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Submission + - Iceland seeking "supercritical steam" for power source.

FatdogHaiku writes: Already getting over 25% of its electrical power from geothermal sources, Iceland hopes to break new ground using "supercritical steam" from a 5 km deep borehole. Is it just me, or does this sound like the start of a movie where everything that can go wrong does in fact go wrong? It's not like they are new to the tech, but working with geologic sources at 450C to ~600C is a new ball game for anyone. It should be noted that Iceland also uses direct geothermal for most of its space heating.

Submission + - Hacked India Microsoft site stored user data as plain text (

FatdogHaiku writes: "Microsoft Store India site has been compromised by EvilShadow, a Chinese group yesterday. The hackers defaced the site and linked their blog along with email id.

Microsoft took this situation very seriously and put the site down for now, the hackers placed a picture of the Guy Fawkes mask that is often used by Anonymous hacker group who are known for their high profile hacking activities.

Many sources claim that hackers had access to the database and a list of usernames and passwords have been released. But the shame is that Microsoft saved user accounts password in plain text format.

Today Microsoft has sent email to users, requesting to change their passwords immediately."


Submission + - Service Pack or Die (

FatdogHaiku writes: Well, it's time to belly up to the service pack bar or kiss your security updates goodbye. Microsoft is telling visitors that support for Windows Vista without any service packs will end on April 13, 2010. Support for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) will end on July 13, 2010. I find it interesting that this message was delivered to a Win 7 box making an XP command line reference inquiry.

Submission + - New, Improved BSOD (

FatdogHaiku writes: Software firm Prevx says that millions of Windows users may be affected by a "Black Screen of Death" issue that may have multiple causes. A spokesperson for Microsoft has stated that this did "not match any known issues". Same old song with a new color scheme? PCWorld has more details of the scope and nature of the problem.

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