1 new job but five lost ones and this done with a major increase in risk to the public.

Apart from tiny light weight drones, they should be universally banned and only allowed to operate in legally sanctioned areas or on a temporary restricted and specifically licensed basis.

Comment Re:It's not a popularity contest (Score 1) 66

if I want something to run on most Linux distributions, as well as the BSDs with minor modifications, C is the obvious choice

Well, C++ could make that same claim, as well as many other languages. In fact, some are arguably much *better* at cross-platform functionality.

I think where C shines is that it's sort of a "common denominator" language. Just about every language (C++ included) can make use of a C library, or with minimal effort can create hooks into it, like with C#, Objective-C, Lua, or dozens of other languages that rely on low-level code for lots of their functionality. It's also a reasonably simple language, rather easy to wrap your head around (if written well), and is straightforward to learn, with power enough to get close to the metal when needed. So, if you write some code in C, just about anyone else can use it, even if they have to write a bit of "glue" first.

That makes it a hell of a pragmatic choice for many projects, even considering C's more problematic aspects.

Comment Re:Next up O'Google (Score 2, Informative) 88

Appeal or not, the writing is on the wall, Ireland and it's theft of revenue from other countries, crippling their social services is over and Ireland will be fucked and forced to ensure all companies pay equal fucking taxes. No fucking special deal to steal other countries revenues, there should be far greater penalties applied to Ireland for this blatant scam and the economic attack on other countries.

All taxes should be paid where the revenue is generated, and not one cent of tax revenue should be allowed to be stolen by other countries. The Irish government are scum for doing this and should be made to economically suffer.

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 453

Factually just the attempt to borrow something without permission is prosecutable. Keep in mind this is content and not real product, just content for endless consumption even less worth in reality than junk food. There seems to be this whole corporate issue of we can bullshit people in advertisements in order to sell crap product and tough luck for the suckers. Just one misstatement or exaggeration should be enough to allow for no loss return and that means the consumer should get back the full cost of that purchase.

So factually speaking those players who spent 50 hours trying to like the game, when the game does not no way live up to the marketing are legally entitled to reclaim that 50 hours as a labour cost which the publishers have stolen.

Comment Re:As a former journalist, this isn't a big deal (Score 1) 134

Well, er yes, all actors are paid professional liars, like duh and the best and most super average (it is not exceptional looking at all, science has proven that, just more average looking than most) looking liars get paid the best. Just because a bunch of liars scammed a whole bunch of money into their enterprise and created a hole religion of celebrity worship around it, does not change what it is. The people best at falsely representing their emotions when telling untruths. Oh my god or is that your god, you don't worship them do you?!?

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