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Comment Wifi replace fixed cabled systems no way! (Score 2) 13

Wifi replace fixed cabled systems no way!

Why tie up limited air space when you have fixed systems that need power anyways and with POE your security cameras just need 1 cable and it makes it harder to jam them.

and 8 GIB max is that per AP when 1 device is getting all of the bandwidth? Will the AP have 10 GB-E ports? USB 3.1 wifi sticks? PCI-E X4 wifi cards? SFP ports?

or what about just wiring systems gig-e to an switch that can have GB-E 10 or even fiber up links.

Comment needs a real server hardware and software (Score 1) 509

mac needs a real server hardware and software. Useing a mini was ok but now the mini sucks and the mac pro is a very poor fit for the roll and costs way more then lower end basic server if just for local files / wsus like.

Does mac os have something like





Comment Just think if apple had better hardware how dead (Score 3, Insightful) 509

Just think if apple had better hardware how dead windows can be.

But right now they have 3-4 year old hardware at new hardware pricing.

No real workstation
No power desktop
No gaming desktop

Well the new mac pro kind of fits the listed rolls but in a poor way with lot's of ext stuff needed to make it full.

No real servers or even a good mini server.

No tough book laptop

No all in desktop with easy to swap hdd's and ram.

No laptop with more then a few ports

No gaming laptop

No Mobile workstation laptop with workstation video and or high end cpus.

No dual cpu workstation.

No os rollback on new hardware.

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