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Comment Re:How much CO2? (Score 1) 151

It's not that much. The US military (and presumably others) has been experimenting with artificially creating cloud cover for decades. Conspiracy theories aside, there are a couple of relevant patents. One of them basically involves special afterburners, and the other one involves spraying metallics (just like the conspiracy theorists said, whee!)

Whether we should be doing this or not doesn't really have any bearing on whether we should be doing the other things, though. We could do both.

Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 1) 151

On top of that, it's a stupid fucking argument to be making. Carbon emissions are not evenly distributed. A handful of the worlds rich assholes (read: us) are doing the vast majority of the climate change (See figure 1).

India and China are trying as hard as they can to come up to our levels of carbon release. This is a problem that has to be solved at a deeper level. It has to simply be cheaper not to pollute. Therefore this is where the bulk of the research should be going.

Comment Re:Systemd! (Score 1) 183

The problem here is that the systemd-people are trying an MS-like strategy to make it impossible to swap it out: They try to replace everything else they can get their hands on and they try to sabotage whatever else they can so it does not run without systemd anymore. If these were decent people and they were just providing an alternate init-system, I would have absolutely not problem with this and just ignore it. But this embrace-extend-extinguish approach is utterly evil and marks this as a hostile takeover that will benefit nobody. There are not even any good technical reasons for this. I can only guess that they want their stuff to be the one true "does everything" because of pure ego.

Comment Re:Why am I denied choice ? (Score 2) 183

"If it is not broken, do not fix it." That and KISS is something the systemd-team is too stupid, too inexperienced and too arrogant to understand. Or they are just riding over it because they believe they are god's gift to Linux. They are not. They are a force of destruction, exactly because they fight choice, compatibility, simplicity and reliability. Sure, in some situations their approach may make sense, but that means systemd should be a specialized init-system (and nothing else) for specific situations. If anything, the systemd strategy reminds me strongly of all the ways Microsoft is now trying to push Win10.

Comment Re:Debian has more "init freedom" (Score 2) 183

The problem is that you cannot fully get rid of systemd in Debian. At the moment, this is not so much an issue, but given the history of aggressively destroying and replacing anything they can get their hands on, it is a good guess that the systemd-mob is not done yet and that they will attempt more sabotage of infrastructure that used to work fine.

Comment Excellent (Score 2) 183

While I have used current Debian mostly decontaminated from Poettering-infestation up to now (the broken startup process is easy to remove, but some cruft is still around), I think I will move completely over to this. Why people fall for "new = better" even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is beyond me.

Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 1, Insightful) 151

And that is spot on. With, say, 500 million people on this dirtball, there would not be any global climate problems. Yet the world population continues to grow. My guess is this will continue until conditions are so bad that fertility drops extremely. Of course, life will not be pleasant an any way anymore when that point is reached.

Comment Serious stupidity (Score 2) 151

I mean the human race cannot even control its carbon emission, despite having known about the problem for more than 30 years now and despite alternatives being known. Get that sorted and then maybe we can talk about large-scale geo-engineering. As a technological civilization, this one is still in its infancy and geo-engineering that matters is well beyond reach.

Comment Re:It would be... (Score 1) 200

I'm not sure it would help against your pretty sever case of confirmation bias. In my commute there is a great percentage of cars doing stupid shit that endanger other people, and there are seldom any cyclists doing that.

About fifty percent of the cyclists I see on the road are doing something spectacularly stupid. These things range from riding the wrong direction to completely ignoring signals and signs. Perhaps this has to do with where I am driving, which is primarily around Napa, Lake, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. I am very cautious around cyclists, because it doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong, I don't want to kill some schmuck with no appreciation for the laws of physics.

Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 1) 183

AMD driver support is and always has been a PITA. This continues to be true, although many people say that it is becoming less true. Meanwhile, nVidia Linux driver support is more of a PITA than it was back in the olden days, so there's really nothing to be happy about unless you're an intel fan.

Comment Re: The problem is depth perception (Score 1) 48

You can get a depth from a single camera if the object or scene is suitably lit.

People do it with IR. But it's pretty crap, and it can be fooled by some surfaces and materials. And when you talk about what people are actually looking at doing in cars for full autonomy, it's combining normal visual cameras with lidar and radar.

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