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Comment Re:NATO (Score 1) 153

Turkey has been a member of NATO since '52, and has had 2 coups since ('60 and '80) as well as a military intervention in '71, and they stepped in as recently as '97. Keep in mind that the Turkish army is charged to defend democracy and step in when that is threatened. That may sound weird (and it's doubtful that their motives were as pure as that in '80) but it appears that it is kind of necessary sometimes.

But US now has a policy of not talking to or working with countries with a miltary coup. That could really complicate the military cooperation, for instance against ISIS, which the US conducts from Turkish basis. If the coup succedes, current official US policy would be to withdraw from Turkey.

Comment Re:When will they get it? (Score 1) 278

Reality is that a single semi-automatic rifle would have been extremely effective in stopping the madman in Nice attack.

I don't know how long it took that guy to plow through the crowd but I am quite positive no one in that crowd would have had the time, situational analysis, and space to end the threat without taking out more innocent bystanders.

Armed police was in the crowd, and armed police took him out within a few hundred seconds of the start of the attack.

Still no reason for anyone else to carry arms, it was already covered by armed professionals, and they responded immediately.

Comment Re:New Skype App For Linux (Score 1) 164

App sounds mobile application. Maybe "package" or even "program" would fit better for a non-mobile Linux OS.

Well, it is an app. It is based on node.js and just runs in a Chromium shell.

I wouldn't call it an application, the only application in the new Skype for Linux is Chromium, which just happens to be hardcoded to run the Skype web-app.

Comment Re:Environmental impacts? (Score 1) 321

Citation required.

Ask and ye shall receive. Here's a meta-review of some of the best and biggest studies comparing vegetarians to health-conscious omnivores. Almost all studies showed a longevity benefit, and pooled they found a significant longevity beneift. This is a nice plot of the risk ratio as the study data is cumulatively pooled.

It goes without saying that this field of research is tricky -- evidence is never iron-clad and you can always find a study or two to support your biases. But, as a medical student and someone interested in nutrition, I'll go out on a limb and say that there is no diet except the Mediterranean diet that has so much supportive evidence of health benefits. (Prove me wrong!) But in any case, this should be enough to at least stop the FUD about vegetarianism causing everything from diabetes to psychosis as per above. It's at least not causing harm.

Now, the question is -- will bacon-loving Slashdot rejoice that a citation request was answered, or continue on with the usual group-think?

The study you quote is looking at "low meat consumption", not "no meat consumption". But generally vegatarian diets are not problematic, like a normal diet it just requires variation and good eating habits. The problem is veganism, which is getting really popular despite being very unhealthy.

Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 209

OK, your internet is down

Try making a phone call when you're on one of those increasingly popular VOIP-connections, then. If my internet were down, I couldn't use my landline, either.

How do you contact tech support?

You use an alternate way of connecting to the internet, of course. Your cellphone, for example. We're not in the 1990s anymore, where "internet connections" are few and far between.

If you have a cell phone, why would having VOIP connection stop you from calling?

Comment Re:Not twice as safe I feel (Score 1) 379

Another data point - Deaths on Texas Roads are 1 in 70 million. while not all highway driving, I would assume that the distribution is pretty skewed in favor of it.

But maybe more pertinent
More than half of the deaths occur at speeds > 55mph. (assuming this is highway) --
This seems to suggest that your likelihood of dying is the same on or off the highway, though I imagine you are probably more likely to get into an accident off the highway, just not likely to die from it. Unfortunately, you would need to get a number on the the miles driven on and off highways, I couldn't find it quickly.

I don't know the American numbers. Where I live most fatalities happens on small country roads by people driving too fast in the dark, sometimes drunk. They happen at highway speeds, but not on highways. Fatalities on highways are an order of magnitude less common.

Comment Re:Not twice as safe I feel (Score 1) 379

well, comparing to the worldwide rate of accident might not be reasonable. Some countries have a very high rate of accident and fatalities. One should compare to the accident rate in the same locations.

According to wikipedia [1], fatalities in driven accident in the us is about 15 per billion mile. Which also about 1 per 65 million miles.


The comment you answered asked for fatalities on highways. Highways are typically much safer than any other type of road, so you can't compare highway only to general average.

Comment Re:So I guess it's settled? (Score 1) 499

Women in general are worse at tech jobs, and therefore, less women want to pursue tech jobs.


I wouldn't say that. We still have trouble with women pursuing the educations. Which I think is tragic, I have never seen anything to suggest women are worse at Computer Science than men, but many believe somehow it is wrong, and many CS girls I have talked with have talked about how they treated negatively by family and friends due to their choice.

Due to this women that end up in IT, are usually shorter careers chosen much later after talking a job-less education, and not long degrees. So that fit with worse scores

Though hopefully we can soon lay to rest the idea that they are discriminated against inside the field. Everything I have seen suggest women get better offers than men, because IT companies desparately want to improve gender balance.

Comment Re:Business 101 (Score 1) 321

She also seems to understand the role that government should play in combating that first rule.

:head scratch: So Amazon, Apple, and Google should encourage their competition?

Because not doing something bad, is doing self sacrifice? How about going from doing bad, to not doing bad? Or how about just keep status quo, and lets us teach fanboys and libertarians how the real work works?

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