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Comment HP has really come a long way... (Score 1) 186

... from a once great high-tech manufacturer whose products were expensive, but worth it, to an embarrasing ink seller with the behaviour of a shady used-cars dealer. Those days when I was happily using HP calculators and an HP workstation and a DeskJet 500 printer that could print thousands of pages on refills from a 1l bottle of Pelikan ink... now they seem as far behind as Egypt building the pyramids. Buying HP? I'd rather burn my money to make ink from the ashes myself.

Comment Re:"Smart" means "treacherous" (Score 1) 211

"of good benefit to their end user" ... are you trying to make a joke, are you a paid lobbyist, or just incredibly naive? You probably never worked for any company of significant size that offers "web services" or "IoT" of any kind. Because if you had, you'd know that the first three topics on the goal priority lists of such companies are (1) make a profit, (2) make more profit and (3) maximize profit. A topic "good benefit to their end user" either doesn't exist on that list, or might be somewhere like prioritiy (387), right behind (386) "give Sanjay and his friends at our overseas data mining contractor an opportunity for having a good laugh at US masturbation habits".

Comment Re:Smartphones (Score 1) 202

If you're actually concerned about your 6 year old watching pornography on a phone, then that phone going off in flames is probably just what you need to scare your child away from porn by telling him it was the flames of hell, to where all sinners go, which were scorching the phone. And if you're less of a zealot, you can still tell him them chicks were just too hot for the phone to handle.

Comment Re:No 4K UHDBlu-Ray player? (Score 1) 82

This is really a bizarre move from Sony. I was already surprised they didn't manage to market a stand-alone UHD Blue-Ray player by now (while 4 other companies did), and now, despite the fact that Sony also sells movies, while Micro$oft doesn't, they save a very few bucks on the hardware of their new "premium" console product by putting a non-UHD-capable BluRay drive into it? And despite the fact that the PlayStation 3 back then got a real boost from being an early, affordable BluRay player? I really don't understand that strategy... but Micro$oft will certainly celebrate this evening.

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