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Comment Defeat U.S. imperialism!!!! (Score -1, Offtopic) 135

Hillary Clinton and her Democratic party are the preferred administrators of Wall Street's bloody rule over the world. That is the source of all the Russia-bashing demagogy against the all-purpose racist clown Trump. But all bourgeois parties will shed oceans of blood to save the investments of their class. Green, Libertarian, Demopcratic, Republican: vote for them and you will get their system of endless war and horiffic racism, and grinding exploitation of the workers.

The only way to prevent a nuclear holocaust set off by U.S. imperialism is for the workers to take power! For a soviet America!

Comment Everyone is anti-war! (Score -1) 66

The Pentagon generals are anti-war. All of U.S. imperialism's wars are fought for peace, democracy, human rights, etc. Didn't you know that? As a capitalist politician, albeit a loser capitalist politician for whom the capitalists have no use, Jill Stein would continue this fine tradition

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