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Comment Google way ahead of all other companies (Score 4, Informative) 87

This is the official Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement Report for California Google is at 5000 miles before a disengagement is required, compared to the 0.8 miles reported for Uber. Google also logged over half a million miles, compared to a couple of thousand of some of the other companies. So at least for the companies doing autonomous vehicle testing in public roads in California, no one come even close to Google.

Comment Expensive! (Score 5, Informative) 88

Looks like it costs $15 per user per month for for any plan that allows calls with more than 2 participants. For comparison, I believe Google Suite is $5 per user, and includes email, calendar and an office suite apart from the conferencing software. Or if you want just video calls I think hangouts is free for up to 5 participants. Hangouts and Skype are not nearly perfect, but most of the time they are good enough. How much better this has to be to justify paying that steep price?

Comment Re:Easy to fix (Score 1) 39

I believe it became popular in many countries for two main reasons 1) It allowed to send unlimited messages at a time when telcos in many markets would charge you per individual text 2) Unlike existing alternatives at the time (gtalk, skype) it used your phone number as your account id, so setting up the app was frictionless, specially among non tech-savvy smartphone users.

Comment Re:I'm seeing pattern here... (Score 1) 86

Who is "we"? Is there really such a huge demand for encrypted messaging? I'm sure most people value more the convenience of being able to switch devices and still see their chat history across all of them over the enhanced privacy they would get by not having their messages centrally stored.

Comment Re:Frosty piss (Score 1) 178

In my totally subjective and anecdotal experience the perceived quality of different mediums and resolutions goes like this:

4K Blu-ray > Upscaled HD Blu-Ray > 4K Netflix/Amazon streaming = Native resolution HD Blu-ray > Upscaled HD streaming > Native resolution HD streaming > Anything DVD

Comment Re:1909 (Score 2) 297

What a plane auto pilot system actually is or can do is totally irrelevant. In judging whether Tesla's system is misnamed all that matters is what a layperson *thinks* an auto pilot system does, and I have no doubts a layperson thinks an "autopilot" system does much more than other systems with less sexy names like the "lane assist" other car manufacturers use.

Comment Re:What is a "city" (Score 1) 100

They can and they do it. Many Google employees live in San Francisco and commute to Mountain View, located in the South Bay. The company even provides shuttle buses for them, which fueled protests since rent prices close to the shuttle bus stops have gone up noticeably (search for google bus protests). This alone tells you that the number of people doing this is not negligible.

Comment Re:What is a "city" (Score 5, Informative) 100

Anyone who has lived and worked in the Bay Area knows a lot of people living in San jose and working in San Francisco, vice versa, or anything in between. The fact that a great deal of people living in the so called Bay Area would consider working in any other part of the Bay Area makes it, by definition, a single job market, which is the focus of this study.

Comment Re:Java and Java EE: two different things (Score 1) 115

It is the other way around. The Java community has been signaling for years a lack of interest in what Java EE has to offer, and this decision by Oracle is just a response to that. It seems Java developers just prefer "chasing the fads". This is true for other development platforms too, like Node.js, Python, Ruby, where the main language is accompanied by a myriad of frameworks and libraries that you have to learn in order to become productive. This is a trend that you might not like but it is here to stay.

Comment Java and Java EE: two different things (Score 4, Informative) 115

This affects less people and it is way less dramatic than what the summary implies. Java EE it's just a bunch of "enterprise" frameworks which run on top of the Java virtual machine. Many people using the Java platform don't even bother with Java EE and use other set of frameworks instead (like Spring or Hibernate), and even for those using some of the Java EE technologies, they are most likely using some third party (IBM Websphere) or open source (lJBoss, Tomcat) implementations, since the "official" Java EE implementation by Sun (and later Oracle) never gained much traction.

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