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Comment Hollywood will continue what it's always done. (Score 1) 310

1. Turn out the rare movie worth watching in a theater.
2. Turn out the less rare movie worth watching when it gets to DVD.
3. Turn out a lot of movies that aren't worth watching. Period.
4. Go and whine to congress for legislation to protect them from "predatory competition."*

*Anybody who's eating your lunch is considered predatory, even if it's your fault.

Comment Oregon is NOT a right-to-work state (Score 0, Flamebait) 123

Keep that in mind. Unions in such states are pretty much greedy monopolies, extracting dues whether the workers want them to or not, and then using the dues to buy political influence. Reminds me of corporations but without stockholders.

Unions: "That's a nice job you've got. Be a shame if anything happens to it."

Comment The stockholders wouldn't like it. (Score 0) 141

*diligence* and *discipline* cost money.

The Corporate Mantra is "But that costs money. The stockholders wouldn't like it."

Add in "But nothing bad can happen, so why waste money on it." and you have a recipe for the PG&E pipe explosion, Fukushima Daiichi, American Airlines Flight 191, and on and on and on,,,,

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