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Comment Re:3D X Point has no transistors,10X as dense as D (Score 1) 77

DRAM requires one transistor per cell, which is one reason why it draws much more power per GB than a NAND flash drive

Isn't it fun when somebody technically ignorant tries to explain technology? DRAM draws lots of power because the charge that defines a bit leaks away, and to avoid loss of data refresh cycles are required, which means power draw. Flash leakage is more than 10 orders of magnitude lower, which means that practically speaking a flash device does not need to be refreshed.

Comment Re:I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 1) 167

*I* sound like an idiot? Perhaps. You sound like you're off your meds. "The world is not going to let..." oh please, conspiracy theories are great, aren't they?

Don't be retarded, people will continue to do what is in their economic interest. Trump will change what that means. The result cannot be determined at this time, because if you think you have a crystal ball, you really are nuts.

Comment Re:I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 1) 167

I think you strongly misread Trump's motivations and likely response to an act of Russian aggression. I don't think Putin misunderstands, though. He can see clearly through the NATO talk.

Remember that Trump knows how to negotiate, and most positions that he takes are intended to be bargained away while he achieves his real intention. We haven't seen an actual negotiator in office for a very long time, so we may expect our Presidents to be straight man dupes for foreign leaders. That doesn't have to be the case, though.

Trump wants to save the US effort, or get funds for defending Europe. He has no intention of dropping out of NATO or anything like that. I mean, I doubt I am spoiling things for him by saying this. I suspect Europe's leaders will find the risk too high to avoid doing business with him.

Comment I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 4, Interesting) 167

Putin allowed these to be released to poke Obama in the eye. No more, no less. The fact that they feed into a long standing story of dishonesty and fraud on the part of the Clintons is incidental. He saw maximum value to let them go right before the DNC, because he knows, like I do, that these e-mails aren't going to decide the election. It wasn't worth holding them until November, as they'd be ineffectual then with all the mud flying in the last couple of weeks.

They are, however, one of hundreds of data points that will decide this election.

He doesn't "support Trump" at all. He'd prefer a HRC in charge - less risk, but he doesn't believe he could turn a US election anyway with any of his tools available. Those who believe otherwise are conspiracy theorists.

Comment Re: Landlords (Score 1) 260

So are you saying that you want everyone that visits santamonica to stay in a hotel?

No I did not. Please stop insinuating what I said. What I said was someone who rented out 8 apartments for the sole purpose of renting out on AirBnB has merely raised the rent for people who actually live there.

That would make hotel prices go up wouldn't it? How would anyone stay in santamonica then?

Evidence contradicts your conclusion. Hotel prices do not change with the amount of AirBnB availability generally. It changes with surge pricing due to events happening in Santa Monica.

I find it nice that I can rent a house for the weekend instead of stay in some stuffy hotel, don't you ? It's a totally different experience. I may even want to live in that city once i try out a few neihborhoods. I have a question: My friend wants to come from New York and stay with me for a week in santamonica. He offered to chip in some cash in exchange for me letting him stay. Do I tell him "no sorry that will drive the rent prices up in santamonica"? Haha

You letting your friend stay with you is completely different than you renting 8 places for the sole purpose of re-renting them. You've taken 8 residences that someone could have used. As for your preferences, that's what they are: Your preferences.

Look man, people have been renting their places out short term long before you ever lived in santamonica.

You missed the point about 8 residences, didn't you?

Comment Re:As if every government on the planet... (Score 1, Insightful) 52

They want to certify it as safe and secure then tell England that they cannot use this validation because they left the EU. Instead England will have to use the version that is identical but not as safe because it won't have the stamp on the box.

Seriously though. It sounds like maybe they are trying to look important and beneficial to remaining members to avoid another exit push gaining momentum.

Comment Re:I'm shopping for a phone now (Score 1) 457

My stereo has neither USB nor bluetooth, and damned if I'm gonna buy a new stereo with my new phone.

