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Comment Re:The sync matters a lot (Score 1) 170

And if you're really that worried, you buffer ever so slightly (even a few ms will do) and spend more time on sync to make sure you keep the same idea of "now" on both earbuds.

They probably buffer a lot. Existing bluetooth headsets will keep going for a few seconds after you remove the phone. The issue is likely timing the buffers to microsecond precision.

Comment Re:Non story (Score 1) 47

Thanks. Wanted to make sure I understood... "malicious hypervisor"....

I had no idea anyone was trying to create a hypervisor that didn't have transparent access to it's guests. It's impressive that they tried. But there are lots of new experimental features in each generation of CPU's that won't necessarily follow in the next design. I doubt they though it would be secure on the first try. We don't have that security now so there is no loss. And even if it does happen in the future it will be 20 years before I even consider trusting it. And even then I would need expert testimony of someone that had reverse engineered the chip under a microscope to ensure there are no back doors.

Well, they have been trying for a while. And it is not just the hypervisor the protecting against, it is "malicious users". One of the key application of these technologies is DRM, so users can't access protected content.

Comment Re:Malicious Hypervisor (Score 2) 47

One of the points of intel SGX is that all pages of memory are encrypted

As far I understand the SGX scheme, only special memory accessed by special SGX instructions are encrypted. SEV is very different, it encrypts everything and doesn't need special new instructions, but can protect legacy code, which SGX can not.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2) 409

Why not $30? Heck, why not $50? More is better, no? Don't you want workers to be well paid?

Because the higher it is, the stronger the negative consequences are. A minimum wage should be a minimum (it is IN the name), it should just be high enough to do its job, which is to ensure people can actually live off the wage.

Comment Re:Nice to see we'll be in better hands (Score 1) 314

The media will run an uninterrupted series of negative opinion pieces disguised as news for the next 4 years.

Opinions that all turn out to be true, as even the most hardened republicans realised Bush was a useless fool? Or wait you weren't talking about the BW presidency...

Comment Re:Another possibility (Score 1) 299

Supposedly there is a 7% difference between the machine tally and the paper tally. They ascribe this to voting machines being hacked. I suggest it might as well be thought that the machines are correct and that the traditional ways of "hacking" paper ballot totals are responsible for the difference.

One requires one bad person working alone, and the other requires thousands of bad people working coordinated without being detected though their emails were hacked and publicised... Yeah...

Comment Re:The real question is about rights (Score 1) 106

Do individuals have the right to pick up people and offer them a ride for a fee

Do you have the right to perform tax-evading work and willfully break government safety regulations? Sure I repair your electric outlets for a "shared repair-work" fee, and I don't need to stick to housing or education regulation because I am selling my service through an App!

Comment Re:If this is the case, beward companies. (Score 1) 106

Anyhow, if the EU wants more e-commerce, why not start with something straightforward like selling of merchandise? Or even working on copyright and IP laws which would allow the sale of music, tv shows and movies throughout the EU without being country specific? That would seem to be the low-hanging fruit blocking EU-wide e-commerce.

Nothing is blocking of that, except companies don't want to do it. If the EU wants to fix this (and they do), then need to make restrictive laws making a lot of standard practices and long term country-specific distribution contracts illegal.

Anyway. Note the EU isn't targetting Uber, Uber is already illegal under existing rules, and just being sued for breaking the law. No laws were changed, unlike in the US where they intervened and legalized Uber's organized crime.

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