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Submission + - GitHub takes down parody 'C Plus Equality' programming language 1

FooAtWFU writes: Some clowns and jokers over at 4chan thought it would be a funny idea to put together a web page for a programming language named "C Plus Equality" as a parody of feminism, dismissing OOP as "objectifying" and inheritance as "a tool of the patriarchy". But this parody was apparently too hot to host at Github, which took down the original Github repository after receiving criticism on Twitter, prompting a backlash and inquiry into the role of free speech and censorship on Github's platform. The project has since found a new home on BitBucket, at least for the time being.

Comment Re:So are there any free markets? (Score 1) 232

It should be noted that anti-dumping laws are abused to an insane extent. Organizations in the U.S. which benefit from them obviously hold much greater political power than their Chinese rivals, and are able to manipulate the system to shut down competition. Simply producing for less than the U.S. cost of manufacture has been successfully used as an argument to put "anti-dumping" regulations in place.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 585

Firefox suffers from horrible memory leaks that the devs either don't care about or lie about fixing in every single version for the last...3 years? Its javascript engine is slow as hell. Start-up is slow. Updating breaks addons. Firefox is worse at following standards than Chrome! My development process at the moment is to code for Chrome because it renders stuff correctly, then hack the code so that non-compliant browsers like Firefox and IE will also display right.

Comment Re:microsoft research rocks (Score 0) 259

You are an insane person. I know your mind fights against this concept, but it is the truth. You are insane, and you should seek medical help as quickly as you can.

Microsoft hardware is amazingly bad. They make no mechanical keyboards, so that immediately puts them out of the top ~20 or so keyboard makers. As for the mice...they're more of a practical joke than actual pointing devices.

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