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Comment Re:COX does this too (Score 1) 352

funny, I just looked at it a bit closer and they call it "enhanced error results". Clever. Also at the bottom of the page is a link called "Visitor Agreement", which if you click on takes you to a terms of service for using this "service". Of course cox customers are literally forced to this page everytime they mistype a domain name. for their part, though, after doing a bit of digging through the "about this service link" I did find that there is a way to "opt out". They way of opting is for the user to configure their IPv4 adapter to use different DNS server addresses. instructions:

Comment Re:Linux is unusable garbage (Score 1) 414

Ya, the "Live" of Ubuntu 9.04 was worthless for us, too. Luckily, I figured it just didn't like to work off the CD drive and gave it a fair chance and installed it. Please see the next post, "my wife is now using linux" and you'll know how happy we are that we didn't dismiss it offhand because of the lousy live performance. I'm sure it works better for some people out there, or else they would abandon the "live" idea completely if they could have seen it on her computer when it was just trying to work off the CD. It's great when it is installed on the hard drive. You can also change the theme (colors)once you have it installed if they bug you.

Comment Re:My wife is now using linux (Score 1) 414

No, it's only been 2 days and she's happy with what is already loaded, but for the sake of curiosity I should give it a shot on her computer and see how it goes with a couple programs. I appreciate the feedback. If I knew that I could run Photoshop and Outlook without any problems, I'd be considering Linux for my own computer.

Comment Re:What is non basic email? (Score 1) 414

The best way to phrase it is probably to say one's email needs are general or specific. If you need to use Outlook for handling your work email, for example, then your needs are specific. Specifically, your email needs to be managed by Outlook. If someone's email needs are just the general need to use email, then your needs are pretty basic. But, no I don't think there are varying levels of complexity in email messages -- just varying needs for how one interacts with them.

Comment My wife is now using linux (Score 3, Interesting) 414

The last time I tried to install a linux distro was back in 2000 on an old parts computer I had laying around. It was a total disaster, nothing worked and I wasted a good deal of time. That was enough for me to steer clear until 2 days ago. My wife's computer is used mostly for email, facebook, youtube, and light word processing. It had been running windows XP until I got tired of cleaning viruses off her computer. A couple days ago, it was really the last straw and I'd heard about Ubuntu 9.04 being a pretty good distro, so we gave it a shot. I was dreading trying to get it to work with her linksys wusb54gc network adapter and worried about the prospects of getting it to work with our networked lexmark laser printer. I remember my reaction when everything worked without a hitch. I just laughed at how brainlessly easy it all was. This is the kind of experience that is going to bring linux to the mainstream. I don't know if I just got lucky, but for anyone who does not require specific software programs such as outlook and adobe photoshop -- for people like my wife, who use a computer for internet access and basic email and light wordprocessing -- this is the type of experience that Linux needs to maintain and expand on. She loves it and hasn't had any problems -- I got flash installed without a hitch and as far as she's concerned, her computer does exactly what it did before linux, only now it is faster. From my perspective, not having to spend so much time maintaining/fixing her computer is a welcome relief.

Submission + - AT&T Announces Alliances with MPAA and RIAA

i)ave writes: More documents in the AT&T/NSA warrantless wiretapping campaign were unsealed today. Meanwhile, AT&T announced a new policy to spy on customers for signs of copyright violations. They credited their new television service as moving them into the same camp as the RIAA and MPAA. How long before they change names from AT&T to 00&7?
The Courts

Ohio Recount Rigging Case Goes to Court 224

The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that the trial of the three election workers accused of rigging the 2004 presidential election recount in Cuyahoga County is finally underway. As you may recall, this was the case where poll workers 'randomly' selected the precincts to recount by first eliminating from consideration precincts where the number of ballots handed out on Election Day failed to match the number of ballots cast and, then opening the ballot boxes in private and pre-counting until they found cases which would match up. What is interesting here is that they have already admitted doing this and that it was clearly counter to the letter and the spirit of the law, but still insist it wasn't really 'wrong,' presumably since they only did it to avoid having to go to the bother of a full recount as required by law.


Submission + - Provision to Regulate Political Blogging Defeated

udderly writes: CNet News is reporting that the Senate approved an amendment to the S1 bill removing a controversial section (Slashdot, 1/17/07) that required certain paid bloggers to register as lobbyists or face fines and/or jail time. The vote broke down mostly along party lines, with all 48 Republicans and 7 Democrats approving the amendment.

While the vote was mostly partisan, opposition to the provision cut across the political spectrum, including the bill's sponsor. FTA: "...a politically diverse set of advocacy groups, ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to Gun Owners of America, argued that the proposal could actually sweep up a potentially broad swath of bloggers and nonprofit groups. Requiring them to register as lobbyists would violate core freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, they said."

Labels Not Tags, Says Google 284

Ashraf Al Shafaki writes "The word 'tags' is the one in common use on the Web today and is one of the distinctive features of Web 2.0. Ever since Gmail came out, Google has decided to use the term 'label' instead of the term 'tag' despite they are basically the exact same thing and have the exact same function. Why is Google using inconsistent terminology in its products for such an important term? Is there a real difference between a tag and a label?"

Submission + - Electric Solar Sail to Propel Spacecraft Cheaper

mairas writes: "The electric solar wind sail, or a large set of long, thin conducting wires set up radially like the spokes of the wheel, may yet provide a relatively simple way to set up extremely large solar wind sails: a solar-powered electron gun is used to create a high positive voltage in the wires. Positively charged solar wind particles see the electric fields of the charged wires as opaque obstructions, thus accelerating the spacecraft. The article states that small payloads could be sent to Pluto in less than five years using electric solar wind sails."
The Internet

Microsoft, Google Agree to NGO Code of Conduct 59

Aditi.Tuteja writes "Technology companies have come under fire for providing equipment or software that permits governments to censor information or monitor the online or offline activities of their citizens. For example, last year, Google's approach to the China market was criticized over its creation of a censored, local version of its search engine. Microsoft, Google, and two other technology companies will develop a code of conduct with a coalition of nongovernmental organizations (NGO) to promote freedom of expression and privacy rights, they announced Friday. The two companies along with Yahoo, and Vodafone Group said the new guidelines are the result of talks with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School."

Submission + - Your web browser, now a graphing calculator

An anonymous reader writes: Taking advantage of the vector graphics features offered by the latest browsers, a recently created website called FooPlot turns your web browser into a function plotter (in 2-D and 3-D), offering a few basic graphing calculator features with a promise for further developments and integration with popular online spreadsheet applications. Gaining popularity in an educational context both in high schools and universities, this is another great example of the potential of the Internet to become the application platform of the future.

As an added extra, FooPlot also permits functions to be tacked onto the URL:^2+2x+1.

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