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Comment Everyone is anti-war! (Score -1) 66

The Pentagon generals are anti-war. All of U.S. imperialism's wars are fought for peace, democracy, human rights, etc. Didn't you know that? As a capitalist politician, albeit a loser capitalist politician for whom the capitalists have no use, Jill Stein would continue this fine tradition

Comment America needs WAR! (Score -1) 49

Profits aren't up enough!

Capital needs an outlet!

Too much capital needs to be destroyed! Oil the gears with blood!

Remember! America's wars are for democracy and human rights!

If you want war, vote for any capitalist party! Green, Libertarian, Republican or Democrat! All will do the bidding of their capitalist masters!

Remember, our enemies are WORSE THAN HITLER and they violate HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!!!!!! And they are CHINAMEN!!!!

Comment America needs war! (Score -1, Insightful) 97



International Community!



Human rights!

U.S. imperialism needs war!

How do you spell CIA? NGO!




Barrel Bomb!

Terror! Terror! Terror! Terror! Alert! Nation! Spies! Chinamen! Terror! Terror! Terror! Terror!



Let's get ready for WAR!!!!!!!!

Comment Hetre's the problem (Score -1) 20

There are not enough toads blowing small trumpets in the UK.

Toad buuglers are what makes America great. as president, LAURA will make toad bugling mandatory in our nation's schools, prisons, strip malls, and in the mildewy corners where old people die. America will be great again, with toads blowing tiny trumpets.

Comment Lying imperialist propaganda alert!!!!!! (Score -1) 45

The rest of the world has moved on

Lies! U.S. imperialism is still deadly serious about finishing its genocidal war against the Korean revolution!

DPRK needs nukes to defend itself against bloodthirsty U.S. imperialist madmen and their Chaebol statelet attack dogs!!!!!

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