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Submission + - Adblock Plus Offers Workaround To block Facebook Ads Again 1

An anonymous reader writes: On Tuesday, Facebook announced it will begin showing ads in desktop browsers “for people who currently use ad blocking software.” Adblock Plus, the most popular ad blocking tool with over 500 million downloads, responded the same day by calling the move “a dark path against user choice.” Today, just two days later, Adblock Plus is offering a workaround that users can implement themselves now, and which will automatically take effect for all users in “a couple of days.”

Submission + - Google Opens Access To Its Speech Recognition API, Goes Head To Head With Nuance (

An anonymous reader writes: Google is planning to compete with Nuance and other voice recognition companies head on by opening up its speech recognition API to third-party developers. To attract developers, the app will be free at launch with pricing to be introduced at a later date. The company formally announced the service today during its NEXT cloud user conference, where it also unveiled a raft of other machine learning developments and updates, most significantly a new machine learning platform. The Google Cloud Speech API, which will cover over 80 languages and will work with any application in real-time streaming or batch mode, will offer full set of APIs for applications to "see, hear and translate," Google says. It is based on the same neural network tech that powers Google's voice search in the Google app and voice typing in Google's Keyboard. Google's move will have a large impact on the industry as a whole — and particularly on Nuance, the company long thought of as offering the best voice recognition capabilities in the business, and most certainly the biggest offering such services.

Submission + - Pornhub Unveils Free VR Porn Channel (

An anonymous reader writes: Big-name pornography website Pornhub has partnered with BadoinkVR, an earl mover and shaker in VR porn, to launch a new section dedicated to immersive adult videos, aka VR porn. "Virtual reality is the next phase in the constantly metamorphosing world of adult entertainment, and will provide users with a mesmeric experience unlike anything they've seen before," Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said in a press release. "Now, our users are not only able to view our content, but be protagonists in the experience and interact with their favorite porn stars." The videos are roughly five-minute-long trailers designed to hook you on the VR porn experience. If you want the full videos, you'll need to sing up for a subscription with BadoinkVR itself, which will unlock the service's full adult-video selection starting at $20 per month. Pornhub is giving away 10,000 free pairs of branded Google Cardboard VR glasses if you are interested in trying out the experience but lack a VR headset.

Submission + - OLO, World's First Portable 3D Printer Prints On Top Of Smartphones (

MojoKid writes: The OLO 3D Printer was first announced in October at the World Maker Faire in New York, where it earned itself an Editor's Choice award and accolades. The developers behind OLO call it a "smartphone 3D printer" as it requires a smartphone to operate. Designs can either be downloaded from the Internet from the device, or copied over from a computer once it's created. When placed on a desk, the OLO looks like an inconspicuous little box, but inside, it can craft items up to 400 cm3 in volume. Its developers call the OLO "portable", and it has the specs to match at 1.7lbs with a physical size of only 6.8" x 4.5" x 5.8." OLO is a unique printer not only because of its small form factor and low price point ($99), but because of its operation. Once the 3D model is loaded, the bottom section of OLO can be placed on top of your phone, and then the resin of your choice is poured inside that structure. You then place the top half of OLO on top and wait a few hours for it to do its thing. The resin hardens by using the light emitted from the smartphone it sits on top of, generated from the OLO app.

Submission + - First community made Python Magazine released (

An anonymous reader writes: Today the first edition of PET: English Translation (Python Entre Todos, Python Among All) magazine, was released, which is a community effort from PyAr, the Argentinian Python User Group (Google translation) to bring to life the first Community Owned Python Magazine. This follows the initial release last month in Spanish of the technical magazine, when the members realized that there was a void not only in Spanish, but also in English, left primarely by Python Magazine, which seems to be pinning for the fjords. The PyAr mailing list was filled with joy for the release. According to Google Translation one of the posts stated: "Our nipples explode with delight".

