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Comment Re:Pretend this is slashdot (Score 1) 90

The biggest healthcare issue is lack of follow up and preventive care. For many type of cancers you can be determined if you are a risk or not, by genetic screening, auditing your life style, environmental conditions... So for many of these conditions if we had a strong healthcare infrastructure the focus will be far heavier on detecting and preventing then on curing or holding off.
The proble with this method it means we will need an infrastructure so it will require corporations and governments and the population to work together. And across the world this is very difficult.

Comment Re:Sad to see Trump... (Score 1) 287

You mean other than Obama pulling us out of the disaster of the Bush years and steadily growing the economy. Not to mention getting health care for millions of people. Oh yeah, and getting rid of the "you were off insurance for a day, sorry, that's a pre-existing condition" BS. But other than that, what did the Romans ever do for us?

Comment Re: Sad to see Trump... (Score 1) 287

If you want to see an oligarchy, just watch trump. He's not going away after 4 years. He's not going away after 8 years, either. He's going to build a small ruling class with him and his family pulling the strings, forever. This guy is really, really, really dangerous. If he does fail, as he undoubtedly will (trade wars aren't going to benefit the middle class) I'm sure he will do anything to maintain power: from an escalation of the "alternate facts" campaign we're already seeing, to rigged elections, to elections "suspended for the duration of the emergency after a "terrorist incident".

Comment Re: Sad to see Trump... (Score 1) 287

Uh... and that's exactly why we want Trump to fail. He's going to squeeze the middle class to benefit his cronies. Is that so hard to understand? What baffles me are the people who think that a self-centered sociopath who has gone bankrupt multiple times and made money by screwing the the people who did work for him is suddenly going to boost the middle class. You'd have better luck studying meditation with Darth Vader.

Comment Re:Overpriced (Score 1) 86

As someone stuck on 4G as my best option for home internet, I would pay $300/month for unlimited (and unthrottled) bandwidth in a frickin' heartbeat, and that even limited to purely domestic use.

As it is, after overage charges, I usually pay half that for 10+10, and that's living about as close to the "digital bohemian" life I can stand.

And FWIW, AT&T currently considers 22GB/month "unlimited", beyond which they "prioritize" your data to a trickle.

Comment How do they get to that 50k number? (Score 1) 287

I wish these numbers were better broken down.

How many construction workers are going to get jobs building the factory?
How many jobs are going to be people on the line doing line work?
How many jobs are going to be people in control booths running the massive machines cranking out screens?

Also, unless you're going to also be building a phone factory here as well, it seems a bit short sighted to make the screens here, but the cpu's in China or Korea and the bodies who knows where? China?

Until I see a bulldozer breaking ground I think Foxconn is just blowing smoke up JDT's ass.

Comment Hell No (Score 2) 75

I love Google Voice. Lack of MMS was a real blessing. When some idiot decided that I needed to see 15 photos that he sent to ALL of his friends, my copy would go to my email account but not forward to my cell phone and start driving up costs. And when other idiots did a "Reply ALL" to try to send him their photos of their precious brats, they didn't add more costs to my cell plan either. I hope that I can disable MMS in the new system but I have low expectations.

Not too excited about the group chat either. The few times I wanted to do this there have been other good ways to accomplish it. Might come in handy at some point, but not a must have upgrade.

I don't see any change on the Google Voice website yet. That suits me fine.

I do miss the Google Talk IM app, I found it really useful and wish that they would give it back. When they start mucking with something as good as Google Voice they worry me.

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