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Comment Re:Paranoia amongst the minority. (Score -1, Troll) 181

Jumping to conspiracy concepts is a bit much.
Does microsoft care if you put linux on that box?
Probably not, you are probably a ms hater that wouldn't even pay them for office, and they already got paid by the company when they licensed the os, so they don't give a rodents donkey what you do with it.

Does lenovo care that you want to put linux on it's laptop?
Again, probably not. Most of their customers don't, and as lenovo won't support a box running a different os, they don't have to worry about you sucking up more support resources since you voluntarily want to step out of coverage to put linux on it. Reduce their workload and expenditure of resources, so why would they care?

But linux won't load on it!!!!
So you're saying that despite technology changing and different things being tried, two companies that don't care at all about linux didn't go out of their way to ensure compatibility with your essentially niche desire to install an unsupported os on their machines is somehow a conspiracy against you?
Well I have more than a few things to say about that, and they aren't nice.

I guess the short version is this. Linux may be great, but that's not what they're selling, so don't expect them to bend over backwards to make you happy.

I'm sure some smart person that's not being paid will eventually design a way to install linux on those boxes, of course, that may be decades in the future, so it that's something important to you, return those units and get ones you can install linux on. After all it was an unadvertised and non-standard limitation that prevents it from fulfilling it's system requirements that it was purchased for, which makes it sold under false pretenses. (ianal, but there are consumer protection laws to cya in these types of situations.) But stop with the conspiracy theories. Devs have enough trying to deal with requirements and feature creep than to work on pointless no-profit conspiracy stuff.

Comment All things considered... sortof... (Score 1) 147

Maybe what ms is saying is correct, but can the end user tell the difference?
If he can't, it doesn't matter.

More powerful hardware is really only useful to the devs, and then, only if they make use of the increased capabilities, since it's only by the software that such things are made apparent. Otherwise it's just a big black box of pixie dust and unicorn horns.

Of course, even if all that they're saying is true, if it doesn't have the games you want to play, it's not worth jack!

Comment Re:No, it's fine (Score 2) 117

Flaws in the battery from manufacturing, often a contaminant is the cause according the papers on it I've read.
There's a lot of scientific papers on lithium batteries and their risks & flaws if you look for it. You don't have to rely on clickbait sensationalist 'journalism' written by someone that doesn't know the difference between an alloy case and a violation of the conservation of momentum and is likely to call both of them an airborn computer virus. (The standards for journalism have fallen so low that demons in the ninth layer of hell drop care packages for them down the well.)

Comment 569gb ?! (Score 2) 209

So, does anybody want to run the numbers on 569 gigabytes on a cell phone over "just a few days" ?
How does that even compare to the max rate of download those things are even capable of?
Is it based on around the clock downloading which we know isn't reasonable either, especially if there are periods when she wasn't at home or where she could be charging the phone as we know downloading eats up battery at a pretty decent clip.
This looks extremely questionable to me, and potentially impossible to achieve. (Of course somebody with more specific information could do the calculations I can't, and am probably too lazy to do today anyway.)

Comment Re:Not anymore! (Score 5, Informative) 337

A long time ago when dialup and AOL were viable options, you could use their free software they gave out to get an account with to get online. You'd run it and wait for it to connect to their server, but instead of filling it out and getting an account, you'd tab to your own browser without closing the AOL one, and you were on the internet without any restrictions.

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