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Comment Leap Seconds (Score 2) 179

A smeared second is stupid IMHO. People have had since 1973 to put leap seconds into their software. However, this is how NTP does it, so many computer clocks will have a smeared second even if they don't use Google.

UTC with leap seconds was set up to support celestial navigation. You can still take out your sextant and determine your position to a km or so using standard clock time. There is still a feeling that that is a useful attribute.

My personal feeling is that the Internet should just adopt TAI, but I have never gotten anywhere with that proposal.

Instead, this will go on until some plane crashes or rocket explodes or there is a massive exploit* due to a leap second being incorrectly handled, and then this will be fixed.

* There are some security protocols that make implicit assumptions about the time being roughly coordinated. On leap second day, those assumptions may be false,

Comment Re:Doubleplusgood! (Score 1) 394

have it immediately challenged in court,

Have it immediately challenged in court in two different jurisdictions, each under a different Court of Appeals, you mean?

And then get different results in the two Appeals Courts....

Sorry, the Donald isn't going to get Flag Burning criminalized. Not without eight years in office, plus a sea-change in the composition of ALL the Appellate Courts. Which will take longer than eight years, unless someone starts assassinating Appellate Court judges....

Comment Re:Unsurprised (Score 1) 403

Fascinating that you're in education...

instead are continuing to listen to people who do not know anything to tell the rest of us how enlightened they are.

Remove that word, and it's grammatical.

The only people who complain about such a system are the once more concerned about other people's kdis than they are about educating their own.

Ones. Not "once"...

Comment Re:Statistical anomaly? (Score 1) 105

On the other hand, the results of the previous studies they're comparing this new one to had the same issues.

So what's changed significantly in the past 16 years? Or, more likely, the couple of decades before the last 16 years?

Other than no leaded gas, lower pollution levels overall, warmer climate, I mean....

Comment Re:Shit happens (Score 3, Insightful) 236

Google doesn't even HAVE support in any meaningful way. If something gets fucked up with any of the usual google services (gmail, calendar, etc) you're screwed and that's all there is to it. Short of having a friend who works for google or being a big enough public figure to shitstir there's no way to contact a human and no way to resolve the problem.

Comment Re:Is this Soviet Russia? (Score 1) 171

(* Actually, I don't understand how "as new" can be legal as a description -- much of the benefit of buying new is the warrantee period and related support.)

Some people don't care much about warranties, but would really like to be a "used" item that's going to work reasonably well. "as new" implies it'll work, but that the warranty doesn't apply.

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