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Comment Is it really that hard to prevent? (Score 1) 102

This shit pisses me off to no end.

We're running goddam stupid computers and it's our own goddam fault.

Look: How about some predictive algorithms that do practice runs? How hard can that be?

Here's how it should have been done back when Moby Dick was a minnow:

The computer would actually do what I've been trained NOT to do, but do anyway.

When I click on an attachment, the computer examines the future consequences in a "play like," simulation and says to itself, "this mofo set of instructions encrypts files from "out there," and not from the keyboard."


So, in all cases, get the fucking computer to do, "look ahead," and ask permission to initiate the self-destruction sequence.

Those consequences should be presented in plain language.

Lookit: My mom, way back, got a computer with a modem on dialup.

She called me up, all frustrated because the damn thing quit working and I determined that, in a manner reminiscent of the "drunk walk," had unintentionally uninstalled the goddam modem driver.

Why the hell didn't the computer say, "Ma'am, if you keep doing this shit, we will never be able to connect to the Internet and that's just about all this crappy-ass machine is good for and stuff. You obviously don't want to do this, so, get some help, OK?"

Comment Re:Other motivations (Score 1) 164

The mining will take a familiar pattern as resources become scarce and the artificial value of the precious stone rises. Capitalists will exploit human labourers running slave computers and we will all be using the term, "blood coins."

Then as global economies switch to organic foods and free range farm animals along with organic produce, BTC will be labeled, "conflict free coins."

Those who know history are bound to predict it.

Comment Re:Confidential informants (Score 1) 393

Fucking idiot. Did you even look at the shit?

It's a list of businesses.

887582 BURKHART DENTAL SUPPLY CO 10 453000 7/23/2010 BURKHART DENTAL SUPPLY CO 2502 S 78TH ST TACOMA WA 98409 8409 2502 S 78TH ST TACOMA WA 98409 8409 2532124865 8669470713 2532124865 KUDBYE@BURKHARTDENTAL.COM BURKHART DENTAL SUPPLY CO OWNER 2532124865 0 2502 S 78TH ST TACOMA WA 98409 0 LORI ISBELL PRES 2532124865 0 2502 S 78TH ST TACOMA WA 98409 8409 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 7/27/2010 12:00:00AM J:\Reports\Sheriff Data.rpt

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