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Comment Great System (Score 1) 89

Authorities have said only drivers with odd-numbered registration plates can drive in the capital region on Wednesday. ....

Great System. Rich self entitled bastards with multiple cars get to drive whenever they want, working stiffs trying to get to their jobs have another burden. Also, if people have multiple vehicles and one is a small relatively clean and efficient vehicle and the other is a large dirty low mileage vehicle, this law tells them to drive the dirty inefficient vehicle some of the time.

Comment Re:Global Warming seems lesser since Trump (Score 1) 505

Given that the ice-age cycle period is closer to 100,000 years than 10,000 years, any records not considering a period of at least a half million years are pretty much meaningless. And since we don't have good records for even 1000 years (and the older the records are, the more imprecise they get) claiming that something is a record is just silly. It's publicity with a likely monetary aspect attached, and does not deserve serious consideration.

Comment Re: Stop calling it "skepticism". (Score 1) 505

It's quite easy to propose a scenario in which humans make CO2 and CO2 absorbs IR does not result in humans cause temperature increase. If all the CO2 is produced by burning methane that's already in the atmosphere, then cooling may result because methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2.

It's not true (because we aren't making all CO2 from methane already in the atmosphere), but my point is that your logic is hopelessly flawed. Until we know all significant inputs, all significant mechanisms, and can properly model the process, we have no chance of valid predictions, nor can we expect to know that if we make a particular change it will cause a particular amount of difference.

Comment Re:#1TermDonald (Score 1) 505

Madison's argument generally was that the federal government would be run by the best of the best. Thus, populace -> electors -> president has two stages of refinement in order to get that goal. Too bad it hasn't always worked out that well, but the process we use does have some other built-in advantages.

Comment Re:Once truth gasps its last breath... (Score 1) 505

The founders had unique experience and brought to the job of creating a new nation a depth of study and understanding that is unavailable today. Those smearing "dead guys" and advocating "reform" with their ignorance are like blind men playing with grenades in a crowded stadium.

The ignorant changes already made - direct election of Senators and an income tax - have caused immense damage, and yet here you are clamoring for more.

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