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Comment google was / is better then apple for the apps (Score 1) 21

google was / is better then apple for the apps.

With google no password or payment info is needed for free apps.

With apple it's been hard to impossible to get an apple id with out some kind of payment info. Not to long ago to get an id to install the latest mac os (updating an older mac for someone) It forced me to add a cc to install the free update I was able to remove the cc after that.

also with apple some times / in the past it needs the password to install free apps on the ios and there is not a way to have a buy pin that is just needed for buy stuff.

Also there used to be the default 15 min free for all that did not need a password to buy. So install app and then for the next 15 get tricked into paying real cash for in game stuff.

Comment Mac os for pc's is needed (Score 1) 528

Apple hardware is very slow to be updated and they don't do specs bumps / price cuts. Also there push to be thin goes to far. Yes it's nice for laptops but not for all systems even more so for desktops. also the cutting of ports only to force people to buy $20-$30 adapters mainly to be thin is something that is just not done on pc systems.

They used to have an server mini with quad core cpu's and dual hdd's gone. Replaced with 1 hdd max with slower dual core cpus.

The mac pro replacement missed the mark and lot's of people just up gradating the older ones with new video cards / pci-e sdd's and better CPU's.

The TB bus is a good idea but pci-e X4 max - overhead and video data is limiting.

The new mac pro even with a new cpu does not have the pci-e lanes to drive TB 3.0 with out changes.

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