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Comment Wifi replace fixed cabled systems no way! (Score 1) 8

Wifi replace fixed cabled systems no way!

Why tie up limited air space when you have fixed systems that need power anyways and with POE your security cameras just need 1 cable and it makes it harder to jam them.

and 8 GIB max is that per AP when 1 device is getting all of the bandwidth? Will the AP have 10 GB-E ports? USB 3.1 wifi sticks? PCI-E X4 wifi cards? SFP ports?

or what about just wiring systems gig-e to an switch that can have GB-E 10 or even fiber up links.

Comment Re:It's not the FWD that are the real problem (Score 5, Insightful) 98

That's one of the issues with CR's reporting. 100 people with problems with a cupholder would rate as "poor" while 2 with a blown engine would rate as "good", when the sum of cost of 100 cupholders is less than two engines, so the upkeep cost of the "reliable" car is higher than the "unreliable" car.

Comment Re:Goodbye Discounted Internet Access (Score 1) 105

In most acquisitions of this type, if approved, AT&T would have to sell in areas where they'd be the only choice. So you'd remain with two choices. Likely AT&T and Comcast (as the phone company would tend to keep the phone system, and that'd mean they'd have to sell the cable, and Comcast is the biggest in that area now, and would likely profit from the merger in the short term).

Comment Re:Fickle as the wind (Score 1) 105

Not by Bush, but by the CIA. When the CIA asserts that Saddam Hussein is buying Yellow Cake, do you really want Congress ignoring that when passing laws?

And funny how conservatives insist we worship the presidency when a Republican is in office, and the opposite when the office is held by a Democrat.

Comment Re:Really... (Score 1) 105

TW also gave to Republicans and Trump. Most organizations double-donate, to hedge their bets. The donations are less an indication of who they want to see, and more an indication of who they think will win, as the more they give, the more influence they expect. It's simple bribery. Except without a result pre-planned. So like a bribery retainer. And perfectly legal. If you don't like it, get the Republican Congress to end it. Oh, wait. They are explicitly for the bribery, and when the Democratic Party tried to end it, the Republicans blocked that. Couldn't end the bribery, and actively working to promote and extend it. Though, maybe the Democratic Party proposed it as a publicity stunt, knowing the Republicans would block anything proposed, and the Dems wouldn't have supported their own thing, if it went to a final vote, but we'll never know, because the Republicans voted to extend bribery.

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