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Comment Re:The damages weren't enough (Score 2) 81

It was a 'design patent'. Not something about technology or production, but rather about looks. Pretty much everyone I've ever talked to about that says the entire concept is total B.S.
Gee, bevels in glass so it doesn't have the sharp edges. Corners on rectangles to they don't poke you when in your pocket. Total obvious garbage.

Comment Re:Capitalism works, SLOWLY (Score 1) 372

For some stupid zero tolerance antidrug reason, the schools around here won't let students carry their required medicines. Instead, it has to be given to the office, who keeps it the whole school year, only letting it be retrieved for emergencies. (There are so many problems with that I'd like to see the idiot that come up with it get a nice allergic reaction to something and find out his meds are at least and extra 10 minutes away, and double his cost for them since he has to have a complete second set.)

Comment Re:You don't know what a free market is, do you? (Score 3, Interesting) 372

Among other conditions. A free market is essentially a utopian theory for economics, totally unrealistic despite it being desirable.
It also assumes there are no real barriers to market entry so anyone can decide to market something if they think they can do it better.
That is so far from reality, it's virtually insane.
Anyway, it's a neat idea, but it's not a viable one.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

What free market? You sure aren't talking about ours, or else you don't know what a free market actually is. That's ok, the reporters and politicians are pretty ignorant about that, so nobody else can be yelled at too much for not knowing.

By the way, there was a great market for the stuff at it's old price pre 2007. These guys have found a way around the patents Mylan now holds, and so they are going for the gold by massively undercutting them using a fair market price, and at the same time score mega bonus points of public good will.

If it were truly a free market, Mylan wouldn't have been able to have prevente people from doing this years ago.

Comment Re:Dilbert predicted this (Score 5, Funny) 254

In the early 80s at the PC group meeting, a rep came in to show off their voice command software.
He set it up, and then from the crowd, someone said "Format C: Enter", followed by another voice "Yes".
Sure enough, it formatted the entire drive, and the rep had a much shorter presentation than he was expecting, but even he had to admit, the demonstration, though short, was very effective.

Comment Re:Hackers? (Score 3, Informative) 86

Actually Crackers break through security (mostly into other computers, but also anything that thinks it's protected)
Hackers write code. Anyone writing code without having previously written a flow chart and and the entire algorithm before actually putting it into the whatever development platform they're using, is hacking. It is not breaking into other computers, that is cracking.
You know, like a safe cracker. I'm sure you've heard of that from the pre-computer days. I'm also sure you've heard of writers being called hacks in the pre-computer days as well. If you haven't heard that, just stream some classic movies.

Comment Re: Applying tort to patents (Score 1) 455

I'm thinking their 'patented application' is rather bogus. Sure it can easily detect if it's moving faster than a person should be able to. Using GPS and mapping, it can also make a pretty good guess if it's following on a road. (Usually not accurate enough in the phones to tell reliable though.)
Now as to being able to identify if it's user is the driver, unless the driver decided to tell it, that's total B.S. to put it nicely.

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