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Submission + - Astronomers say there could be at least 2 mystery planets in our Solar System (

schwit1 writes: A team of astronomers has performed new calculations on the data that originally gave rise to the Planet Nine hypothesis, and these new numbers suggest that the hypothetical extra planet might not be alone – there could be multiple planets hiding at the edge of our Solar System that we've yet to discover. If the researchers are correct – which nobody knows for sure right now – it could really mean a do-over for the high school textbooks.

The scientists estimate that Planet Nine is 10 times more massive than Earth, and think it performs an extremely elongated orbit of the Sun, that takes between 10,000 and 20,000 years to complete.

The Caltech researchers based their hypothesis for the existence of Planet Nine on the unusual movement of six large objects floating in the Kuiper belt, suggesting that their orbits are being shaped by a hidden planet.

Submission + - Finnish scientist provides another explanation for the 'impossible' EM drive (

MarkWhittington writes: Ever since the EM drive entered the news about a year or so ago, it has sparked considerable controversy. The device is alleged to work by using microwaves that produce, in some fashion as yet unknown to science, thrust. Many scientists suggest that the EM drive is impossible as it violates known physics. However, a number of tests conducted in Great Britain, Germany, China, and at NASA’s Eagleworks at the Johnson Spaceflight Center have resulted in thrust that cannot, as yet, be explained by experimental error. The International Business Times reported that a Finnish scientist has published an article in a peer-reviewed science journal with a possible explanation as to how the drive works.

Submission + - Second Gravitational Wave Detected From Ancient Black Hole Collision (

An anonymous reader writes: Physicists have detected ripples in the fabric of spacetime that were set in motion by the collision of two black holes far across the universe more than a billion years ago. The event marks only the second time that scientists have spotted gravitational waves, the tenuous stretching and squeezing of spacetime predicted by Einstein more a century ago. The faint signal received by the twin instruments of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) in the US revealed two black holes circling one another 27 times before finally smashing together at half the speed of light. The cataclysmic event saw the black holes, one eight times more massive than the sun, the other 14 times more massive, merge into one about 21 times heavier than the sun. In the process, energy equivalent to the mass of the sun radiated into space as gravitational waves. Writing in the journal Physical Review Letters on Wednesday, the LIGO team describes how a second rush of gravitational waves showed up in their instrument a few months after the first, at 3.38am UK time on Boxing Day morning 2015. An automatic search detected the signals and emailed the LIGO scientists within minutes to alert them. The latest signals arrived at the Livingston detector 1.1milliseconds before they hit the Hanford detector, allowing scientists on the team to roughly work out the position of the collision in the sky.

Safari 10 In macOS Sierra Deactivates Flash, Silverlight and Other Plug-Ins by Default ( 114

Apple's web browser Safari 10, which will ship with macOS Sierra, will disable Flash, Java, Silverlight, QuickTime and other plug-ins by default. The move will help the company improve the overall web browsing experience by focusing on HTML5 content. From a post on WebKit blog, authored by Apple's Safari team: When a website directly embeds a visible plug-in object, Safari instead presents a placeholder element with a "Click to use" button. When that's clicked, Safari offers the user the options of activating the plug-in just one time or every time the user visits that website. Here too, the default option is to activate the plug-in only once.

Comment dying androids (Score 1) 68

I have tried to help android users who had plenty of memory on phone and on card, and still run into the dreaded 700mb wall, making the phone virtually broken since there was not even space for the android system upgrade... (and that was after moving all possible apps to the other part of memory or card) Several others i know are using old 8gb iphone 4's which keep running as long as aren't filled with photos, so 16gb is absolutely enough provided you "only" use a dozen normal apps and sync all your photos and movies to the cloud, so only thumbnails are left on the phone

Comment Freefall webcomic offers insight in this (Score 1) 129

The ingenious webcomic Freefall is currently all about the problematics of robot and ai interactions, funny and wise, it gives an array of suggestions and ideas for which kinds of thinking can be useful or risky, it is worth reading from the beginning Link to current Link to first

Comment year-month-event structure and then picasa (Score 1) 259

1) First, to avoid total chaos, make a strict year-month-event structure of all photos and use name of place if no event!... 2) Picasa is the ONLY program that automatically lists all photos without any import/export and database, and all tags you add in Picasa are stored on the photos, edits are stored too if you press the blue save icon, which copies the originals to a (hidden) subfolder. Picasa also has a great face recognition engine, in preferences you must turn "save nametags to photo" for this to make sense!... 1b) Optionally, after sorting into event folders, you can do yourself a real favour by auto-renaming all your photos; I use Hazel for mac to give my photos the name 'event+month+date+year+time+iso+cameraname+filename' (from foldername and exif), then i can search for any event/place, know if it is likely to be noisy (high iso) and avoid duplicate finder programs or people accidentally deleting photos with the same name... The renaming program should look into subfolders so all your files can be renamed at once, after setting it up and testing:)

Comment less meat, more food (Score 1) 452

* by eating 30% less meat the difference here would be gone, and western people would have a healthier life too * by eating only vegetarian food, there would be more than enough organic produce for twice the current world population * by using permacultural and forest gardening principles the global soil, water and biodiversity will be sustained, while providing an amble crop for a low meat, vegetarian or vegan society

Comment cloudyness (Score 1) 153

the biggest breach lately is by far the sony playstation, in the cloud the place with most personal data is now facebook, in the cloud the personal emails are in typically in the cloud documents and address books are going to the cloud fast while a phone may get stolen or lost, the big things are on the net an easy solution about mobile devices are to have the data be wiped when away from the user, and then just pull what is needed back when the user is close chrome laptop is one example of this, and new phones could be made the same way, could easily respond to an rfid chip in the clothes or purse

Submission + - Elderly Georgian woman cuts Armenian internet (

welcher writes: "An elderly Georgian woman was scavenging for copper with a spade when she accidentally sliced through an underground cable and cut off internet services to nearly all of neighbouring Armenia.

The fibre-optic cable near Tiblisi, Georgia, supplies about 90% of Armenia's internet so the woman's unwitting sabotage had catastrophic consequences. Web users in the nation of 3.2 million people were left twiddling their thumbs for up to five hours. Large parts of Georgia and some areas of Azerbaijan were also affected.

Dubbed "the spade-hacker" by local media, the woman is being investigated on suspicion of damaging property. She faces up to three years in prison if charged and convicted."

Comment everyone should be using newtons then (Score 1) 716

back in the days apple newton was sold at all stores; it was pretty useless and doomed with a heavy pricetag! i tried android tablets, no update and no external keyboard option, only for one samsung model so you are stuck with that brand; if there was a standard for periferials that would cause more trust, when all tablet producers make their own confusing interface and block updating of course there will be lack of trust. the ipad is simply very good hardware and very good software (not perfect, alas!) coupled with a functioning ecosystem of apps grown from iphone while keeping the same connector so most thirdparty devices are working, spreading trust in users. palmpilot was once the main pocket computer on the market and destroyed by everchanging models with different interfaces and stiffened innovation, had they kept to the slow and steady development that apple do, we would all be seeing palms now (their interface is still faster for looking up appointments, adresses and taking notes than the iphone)

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