A bluetooth receiver costs all of $5... I've got a couple to retrofit otherwise decent (and expensive) older car stereos/entertainment systems. The sound quality of bluetooth in general is no match for hard-wired, but it's an option.

My concerns are much more practical... FM radio is a nice option to have in phones, and the headphone cord doubles as the antenna. Bluetooth obviously can't do that.

I also like the no-brainer ability to just plug in a cord and everything works... No navigating menus to select the device you want to send sound to.

I also flatly refuse to hassle with a bunch of different devices with separate batteries that need routine recharging. That's the only reason I don't carry around a bluetooth earpiece and keyboard with my phone... If they could both securely clip-on to my phone and have contacts allowing them to recharge their own batteries from my (larger) phone while not in-use, I'd love to have them. Until that happens, no go. My corded ear-buds (sitting in my bag for years) will be ready to go whenever I want with no maintenance.

Comment Re:Atrix (Score 3, Informative) 113

I'd like to see this with bluetooth instead of a dock so you can just leave the phone in your pocket. Not sure if the bandwidth would work though.

One of the big things the Lapdock provided was POWER to the phone... Can't get that if you leave your phone in your pocket.

And no, bluetooth doesn't provide remotely enough speed for screen updates... WiFi is faster, but still not realistically fast enough, and you'd have to lose your internet connectivity to use it that way. Not to mention your phone would be consuming a lot of power just to refresh the screen, instead of doing any useful work.

Comment Gets the history wrong (Score 3, Informative) 457

The headphone jack has worked for 50 years and it can work for another 50 more because it's universal.

50 years ago, most everyone's headphone jacks were 1/4" (6.35mm), and only monaural. They introduced 3.5mm (still mono) way back when, but almost nobody was using them until much more recently. When stereo was needed, two 3.5mm jacks/pins were used side-by-side. It was only more recently that 3-connector stereo jacks were introduced.

They also shrunk it again to 2.5mm, which was popular on dumb phones and 2-way radios, but that one didn't catch on too well. But you can just as easily say that sub-mini plug has been around for decades, so we should all be happy to use that...

And they added a 4th conductor, most often for video (but possibly for a microphone), but nobody agreed to a standard so the wiring is always incompatible between devices, and that didn't catch on very well, either.

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score 1) 139

DATA does not "say" dark matter exists. The indirect data we have suggests that as one possible explanation (and so far the only one that has survived critical analysis of numerous experiments).

What is dark matter to you? To scientists, it's matter we can't detect with current instrumentation. It's that simple. It does exist. Now could scientists be wrong. Yes. Absolutely. However you can't merely say there are wrong because they haven't found all the answers. If you have other plausible explanations please let them know. So far the best minds of science can't describe it in other terms other than "dark."

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score 1) 139

You have it backwards. Our hypothesis to explain the DATA is black matter. The DATA does not (indirectly) show that dark matter exists.

No, you don't understand the data. The data says that there is an amount of the total combined amount of energy and mass; however only 5% of it can be accounted for if all the stars and planets in the entire universe is counted. The 95% we don't know what it is; therefore, it is considered dark. It's a placeholder designation. Scientists could have call it silly putty matter.

What scientists are trying to do is prove their hypothesis correct by proving dark matter exists.

No, they are trying to determine if one of their proposed methods might work in detecting dark matter. They know it exists; they don't know what it is. For example, scientists could only see the top layers of the ocean for a long time. Sonar could deduce that the bottom was several miles deep. Until the invention of deep sea vehicles scientists didn't know what was at the bottom; but they knew the bottom existed. They just didn't have the technology to determine what was there in detail.

Tomorrow someone could come up with a theory supported by experimental data that explains the data that has nothing to do with dark matter...,/

That someone still has to explain away the current 95% and why we can't detect with all the current instrumentation that exists. Again, dark matter simply means "matter we can't detect through current methods."

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