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Comment Yet's see dealer only sevice and forced ecu swaps (Score 1) 37

Yet's see dealer only sevice and forced ecu swaps. Say your can't run car os 2018 so for only $500 + labor we can upgrade it to a new one and wave the $150 software update fee or you can get a good deal on a NEW CAR. If you say no your car may enter limb mode and will be locked out of some auto drive roads.

Comment Fcc rules on cable card's and owned HSI hardware (Score 2) 41

Can you take that prepaid box and use it on your post paid account? to get out of paying that $2.99-$10 /mo fee?

What you get per prepaid and later move to post paid do now have this box for free + the main box as part of the base rate?

What if you want want a cable card? Under the law they must give you one and refund the cost of there hardware.

What if you want to add something like HBO? under the law they must let you add stuff like HBO to any base plan. Even if just to get a lower HBO promo price then HBO standalone.

There site says you own the box but they may not let move that owned box to an other plan

The cable card law says
Pay only for equipment you have. Your operator must give you a discount on any packages that include the price of a set-top box if you choose to use your own CableCARD-enabled device. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(5).

Use your own set-top box without extra charge. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(5)(C). Your cable operator may charge you to lease a CableCARD or tuning adapter, but may not charge you an additional service fee for using your own digital-cable-ready television or set-top box.

Receive all "linear" channels (channels other than "on-demand") in your subscription package. This includes premium channels and specialty channels. For some channels delivered using a technique called "switched digital video," you may need a second device called a "tuning adapter." This device is typically provided at no additional charge to CableCARD customers. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(4). CableCARD-ready devices currently cannot receive your cable operator's Video on Demand services.
There line of BS makes there rant about how people own there own boxes is bad after seeing the FCC ideas that would allow customers to buy the cable boxes rather than leasing them from cable co. Seem like there are playing it both ways to rip people off. May at least the can get them to list the fee as outlet $9.50 box rent $0.50

What about per paid internet why are forced to buy there hardware for the internet plan and can't use hardware that you own now?

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