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Comment Re:Sure (Score 1) 67

It really depends on whether Jimmy Wales genuinely wants this to be a neutral news outlet, or just a backdoor way to further his own agendas/beliefs, but time will tell - and pretty quickly I suspect. We currently have a very divisive Republican politician in the White House, so if there's any left wing spin being put on things it's going to become very apparent, very fast, when both Trump's supporters and people who genuinely don't care about the politics try and pull things back towards the middle and (most probably) further right. If/when that happens, and if the site fails to handle it fairly, then it's going to get accused of failing in its core aims and be effectively dead in the water as anything other than another left-wing echo chamber right there and then.

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 106

Except in a real movie, you wouldn't just take the audio stream straight from the algorithm; you'd have some kind of highly skilled specialist tweaking it to get the exact effect the director wanted.

A combination of art and science will eventually be able to produce completely convincing audio forgeries, very likely long before science alone will be able to.

Comment Re:Common? (Score 1) 56

Stunned me too when I got speaking to locals on the earlier aurora orientated photography trips I've done. The very first trip I did, we'd just done a successful all-nighter, which for most of us was the first time we'd ever seen the lights, and were in an Icelandic garage/café getting some breakfast and looking over our images when we got talking with a long distance lorry driver - his response to a question about getting to see the aurora a lot was basically a shrug and "thousands of times, I guess, don't really notice them anymore...". Yep, that'll do it: *minds* *blown*. :)

That said, the AC's analogy below about a really good sunset is probably better than my more direct night sky objects one; they *do* still look, but only when it's a really good display, and after doing many more trips to the Arctic (it can really get under your skin!) I can kind of see why. I've now got a lot of photographs of simple bands of aurora, so unless it's a really nice composition with the background, an unusual colour, or has something else to set it apart, I often don't bother unless I haven't got my camera set up yet and need a few test shots to check I've nailed my focus and the exposure settings are in the ballpark.

Comment Re:BrickerBot (Score 1) 60

A bad solution is still a bad solution. And vigilanteism is still vigilanteism. And DDOS attacks using infected devices are nothing new, it is just that IoT have opened up a new attack vector. Look at how many Windows based computers have been involved in DDOS in the past.

Yes, it's a bad solution, and it's undeniably vigilantism as well. But, like democracy, it's still the best (and at present, only) solution we currently have that is working at scale. The Zero Day Initiative typically gives vendors 90 days (3 months) to fix a problem before they go public except in exceptional circumstances, and most credible vendors are OK with that framework. By comparison Mirai hit almost six months before BrickerBot, Hajime, and other such tools were unleashed, and in all that time noone - whether vendors, ISPs, or owners - did much more than shrug, shuffle their feet, and wring their hands.

They collectively took a huge dump in everyone else's bed and then did nothing about it, so that just left people stepping up with their bad solutions and vigilantism to try and clean up the mess. Want to "fix" BrickerBot and Hajime, etc.? Fix your devices, secure your networks, and isolate your devices, as applicable. Just like Mirai and the rest, if they can't root the device, then they can't propogate either, and everyone benefits - in fact, unlike the blackhat authors of malicious botnets, the vigilantes are more likely to shut up shop as soon as there are credible signs of progress being made. Acknowledging the message they are sending is all that is required.

Comment Looking at my firewall logs (Score 4, Informative) 60

Looking at my firewall logs I think BrickerBot v3.0 may have actually been unleashed on the 18th, not the 20th. There was a huge decline in scanning for port 5358 that started on the 18th, which is now less than half the activity level it was at on the 17th, and less than 15% of the levels it was peaking at prior to BrickerBot v1.0. There are further, but smaller, falls in some of the other typical IoT ports like 2323 that started around the same time as well.

If you're reading, Janit0r (or whatever your current pseudonym is), keep up the good work! Might be worth taking a look at what's going on with Port 81 as well... Just sayin' :)

Comment Re:Electronic gate (Score 1) 99

You only have a gate on your property? How did it get past the gate and the guard at the entrance to the subdivision let alone the gate at the end of the driveway.

Yes gate in my gated community, I dont trust these rich fuckers, and it helps keep the asshole retired guys on the HOA board off my fucking lawn and away from the house.

Comment Re: TracPhone: $7/month. (Score 1) 171

Oh rly? Which plan is that? The Pinocchio plan?

It's not really a plan. It's the $19.99 60-minute, 90 day refill card. With a smartphone, the minutes "triple" to 180, and you also get 180 texts and 180mb data. If you sign up for auto-refill, you get a small discount off that (and it becomes kind of a plan).

If your wireless needs fit that profile, it works out to around $7/month. I've saved a boatload of money going down that route, although I have needed to supplement it with a few data-only refills, which has only tacked on a couple of bucks per month for me on average. It does kind of rule out using any audio or video while not in WiFi range, and you can't yammer on the phone endlessly, but for me that's an acceptable trade-off.

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