Comment Re:Not more safe (Score 1) 611

And that's exactly what we need now. We have a mature ecosystem with well established species. We don't need thousands of similar species being created and left behind in a few months. What we need from now on is slow evolution. There already are software to do _most_ of the things a user want to do with a PC, let that software evolve in a stable ecosystem instead of leaving the gate open and keep starting over every time, trying to make a better wheel every time.

Comment Re:Horrible idea... (Score 1) 99

I understand the words in your sentence, but could you clarify why it would be harder to oversell? They ought to be encouraging people to download more, and have the infrastructure to enable profit.

Because the amount of data to download is really huge and we always seem to find new ways to use more. Think about hard disks, every time we get a new, bigger one, we think is enough but after a few months its full.

Now they have a limited amount of bandwidth, if you sum up the bandwidth they sell to all their customers you get more bandwidth than what they have because they oversell. With data there is no limited supply. The limit is in the speed

Now we pay for something we don't use, we pay for a connection 24/7 with some speed but we only use it a few hours a day. With data we would be using up to the last byte.

Comment Re:Horrible idea... (Score 1) 99

As a side effect the heavy bloated sites would cost more to visit. So there will be an incentive for the web developers / designers to reduce the size of their sites.

If the pricing is reasonable it wouldn't be so bad. But as we already know the pricing won't be reasonable so...

Another nice side effect is that it also would be much harder for ISP to oversell because you can always find something else to download to use your paid for bytes.

Comment Re:Horrible idea... (Score 1) 99

No. The capacity of the network at any given time is finite. You are using a fraction of that available bandwith for some period of time.

Bandwidth x Time = Bytes Transferred.

And that's why you pay for bandwidth, you pay for a slice of the network capacity to use as you wish. You pay for the resource that is limited, bandwidth, not the unlimited one, data.

Comment Re:Excellent Example! (Score 1) 148

Well, it turns out that life isn't black and white only. Most of the things you can think of don't fall into the categories: "I want someone to read it" "I do not want anyone to read it".
The problem is when you want some reduced group of people to read it, not the whole world. And more so when you want some people to read it but are not sure if you want it to remain readable for a long time.
Today we have a lot of ways to communicate something to a group of people, one of them are online social networks. They have flaws as everything else, but they are useful to a lot of people

Comment Re:RTFS (Score 1) 197

I'd imagine it has more to do with those damn required "Security Questions", many of which use publicly available information. Even the services which allow you to specify the question and answer are probably no match for a cracker working in conjunction with an Ex.

Please, is not so hard to just type some garbage there, long, alpha-numeric garbage.


Opera 10.0 Released 325

neonsignal writes "Opera 10 has been released. It now supports rich text email, the 'turbo' Opera proxy server feature, some HTML 5 support, XML 'pretty printing,' extra skinning features, and a 100/100 score in the Acid3 test. There has been no official announcement as yet."

Comment Re:I guess it closes bug #393596 ? (Score 2, Informative) 104

It is clearly less free than the GPL just as the GPL is less free than BSD.

Whether it is free enough to count as free is a matter of opinion.

Less free to whom? to the end user is just the same as they don't intend to redistribute the software. To some user who wants to distribute the code, it's less free. To the original developer no, it gives him the freedom to choose how his code is being distributed.

Comment Re:I know what's gonna happen now (Score 1) 662

Of course, everyone fails to mention that Japan has the lowest rape rate per capita in the world. Perhaps it has something to do with the availability of such materials to quench the urge of would be rapists?

I thought the same thing, too. At first. Then I looked a little deeper: Far more likely is endemic bias in the system, both in reporting and in prosecuting cases:

In any case, if is just about equal than the rest of the world then we can say they have more freedom without any evident cost; shound't that be considered good?

On the other hand, why is it ok to depict a crime (murder in most FPS) in some cases and not in this one? I'm against any type of abuse, even more so when it is against young children, but I believe this is something worth thinking about. I'm not saying we should ban all games that allow the players to commit fake crimes; I'd like to know why as a society we accept murder without a problem but we just can't accept anything sex related.

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