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Comment Yes we are ... (Score 2) 298

... always blaming Russia.

"Honey, I took the garbage out like you said, but the fucking Russians put it back!"

We can't comfortably blame China, because we need them.

Anyone will buy into the narrative that "Russia did it."

We knew it was bullshit when the US said, "It's Russia, but we don't know if it's state actors or an individual or individuals."

Any of us can "be" Russia at any time.


In any case, the elephant in the room is, "Why can't the US protect the data it owns?"

This Russia narrative directs criticism away from the real problem.

And ...

The DNC leak was an inside job.

They only got EMAIL!

Anyone who could have gotten to the other stuff: donor lists, employee personal data, SSN, ground strategy, candid political assessments, etc., would have done so.

Russians my ass.

Comment Re:Inaccurate Info (Score 1) 53

This happened to my wife the other day. She uses a leather wallet case. I suspect she unintentionally launched Siri.

Right here at my desk, I said, "Hey Siri ... call Sarah."

The 5s is at the lock screen and said, "OK, calling Sarah."

My wife answered her phone.

I often wake Siri up during casual conversation.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 455

Agreed, but it's much worse than that.

Starting with entry-level education, students learn useless shit and if the right wing Evangelical Christians get their way, we'll be teaching Creationism instead of Evolution; anti-climate change, bigotry and misogyny and nationalism.

It's a lost cause for America, anyway.

We lost the middle class a long time ago and we're not going to get it back.

Globalism is out of favour in the future, so we can't even feed into other country's middle class.

Rome burned and people still live there.

The USA is on the same track.

Re: Brexit

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