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AT&T Brings Fiber To Rich Areas While the Rest Are Stuck On DSL, Study Finds ( 70

According to a new study from UC Berkeley's Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, AT&T has been focused on deploying fiber-to-the-home in the higher-income neighborhoods of California, giving wealthy people access to gigabit internet while others are stuck with DSL internet that doesn't even meet state and federal broadband standards. Ars Technica reports: California households with access to AT&T's fiber service have a median income of $94,208, according to "AT&T's Digital Divide in California," in which the Haas Institute analyzed Federal Communications Commission data from June 2016. The study was funded by the Communications Workers of America, an AT&T workers' union that's been involved in contentious negotiations with the company. By contrast, the median household income is $53,186 in California neighborhoods where AT&T provides only DSL, with download speeds typically ranging from 768kbps to 6Mbps. At the low end, that's less than 1 percent of the gigabit speeds offered by AT&T's fiber service. The median income in areas with U-verse VDSL, which ranges from 12Mbps to 75Mbps, is $67,021. In 4.1 million California households, representing 42.8 percent of AT&T's California service area, AT&T's fastest speeds fell short of the federal broadband definition of 25Mbps downloads and 3Mbps uploads, the report said.

Comment Re:I have a dream (Score 1) 440

Well, as listed on that page, it's 4k. Come on, man, I know you can read :)

As for battery life, continuous integration. Tests run nearly constantly; every time I save a file, the functional test suite runs. Whenever I upload a file to one of several VMs (one for each type of server in the application cluster), another test suite runs that interacts with the site hosted on that cluster of VMs to verify that critical use-cases function correctly.

The 2014 rMBP did a fine enough job keeping up, provided I didn't mind the system bogging down as the test suites ran, or artificially limiting how fast they'd run in order to avoid that (hey, we all like taking more breaks, right?) but, really, it got annoying after a time. Running that load, the rMBP could manage a couple hours of battery life, tops; seems about on par with the PC, but the PC doesn't bog down under the load. I wouldn't really say it eats batteries, considering it slightly edges out the rMBP under similar loads.

Comment Re:But Apple get its 30% cut still. (Score 1) 64

Really? My pro device has 0 hours of battery life. It's a desktop workstation and no laptop on the market can touch it in actual productivity.

Where are these supposed "professionals" working that they're away from power for hours on end? I don't know very many professionals who work poolside for hours on end; but, then I also never said that gaming machine was used professionally... I also didn't tell you it gets 5 hours under moderate load (and much longer under typical use), but it does.

Normally, I don't reply to ignorant AC comments, but you're just that special.

Comment Re:But Apple get its 30% cut still. (Score 1) 64

Kaby Lake CPUs didn't come out at all until October 2016 and, when they did, all of the quad-core SKUs supported 64GB of RAM. That's irrelevant, though, as the Kaby Lake CPUs aren't what's in the 2016 MBP. The two prior generations (at least) supported 32GB. That includes the i5-6360U in the lowest-end 2016 MacBook Pro.

So, what's the excuse, again?

Comment eSports leagues demand local lan only / no net wor (Score 1) 240

eSports leagues demand local lan only / maybe even no internet needed. What about if some must be online DRM trips up in the middle of an match??

late night an forced IPS update takes you off line for a few min?

Network outage??

Will an leagues shell out $1000+ mo per site for an fiber link with an SLA and an 2-3 year contract?

Comment Re:But Apple get its 30% cut still. (Score 1) 64

No QUAD CORE, KABY LAKE's (or later) that supported more than 32 GB, sorry. That's what Apple was counting on.

Apple didn't need chips that supported more than 32GB in order to build a laptop with 32GB of RAM. Dafuq you talkin 'bout? And, even when they start using those CPUs with support for 64GB of RAM, you know they're only going to give us half of that.

Wait... Right, Apple does "need" a CPU that can handle 64GB of RAM before they'll sell a system with 32GB, because Apple artificially limits the quantities or RAM they'll sell in their systems to half of what the CPU can actually support.

Wasn't a big deal before they started soldering the shit to the gahdamn board.

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