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Comment Dont vote for either evil (Score 2) 321

One of the most blatant "lesser of two evils" argument I've heard. If enough people voted for the values they want instead of the candidate they think will win then we wouldn't have this problem. Hillary is enough of a pandering liar that I don't think we're really so much worse with Trump. Don't get me wrong, Trump is a truly horrible person and the last thing we need. But flipping on gay marriage, lying about getting shot at in Kosovo, being a hypocrite and endangering national security through her blasé attitude toward computer security, accepting money from the rich while pandering to the poor. There's no low she won't stoop to. Just don't blame me, I'm voting for Kodos.

Comment Quite the opposite (Score 3, Informative) 229

It seems more like this would indicate that she knew full well she was dealing with sensitive information that she knew had to pass through a secured device. So, ignoring the law, she sent that sensitive information through a server that she knew she shouldn't. We know she knew she shouldn't because she told her own staff they couldn't do the same.

Comment Fahrenheit 451? (Score 1) 90

It's like someone read Fahrenheit 451 and thought, "I could make a mechanical hound!" A few years ago I remember they made a fuel cell that could run on meat as well. Add a good gas chromatography and they'll have a viscious man eating robot dog!

Comment Re:How about protons instead of neutrons? (Score 2) 200

I guess I should ask what you mean by "pretty sure". Adding to large atoms are a lot easier than small ones. It's been a long time since I've read about it, but it's called "proton induced fission". Admittedly, most of the reading when you Google it is a bit heavy. I do know that if you crack U238 with a proton that all 3 daughter isotopes have a half life of 35 days or less (one is like an hour and a half) and their daughter isotopes are all stable.

Anyway, if you Google "proton induced fission" and "nuclear waste" together you'll see there are already papers proposing the idea, such as this one:

Comment How about protons instead of neutrons? (Score 1) 200

Seems like a stream of protons (which is really just hydrogen ions) could be fired at nuclear waste to get it to split without making the next thing down the chain so neutron heavy as to make it radioactive itself. I would like to know how boiling radioactive waste is supposed to drop the half life. If it does I have some physics to brush up on.

Comment Re: People living in the polar regions (Score 1) 567

When a photon is absorbed and then re emitted, the direction it's emitted is random. The effect would have little difference from being scattered. So yes, if it was done often then it would blur out anything you'd try to see from orbit. You're claiming a lack of understanding. Is there anything else I could clarify for you?

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